Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? To a love choice, let me hug you, don't rush to become a better person.

Dear You,

Face Book message window Flash, you preach "lovelorn" three words to me, simple and clear account of the situation. Think of the last meeting to eat, you rely on each other's arms happy face, laugh look vividly, how know today to break up news.

There are many relationships, the reasons for the breakup are not the same, I understand that every heartbreak is real pain and fragmentation. I know I just want to be isolated from the love of life, I understand you just want to be a broken oneself pick up the embarrassed and helpless feeling.

But you'll never know I don't have a lover--Jinmingshin

If I can, I would like to give you a gentle hug, geo-distance relationship, I do not. Despite the physical limitations, there is no way to accompany you, but I believe that the power of words, can temporarily replace my mind and company.

Dear, if you are sad, please let these five text choose to replace me clap you, give you strength. You can in situ miss, cry, fall okay, while crying side go forward also can, I want you to know, in vain this is not your fault, time to take us all the way, someone halfway to the car to get off again normal but.

There is always a day, will be happy again, you will become what you want to be.

To the end of the relationship and strive to be independent of you

Final Push after breaking up: our feelings are still good when we're apart

Apart and love, we all go farther. If love: Love is not Hate, after love is to make people stronger.

Xu Yu Fang said:

In the absence of other community support, a person unrivaled experienced all the emotions of the experience: tears, welling, distraction, insomnia, stomach pain, these words are given a profound definition of new life experience.

Pain is painful, strange is that throughout the process, I was rather detached from the self to observe themselves, quite clear what they are going through, what to accumulate, how to overcome, how to recover. The world's personnel are probably so, reign and then born.

To know that there is no result or courage to love you

Love is sometimes so hasty: breaking up is, even if the fate is not enough to love a

At the very least, it would be nice to have the courage to turn a few back in love.

Chen Taiyang said:

Every time the beginning of a relationship, is the origin of a friend and cherish, and the most difficult fate, perhaps never thought would be with such an object together, the heart has struggled and contradictions, and ultimately overcome all difficulties to lead the hand.

But when every relationship begins, always think that the last enough courage to bear may be lost and parting of the moment, but really to the need to let go of each other's moment, but how did not think, will be so painful, vertebral heart biting, bear those who have been full of laughter memories, Originally thought not long memory when let go can feather, but in fact those weight, heavy enough to face the brink of collapse.

To separate for a long time, still will think of each other's you

I love you no hesitation: Reread the little prince, put down the roses that had been watered

If domesticated, will risk tears. --The Little Prince

Irene Lu said:

It's never easy to break up. After so long, a few seasons passed, those memories are like my neck, always in the most vulnerable time to let my soul again torn.

The little Fox said that when he saw the Golden wheat fields in the future, he would think of the little prince's golden hair. And that's enough for a link to two lives, isn't it?

To think I'll never find you like him

"For Your Song" All the Missing, is the best arrangement

If no one in this life can love yourself as you think, why don't you love yourself the way you want it to?

Xu Haoyi

The Sea-moss Bear said:

Why after so many years, you still sincerely thank this short friend through a few years of passers-by? In psychology, perhaps he is not just a passer-by, but a person who makes your restless heart return to stability.

In love and intimacy, there are only 3 things that we crave all the time: Will you respond to me when I need it? Will you be there for me when I feel helpless? Can you see and hug me when I pretend to be strong and not to be understood?

To be said too sticky so you break up

Honey, it's not that you're too sticky, it's just that you love the wrong person

Some people choose not to say goodbye, that is timid, some people choose to burst into a one-time discontent, it is to avoid communication.

Nick, Hsu said:

And these people do not really love you, because they do not want this relationship to long, so they accumulate their own separation of energy, good to reach the limit when they can logically leave.

They love themselves more.

I have heard a lot of people in love, frustrated, after no reason to be parted sad to be hard to believe in love. Believe me, you are not a freak, you are not too sticky, you just love the wrong person.

If you want, why don ' t you just do it?

Let me heal you. Braved the risk of tears, with sincerity to accompany. Don't be afraid! You can give because you have so much, there is nothing to lose.

Sometimes, we may be vulnerable to a sentence of tears, sometimes, also found himself unknowingly bite teeth walked a long way.

"Sheep fat ball" mo bo