Handsome lady brings you to see Julie Butterfly Metamorphosis, she naked or dressed only to close to their true appearance, this is Julie butterfly style sexy.

Speaking of Julie Delpy, people think of her first time in the classic romantic love Movie "Love at Dawn Dawn/Sunset Paris/Midnight Greece" series of heroine appearance, from more than 20-year-old rose-like smart woman, to play with the reality of the gradual sophistication of the 30 or 40 generation of intelligent women.

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Julie butterflies have always been the imagination of the French woman representatives: Intelligent sexy, delicate and wild, full of electric more with talent. In the film, she is also often a man's desire to project objects, but she is not a "passive" type of paragraph.

I'm sexy right but refusing to be a single way desire

At a very young age, she participated in the audition selection of the Big director Chislauski's double Vizonica (the Double Life of Veronique), the first question she pretended to be sexy, she was annoyed, and simply craned her tongue toward the earlobe, no matter who it was, She was a defiant instinct to meet such demands.

"I knew I was finished when I saw the look on his face," said Lauski, who would not invite me to perform. 」

But this also makes the Lauski hard to remember her, then Lauski classic "Blue and White Red" trilogy, she burden play "White Love Fan" protagonist, that year Julie Butterfly son 25 years old.

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Photo source | Lauski Classic "Blue and White Red" trilogy poster

Julie butterflies are not just actors, famous musicians, but also directors and writers.

She and Ethan Hawk and director Richard Linnitt jointly prepared the "Love at sunset Paris/Midnight Greece," the script, two won the Academy Award nomination. "Love in the" series of movies have her shadow, but also her rebellion. She has been interviewed by the media, said she deliberately to make an audience annoying 40-year-old Celine, because it is more close to struggling with the real woman.

At the same time, Julie also resisted the fact that people projected the image of the film to her real life.

She has repeatedly said she does not want to be a "exotic" symbol of a French woman. Julie Butterfly's self-directed film or interview, she is very outspoken to puncture the world of French sentiment and sexy women's fantasies.

In Hollywood, Julie has always been a different number. She is a minority who is willing to talk openly about the female dilemma of the film industry and the body outside the Hollywood aesthetic framework. Her speech was sometimes overwhelming and more applauded.

I have a big French butt, not even 40-year-old naked breasts.

"Love in the Midnight Greek" movie poster, 40-year-old Celine wearing a fine shoulder polka dot bag hip dress, some people say it looks like her buttocks lenient. Julie butterflies on her body shape is very straightforward, when she picked up someone else always love to paste her French label self ridicule, she said: "I just have a very big" French "butt."

Image source | "Love at Midnight in Greece" film Stills

"I don't have time to go on a diet and dieting is really a big drain, you have to worry about your appearance and keep going to the gym." If you worry about your appearance all day, you won't have time to write scripts or take care of children. Not being concerned with appearances makes me focus on more important things. 」

There is a lot of discussion about a sex scene in the same movie that shows up with nudity, and some people accuse it of not being a feminist, because Ethan Hawk of the same play doesn't have a bare butt.

Everyone was talking on the inside of her chest, but it was her body, and she thought it was simple, it was about reality.

"I want to be closer to reality, when I see girls in the movie sex scene wearing a bra, I always think, you come from which country?" 」

She had never seen her body so much before the film, but she decided to be naked and didn't need a special reason.

"This film is for people who can withstand a pair of bare breasts," he said. Is it true that feminists, who fought for the right to the skies in the 70 's, are not the ones who want to hide women in layers? 」

"I'm a real person, so I can say in my own position and experience," Well, I'm a 40-year-old woman without plastic surgery, that's what you'll see, nothing to make a fuss about, I don't even have to raise my eyebrows. 』」

Her frankness comes from a thorough understanding that when Hollywood hides the body and lust of mature women for a long time, she tends to bare breasts that are no longer firm. What Julie Butterflies intend to bare is the way life actually lives.

Underdress: Don't be a shelf, make clothes your skin

Julie butterflies like black. She is often photographed in black mirror.

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Picture Source |photographed by Stephane Coutelle, 1990.

She also loved to attend various ceremonies with long black sleeves, and for a long time, it was an illusion that she had another layer of mysterious, neat, clever black skin.

A large, black dress that covered the body made her look generous and not overly dressed, and she always seemed to know how to dress the best.

Think carefully, her secret is through the low color monochrome underdress, let the true temperament leap clothes on top.

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The film's Julie Butterfly also often through the black undertone overall modelling. "Love in" series is the case, the trilogy is a day, the whole film is often only a set of clothing, Black is her in addition to blond hair, Heng often wear upper body color.

In the first episode, she wore a gray-faced T-shirt, wearing a black-and-thin-shouldered dress, with a flannel plaid shirt on her waist, and a cool evening draped in her body.

Picture Source | "Love at the Dawn" stills

Picture Source | "Love at the Dawn" stills

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The second episode is also a set of garments, black sleeveless upper body, jeans and white embroidered cotton jacket. She was wearing a coat when the two had a strange cold. Walking hot intimacy, took off the milky white coat, revealing large arms skin, her primary colors.

Picture Source | "Love at sunset in Paris" stills

Picture Source | "Love at sunset in Paris" stills

The third episode is rarely more than a set of clothes, black turned pale blue, unchanged is a golden hair. She was walking with her husband in a dark blue-shouldered polka dot dress, with children in the orchard, wearing plaid shirts and jeans with the first episode echoed.

After 20 years, the same shirts lined up with different women's shapes: girls and mothers. No matter which kind of watching still feel really beautiful.

Picture Source | "Love in the Midnight of Greece" stills

Picture Source | "Love in the Midnight of Greece" stills

Julie Butterfly dress, is to let the clothes melt in the invisible, see her own appearance.

Careful observation of a person's wearing, in fact, can understand many other people's words do not want to disclose part. Clothing only choose the most beautiful and most expensive Chinese clothes, lack of understanding of the self, so willing to let the clothes and the brand swallowed up their own, far from watching, I saw clothes and brand on the road.

Julie Butterfly, on the contrary, her style is clear and light, a few pens to make her skin, with the body blending, lining up her original shape.

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Looking back at the trilogy of Love in the movie, in addition to reliving the classic romantic love, it dawned on us that people must first put on their clothes before dressing.

To become the envy of everyone "clothing shelf" is not difficult, but not much significance.

Compared to do hangers, the best taste is to wear clothes into the body, first of all must understand themselves, on the true appearance of self-confidence. You dare under dress, let your temperament decorate you, represent you.