Woman fan interview, see net Red Star person. NET red originally was self-made, this way, she walked disturbed also uneasy, until last year decided to become full-time audio and video producer of the star, once is a do not know how to communicate with the world children. It was a long time to find her way, but she was happy to go.

What's your impression of net red? Maixiao, Sell Meng, bask in love, bask in a child?

Andy Warhol once said: "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." This is a very easy to be famous generation, and also a very easy to be eliminated generation. NET red is the most fashionable economic model of the two years, also is the investment body that the brand and advertisement pay attention to. Catch eyeball, absorb money, some villagers do not think the net red brings to society's contribution, even thinks this is the network times disorderly elephant. But it does bring new media reforms around the world, in the era of everyone can become media, there is a video producer to not flow in the vulgar content of the core, as a 200,000, Youtube subscription number 300,000 of the net red, do not please not to indulge is her true colors, hanging beard for a positive mark, positioning itself is a " Have no money also want self-willed network program producer.

She is a star.

Interview this day, the star did not wear a beard, dragged the causative agent, this pair of fatigue should be at home to sleep three days or to the hospital hanging a day drip state. The star of the people with a runny nose, saying that they had a bad stomach not like eating long stay up, a work will forget their old habits, these years more and more with pain back to the body, like a sick cat shrink in a woman fan sofa a corner, the star people do not have the film plausible, she curled up the sea, like her stubborn.

This world, need more reading

Why does she say she's not vulgar? She wrote 12-year reviews and 2013 began commenting on Youtube. In addition to the film, others in the adaptation of popular music to imitate the mouth, the Star People Chew a book, racked his brains to think, how to put a serious good book, have emboldened to push to the reader. The star is a love of reading people, reading has accompanied her through a lonely childhood, so lonely the amount is, she almost the mother and father of the whole life of the collection has been read.

She grew up writing and reading, and her "story book" unit does not count on the cost of time. "There are a lot of similar types of knowledge programs in China that are usually spoken with a high degree of authority, like me being a vegetarian youtuber, I don't think I'm doing a book review, I'm doing it." I want to put a little bit lower, storyteller, is to love the book people to do. The star was honest and said, "I'm not going to lose my book bag." Not because I chose this style, but because I can only do it. 」

Her unit has "star critics", "embarrassing Knowledge", "Story book", "Star Q&a", "Star Life" ... Have done a lot of units, playful planning, all can be profitable contact with the public, are to continue to operate a small but necessary channel content.

Ask her how to position herself? She quipped: "I am an old YouTuber, hahaha." "Think of the star's start, indeed, than a lot of I generation later, her old age may be more refers to content, in the rapidly changing times, the production of the works of the elderly soul." (Extended reading: South Korean grandmother when the beauty makeup youtuber:70 years old, I live Second Life )

The star man thought and said, "A lot of people will think I have a sermon on the tone, but in fact, I have studied the Chinese knowledge of the program, you have to be very trusting yourself, others will believe you, I have not positioned myself as a mentor, I will regard myself as your friend. 」

When it comes to "believing in yourself," she is especially unsure, it's hard for the stars, and maybe it's hard to imagine a girl who doesn't like herself not to be sure of the net red behind it.

I can't decide my family, but I can decide who I want to be.

The star grew up in a childhood that was "not recognized by parents." "When I was a child, I was a maid, 9 years old after I have not seen my mother, until the age of 20 I came back, I have a lot of her dissatisfaction (characteristics), she felt that I do not like girls, she wants to change me, I feel very guilty." 」

The confusion of this gender temperament has always been in the society. "I went abroad at age 26, and my mother and I were in this confrontation for six years." Feel that she is not the way she wants, I will be very inferior, when the mental state is very bad. "The Star people began to film after the Netizen commented:" The star is clearly a woman, why to say that they are male. "The star is very puzzled, she never said that she is a boy, whether the question behind the symbol of" they think pretending to be a boy is disgusting, think pretending to be a boy is a tall.

"These people make me feel that being comfortable is wrong and unfilial, and when you think you're wrong, you can't fix it, it's very weak." "The Star described the darkness:" Because of the long absence of normal education, I feel that I am unhealthy immoral people, mental instability. It's the kind of person who fights with people on the road and gets angry and doesn't feel guilty. "The star felt that the Canadian line changed her a lot later," he said. "At that time my aunt knew that I was in a bad condition and had a problem with money when I was studying, so my aunt volunteered to assist me so that I could go on with my studies." I went to the new media, in foreign new media has been doing for a while, because I began to contact the audio and video, slowly find themselves want to speak to the audience. "Because audio and video find her way of communicating with the world.

She always said that she had changed her life by meeting "very good people". "I feel very thankful that in my life, like my parents, not a pair of good parents, they give me a lot of negative effects, until now." But before I was going to be a bad boy and probably go to the MRT to kill someone, I met a very good person, like my aunt told me, you are suffering a lot now, these will return to you. 」

Finally at that time, a person told her: "It is not your fault, not your problem, you should be loved." 」

The star forgives his original appearance: "I was formed, not I can decide." But I want to do what kind of person, can. 」

Now she can be firmly with her generally because of gender temperament troubled children said: "A lot of oppression and discrimination in the world, is not respect for the freedom of others." What you want to dress up, what your temperament is, is your freedom. 」

There must be someone in this world who loves you.

The stars are frustrated when their parents get divorced and accept a new family. "My university in Shanghai, one year winter, I was full of frostbite, I wrote back to tell my family this matter, but a long time did not reply, one day, my stepmother finally called, she was very angry, feel I am complaining." "The star of the day was just a child who wanted to be loved, but she never got a shot."

"When I was in Shanghai, I had a bad mental health because I was neglected by my parents for a long time and we were strangers," he said. "The star man and the stepmother's reconciliation until grew up, the stepmother remarried to the American, the stepmother once returned to Taiwan and the star person meets, the star person sees her, then cries." "I met so many adults, she was the first to sincerely apologize to my adults." "After so many years, they are finally able to sit down and chat like friends.

Now the stepmother will also send her pictures of life in the United States. "I think she has always been a very good person, but she met the wrong person at the wrong time," said the star. My father twisted character, male doctrine, no money, a woman again good, will become distorted. (Recommended reading: "Thehusband and wife of this disease" only the family life, the wives of depression )

The next step of forgiveness, love can happen. Because of the experience of childhood, she said she understood love so: "I think love is very deep, I can understand the care and happy happiness, the pursuit of happiness, but I did not do very well, I have not handled the intimate relationship." 」

Speaking of Love, the star is still afraid of injury, but she thought that the injury also has the benefit: "I dare not say that the thing is not hurt, I will say the family give me some influence." Whether we are bullied outside or bullied by our parents, we are building our own empathy. 」

The meaning of life? I just want to be happy.

Therefore, the star of the film topic there is always a lot of care, the edge of empathy, to resolve the gap, has been a lot of her content of the problem.

"Sometimes I think people who have not tasted bitter, but unfortunately, you are very healthy and happy growth, but also very likely to pursue is a single value." People like us, very clear, money developed will not be my goal, because it can not make up for the emptiness of my heart, is basically what you lack when you were a child, you grow up to pursue. 」

So, what are you missing? What are you chasing? She said: "I just want to be happy." 」

The film and the reader to communicate to her is like this: "There are a group of like-minded people, have their support, let me do something that can change people." For example, some people are not happy, can because of my things become happy. I am most moved is that there has been a letter from the reader said that do not know the purpose of life, but also some people work 10 years do not know what they want, but because I, they decided to leave, to look for, to give themselves a chance to know what they want to life. 」

If I could be with a child who was not loved, small awkward star people talk, the star people very want to tell her: "I hope you strong, do not arbitrarily deny yourself, even if temporarily be hurt by others, the future will be someone willing to cherish you, you want to keep hope, to find your share of love." Trying to leave traces in the world. 」

Be free to be yourself and do what you want to do.

The Star man

Success is not making a lot of money, but doing something you like.

For making films, the stars were skeptical all the way. It was not until last year that she resigned to become a full-time YouTuber, because the character is a conservative person, beginning has been no money to do, about as the most difficult moment of net red, in fact, is now: "Everyone will think you earn a lot." But you have not yet recovered your investment, I have been doing for more than four years, it is hard to imagine that in the March this year, I was poor state. 」

She used to work on the side of the film, in the face of negative criticism also thought, "I why so people scold, why do this muddy water."

Hesitated for a while, she felt that she did not have a more want to take the road: "Life is such a lifetime, go." 」

Now the star of "each month up to two industry with" way to find survival slowly, she insisted that the industry should not be more, because each "want to do a good job." "Anyway is not go" mainstream success of the road, her hands a booth, so capricious go on. Although immediately will be weary of the cloud: "You think I do why the book, Poor Ah ~" (extended reading: don't let money become not travel excuses: money is used to support the desire rather than limit life )

"The star of Life Hundred want to Miao" included her audio-visual growth road and to a lot of concerns about the issue of voice, received his halfway pit scar scar. I am also curious to see if she is successful in the growing number of people who are reporting the star and inviting her on the show. "I think I'm closer to success than a lot of people who can't do what they like," he said. "She is convinced that success is not about making a lot of money, but about doing something she likes. But then he shot himself: "I also feel that the real success should not be the cause of stability, by everyone's favorite, but to be happy with the people around to maintain a harmonious relationship, but I think at present I still marginal people ...." 」

have been to the social not confident of the star, perhaps in the Red Road, for those who did not warm affection of their own back to grow up. She thinks she is an atypical girl, on the way of life, to find their own answers, the same is, the star people believe that the value of pluralism. "Many of the world's rules and regulations are for the historical mainstream of the values left behind, this era, we should eliminate a lot of outdated myths, as in recent years, gender equality has been pushing, we will eventually move towards a multiple." 」

Pluralism in her is the truth: "If you do not harm others, other people's happiness, why should intervene?" 」

There were people who tried to educate the stars, what women should be like, what success should be like, she abandoned those social subtext and discipline, saw her own pain and demand: "Only when I was a child, I will beg their approval, I must know very well who I am, no matter how I, they will still love me." 」

"You can't meet everyone's expectations, but you can't afford to listen to your needs." "The stars are back to the world, facing their own courage." The interview every few days, the star person comes to the appointment to shoot the film, one paragraph she needs to draw on the paper, her painting period, nobody, the scene you a word I talk about what she draws. She is just a painting, Shen Line, graffiti, coloring, to see her noisy afternoon in her heart without distractions in the expression frame, that moment, a piece of paper into the face of the world's attention.

PostScript: The time of the comb of the child

The star man has grown up enough to be called an adult, but she is always like a child, eager to be understood and cared for. The second time came to the woman fan, she and roommate touch Brother Peer, touch elder brother as assistant role, for the star people comb the messy bangs, to hand do comb, pick up her small pony ponytail, the star frowned, like pupils before school to endure the mother in their head, hurriedly tied up, can hurriedly set out. Touch brother with his mother to take the air cushion powder cake for the stars of makeup, her eyes closed, face wrinkled tighter, but feel very relieved.

When taking this picture, the star said: "She will teach me to put Pose at home." "Touch Brother Cold back:" I did not teach you to put this. 」