Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Insomnia of the long night, let these five songs to accompany you to precipitate emotions, find yourself.

Do not know when insomnia in your mind in the pocket of what?

Looking at the night a strong blanket of the city, you think in the distance somewhere someone else's lights are properly extinguished, may the man sleep more soundly than you; lie on the bed, roll over the quilt, turn the comforter into a mess, pale and confused with your moods; with a bottle of cold beer, staring at the guests on TV laughing, you feel the world noisy, Unable to talk with their inner heart, like gradually warm beer, some emotions are always in the night, bitter and difficult to swallow.

If you feel trapped in the night black hole, sleepless nights recommend to you these five songs, immerse yourself in the song, can think also can empty, the best you cry and then laugh, face the emotions, give yourself a hug.

To the Lost you: "Rainy Night", waiting for the sun to dry sadness

I know you're going through a period of darkness that doesn't make sense.
Want to go forward but face a lot of problems such as giving up
The weather's been really bad lately.
It rains every day.
Eyes are raining.

Waiting for tomorrow's sun to dry the sadness warm and unrestrained
The truest disappointment to feel it slowly becoming nutritious

Those other people can't help you through the dark. The ridge covers your eyes, look out of the world gray confused, but you have to believe that these days someone has been watching you behind, love your efforts, with the company to protect you, with you feel lonely, waiting for the morning, let the sun dry your excessive grief. (Recommended reading: The English taste of the tender sadness: the top ten British female singers song )

To strive to adhere to you: "Have come to this," Don't forget your original intention

The road has gone so long
The road is still so long
How many landscapes have not been read
Life is so hurried.
Or how sloppy.
I haven't even finished asking questions about myself.

We've come to see the mountains far away.
All the way to the side and the company
There's nothing left to regret.

You have the ideal, stubborn to come to this, perhaps a long way to work, sometimes the days are hurried, let you forget that you are in order to survive or life and busy, a lot of life is not the question of the answer, remember to thank myself for crying while doing, but always did not escape the stick here, look back to your original intention and their eyes can be bright, continue to go!

To the one you want to hug: the day you break down, let me "fix You"

When you try your best and but you don ' t succeed
Did you do your best and you didn't do anything?
When you get what your want, but not what to you need
Do you get what you want, but not what you really need
When you are feel so tired, but can ' t sleep
Are you tired, but you can't get a good night's sleep
Stuck in reverse
Stuck in the mud.
Could it be worse?
Is it even worse?

Lights'll guide you Home
You must believe that the night lantern will lead you home.
and ignite your bones
Ignite your courage.
and I'll try to fix you
And I'm going to mend your heart

You go through life's ups and downs, frustration dented your pure heart, difficult to kill your courage, but please believe that one day if you accidentally broke yourself, someone will gently pick you up, with warm mend your broken heart, lead you, go home Road, find themselves. (Recommended reading: the longer the larger the farther away from home, 10 of Tears of the Homesick song list )

To miss someone you: I will always "daytime miss You"

A sudden thought.
Fantasy into a meteor of you and me
The Bright Night
The Dark universe.
All from the night sky

I'll miss you daytime.
I'm going to go all the way
Distant fireworks more and more sigh
Staring at the distance behind

Is there a person in your heart that you miss all the times? When the dead of night will always think of the last to see his figure, you spend a whole long nights, daytime to miss him, he has always been your way forward, whether it is family, lover or best friend, miss them, like a meteor in the night sky, suddenly, but bright your life, let you have a worry about the direction, forward.

To the brave life of you: Listen to the first "nursery rhyme", tomorrow we have a good

I'll have a date with you.

Keep a sticky kitten and a big, soft puppy.

If you get hurt, yell a pain.

It's not so hard to say.

It's easier not to think about freedom.

Willing to move alone without disturbing life

Life will be happy and lonely

Life and life we'll be fine tomorrow

You are such a person, have warm heart also have soft mood, perhaps in the days of occasional setbacks, but also some of the helpless, if the feeling of injury, shout a pain, say the sorrow and then brave face life, like childhood, when the pain burst into tears, happy moments also from the heart laugh, let the idea become simple, Live bravely, we'll have a good time tomorrow. (Recommended reading: with softness!) 13 Female power Songs to make you brave

Dear, Sleepless Night no matter who you are thinking of, for what reason without sleep, let these five songs to embrace your disordered mood, in the lyrics to see similar to their life experience, feeling, is to learn to embrace their first step, let the emotions pass, and then live into a stronger self.

If you want to why don ' t you?