South Korean illustrator Shikakawa The love of the scene, let you see love in different forms, think back to those deep love traces.

You're asleep like a bee.
Kissing like a deer.

Like a river
It's a long, long way.

To come near me in secret
Stay still.

There's a bed, you lie down.
If there's a road here, you can go.

--Excerpt to Tui Sun-hua "How do you become a ghostly arrival"

He is a very sweet scenery, every morning when you wake up, sleep every night and soak you in a sugar-filled routine; Sometimes you even think that the moment you hold each other doesn't care about the dawn, the future sounds too heavy, you just want to love light and light, like floating in the boundless clouds , a don't notice he ran into your thoughts, take your every life gap, where will think of his figure, you suddenly to this kind of life feel bored.

In love, engraved in everyone's heart, from the South Korean artist- Chuan-zhen , with light, misty tones will lovers and mutual injury scene painting, with a painting, a similar scene, call wandering the spirit of your heart, after reading these 10 love time to insert the album, Perhaps you will remember that you have loved someone so deeply, or you are experiencing such a unique love. (Recommended reading: The healing of love is to be inserted in the Book of paintings: The life is clumsy with you. )

We are so in love: You are the everyday scenery that I want to monopolize

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The beginning of love is timid and cautious. We love each other timidly, carefully but the authentic possession of each other, just want to become the other party's eyes only desire scenery.

We are so in love: The City Sleeps, and the love wakes up with joy

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We watch the noisy city together quiet, static in the air only hear each other's heartbeat, then excitedly clamor: the night with you, can longer?

We are so in love: You Let me know, the warmth of the dependencies

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A hug stack into your mark, the original in life someone can snuggle, is a kind of unforgettable skin touch, every night in the morning remind me of you.

We are so in love: I want to waste all the good things you do

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We can use a long night to talk about the dream of unrestrained imagination, also can not say anything, leaning on each other to feel the bottom of the heart there is a missing piece, be warm fill, this is our daily idle, time wasted, because you have a meaning. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" in the living moment to meet you, unexpectedly spend all the luck )

We are so in love: Your weary moment, I want to find a smile for you

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There are days when the clouds cover the top, but the thought of a person will gently touch your shoulder, rubbing open your brow, quietly listening to you say, a day of pressure become light, can laugh at the table at home, about happiness, you seem to have too much.

We are so in love: with your lingering youth, is my best time

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The cups and plates on the table, the warmth of the sofa, the soft language in the mattress, the traces of love, all in our lingering youth, became the best time.

We are so in love: You are not around the days, I use Miss hug you

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You are not around the days, I woke up in the morning light, but less your moist lips to say good morning to me, the sun swaying moment, those warm temperature always let me especially miss you.

We are so in love: we embrace with a thorn, but do not want to let go

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The opposite of love may be hurt, we with their own temperament, willful love each other, with the sharp corner of the personality of each other, but never want to give up in this love, you are the kind of I would rather pain love, do not in regret to save their love.

We are so in love: every touch of you makes my life tremble

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You kiss the time is very light, like a child to carefully open the gift of love, with warm palm caress my body, your every kiss, are close to my soul, my life because of you and quiver. (Recommended reading: Love You is my own business!) From Shagao to Chanel's atypical love quotes collection )

We love: Love, so give you the most vulnerable part

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The moment of mutual love and injury form the appearance of our loving, although love is not always beautiful, because love you, so I would like to give the most vulnerable part of the delivery to you, if injured, I will even hurt part of love, this is our love the most real appearance.

The form of love is different, but two souls come together once in a lifetime, kiss when the feelings overlap each other life, love the present, we give a part of their own, in every time to recall the love of the moment, see the original holding the true love of their own, every time in love is a period of life.