When the baby was born, the addition of the new member took up a lot of time for the parents to love.But it's more important than the love of a couple.What should they do when they are busy taking care of their baby and preferring to sleep when they are tired? womany Plan for your six-core plan.

Plan One: Periods with only two people

Each week, or at least every month, away from busy housework and children, enjoy the leisure time of only two people.A whole night of appointments, and then a breakfast together, is the most simple and beautiful choice. It is important to have the romance of two people in the midst of a flurry of work.

Plan two: set a common sleep time

two people together decide a reasonable sleep time, after the child sleeps.To leave some space each day, hold each other and talk about the 543 of today.This is not only good for the two people to return to their courtwork, but also the love of many women.

Plan 3: nurture your aspirations

A chat before you sleep every night, maintaining two people's intimacy is necessary, but the slow start of sex is not necessary.Sexuism will rise toward the tide, and it will ebu, and it will not need to feel guilty when it doesn't want it.The important thing is to keep a small, special space to nourhope your aspirations.

Plan Four: How sexy to feel enchanting

Before a day's tiredness falls, think of charming self and sexual love will help you to supplement your energy.Or make appointments in the daytime and cultivate the prelude to the two nights.

Plan 5: Open your senses

If you feel the sexy time of two people's immersion in each other, you may not necessarily open a night of passion, but it's also great to accumulate both of them and their interest.Or, in the morning, when a child wakes up, the tenderness of sex opens up a day.

Plan 6: heavy weight

Always remember the principle of Heavy Not Quantity.In family life, the sexual belt still has the potential to wake up slowly. Maintaining and loving the spirit, physically close, and reserving the time for a game you like to play, will surely make the same love every day after the marriage.

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