The angel of the hand was founded in Taiwan for four years, providing sexual services to the handicapped and facing legal and moral condemnation in Taiwan. "Who comes to dinner" invited Hatano to visit the Angel Volunteers family, together to justify the lust.

Japanese adult film actress Hatano in September appeared in Taiwan program "who Came to dinner", walked into the small qi of muscular atrophy of the home, a table, there is food, sentient desire. Sue Zi yue: "Eat color sex also." 」。 People want to live, to eat, to desire. The program, as the first Angel volunteer of the small Qi family as the core, cut into the hand Angel service.

The angel of the hand is a group of friends with the idea of the right of practice, in the early 2013, when the desire of the heavily handicapped in Taiwan was bundled and restrained by traditional values, they formed the first local volunteer group, and they looked forward to the desire to untie the handicapped and to re-establish relationships with society.

Xiao Qi wanted to invite Hatano knot clothes came home, not only because she in recent years not hesitate for lust, but also because early this year she and have sticky polysaccharide fourth type, appearance looks like pupil's Si Jun shooting adult film. In addition to the story of the small-Qi family in the behavior of interaction, the physical mobility of the disabled, but also through the sex workers to join the angel of the motives and obstacles to the needs of the people, called on more to pay attention to the sexual and psychological disorders.

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See sexual needs, with sex work service providers

"I think sexual demand is like a person hungry to eat, tired will want to sleep the same." Therefore, I also hope that through this service, more people will know the existence of sex volunteers. --Hatano knot clothes

Hatano the past because she was in the sex industry, but also suffered from the public strange vision, her approach is: "If you want to care so many people, I can not focus on what I want to do." She chooses not to care about other people's opinions and to focus on challenging more different jobs.

She was controversial in 2015 for the Taipei Big cruise card company to shoot a fundraising memorial card, and many people were outraged by her "erotic image" and "public good". Hatano in response: "I also know very well, perhaps because my career in Japan is AV actress, so have the opposite opinion of friends." Just because I am av actress, I can not participate in the activities of goodwill to contribute to the community? Can't I repay my gratitude for the action that I love in Taiwan? "(You see:av actress jumped on the Taipei leisurely card: Hatano knot to expose the ubiquitous dislike of the female complex )

Hatano knot clothes put forward the plea both wronged and unwilling. "Because she is AV actress" rhetoric is full of her real life, even in the family, she rarely talk about work with family. She believes that she is vulnerable to sex work, and that the social marginalization of people with physical and psychological barriers to the needs of the weak. The sex volunteers who are engaged in the service of the angel of the hand are often subjected to social cold news has reported that netizens abuse "dirty", "obscene" (the sour people and the evil hands Angel netizens two big questions ), "Moral and justice" into the hands of angels and sex volunteers, this exclusive behavior based on " Only the faithful sex of marriage is healthy,

Hand angel Work and AV actress similar to the professional pleasing service object. The contempt for sex workers/volunteers shows the arrogance of patriarchy, accusing sex workers and the angels of the hand of not saying that the unspoken subtext of Hatano's clothing is: A woman is ashamed of her lust. The unspoken subtext to the handicapped is that lust only serves "normal people".

They assume that women are passive in sex and assume that the handicapped do not need lust. Society does not want to be in the sexual discourse for women to reserve space, afraid of women's power chiropractor oversteps moment sire; Unwilling to open the pipe for the handicapped in sexual demand, fear of undermining the "integrity" of the institution's long-term establishment.

Legalization of sex work and the dilemma faced by hand-angels in addition to civil misunderstanding, the biggest or the law of the promotion. Since the law still does not solve the controversy over the crime of sexual work, even if the "angel of the Hand" to adopt free services without an valence relationship, it may still be difficult for others to see as legitimate services. In addition to the "invasive" sexual behavior of others, the female body is difficult to be included in the Angel Service group. In addition, the limitations of this kind of humanitarian assistance such as "handicapped sexual services" are still pending further revision and improvement by the government.

In cognition, physical and mental disorders are often reproduced by the media as no sex, asexual organisms, such as the public's habit of seeing people with physical and mental disorders of the "inspirational story", a single description of the inertia of people with physical and mental disorders is also imperceptible in the exclusion of physical and mental disorders in the "people have (Recommended reading: The confession of the physically and mentally handicapped: Thank you for your appreciation, but I don't want to be a motivational object )

Sexual demand or disguised prostitution, the distance between the handicapped and the perfect person?

"Many people with physical and mental disorders, such as the hands can not move the person, when watching a film to express their sexual needs, but by the others around the strange vision, I feel very sad." --Hatano knot clothes

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Physically and mentally handicapped in the application of angel services, often suffer from family's strange vision. Huang Zhijian, founder of the Angel of the Hand, said: "Many parents often say a word: you so good life to the old, do not starve to death." "For families, people who are physically handicapped, no matter how old they are, are always" dysfunctional "children, the handicapped are considered" troublesome ", and the growing lack of sexual experience in the form of physical handicaps may make them more likely to create a more healthy relationship with society.

The whole group of Hand Angels is criticized by the opponents as "prostitution in Disguise", so how to criticize it?

A limitation or disadvantage caused by the social system or organization of a handicapped person, a feminist garland-thomson long-term study of feminism and disability theory:

"People with physical and mental disorders also often emphasize the common point between women and the mentally handicapped, for example, physically and mentally handicapped persons and women are often regarded as" weak "," passive "and" dependent ", both of which are often regarded as abnormal or inferior, and are often excluded from the public domain and economic production. "(Thomson 1997)

The Hand Angels group struggles to open the path of equal survival for the handicapped from the point of sexual service, which is actually just the tip of the iceberg. There are also many services inaccessible to the rim waiting to be seen, for example, the service is mostly for the heavily disabled male, because the legal source is unable to take into account women's needs. The term "sexual intercourse" means the following sexual intrusion that is not based on a legitimate purpose: first, the act of entering into another's sex device, anus or mouth, or engaging in a sex device. The act of entering into another's sex device, anus, or engaging other body parts or utensils other than the sex device. "Legally, as long as any intrusive behavior against women with disabilities will touch the law, it also limits the range of angelic service groups."

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Who says women with disabilities don't need sex?

Compared with men, women's lust is more depressing. The 2014 United Nations CRPD Commission initiative to guarantee the human rights and fundamental freedoms of women with physical and mental disorders, they found that women were very vulnerable to physical disability loss of physical integrity: "Women's reproductive freedom is often denied for their well-being (wellbeing), forced sterilization, abortion, contraception, Female or bisexual genital mutilation (FGM) is a common experience of many obstacles, all of which are violations of their physical integrity, and women who are handicapped should enjoy full knowledge and consent. 」

One of the women in the angelic Group, Y, has published the opinion that she is a more courageous person to talk about sex issues. But also because of this, she is often subjected to pressure from other women who are handicapped. Someone once said to her, "When you talk like this, you make people think that women with disabilities love sex." "She said that other women with disabilities would feel that they are disabled, how can we talk about this?" ( Love Barrier-free people also have sexual desire )

Another more complex topic, "Can't Talk", is "how much autonomy can a person with mental handicap have over the consequences of their own desires". The film, "Less Feminine", describes an intelligent barrier girl Dora Feeling "sexually stimulated" during a rape. Her mind is still a child, the body has the desire to lust, Dora will walk to the place of rape, waiting for a second sexual intercourse. The film's discussion is not only the lust and autonomy of the physically and mentally handicapped, but also the common topic of the family--even if it is a child with physical and mental handicap, and the baby is not just your child, he still has his personality and desire, which is no different from ordinary people. (same field Gayon: from "Lunch Break Time" to "less feminine neurosis": How much do we know about the sex of people with mental disorders? )

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Women with disabilities are often thought to have no reproductive capacity, can not engage in sexual behavior, under the pressure of social atmosphere, also dare not face the desire for sex. Women who have long been indifferent to sexual needs, faced with "not a woman" discrimination, in the family and society are difficult to equal, physically and mentally handicapped women are considered to be "dangerous reproductive (Connell 2011)", also regarded as "incapacitated caregivers", so they are more difficult to find a willing to establish intimate relationship with their partner. Compared with men, women's female-level expectations have plundered more resources for the normal lives of women who are handicapped.

Women with physical and mental disabilities need to create a new language and security environment to speak more openly about their desires. This is not only the responsibility of women, but also the obligations of the whole community.

Sexual rights, whether male or female across gender

"There are similar groups of sex volunteers in Japan, like the Hand angels in Taiwan," he said. But the perception of such groups is not as good as in Taiwan. --Hatano knot clothes

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Look to the world, in the United States for a period of time to provide sex services for the handicapped, but also sexual love instructors to provide the intimate relationship between the physical and mental handicap counseling, the Netherlands has a city government despite the difficult situation still for the disabled every month to pay three times the social benefits of sex costs. In Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and so on have a special body-disabled sex Care services organization, and is officially recognized by the official. (The body of the Disabled Sexual Services organization of the European-Japanese system sound )

Taiwan's hand angel efforts, the Hatano knot in Japan also has white gloves service, Asia's long-term sexual silence is slowly open the window. The white Gloves organization of Japan provides the handicapped and the elderly who have lost sexual function "pistol" service to assist ejaculation to meet sexual needs. Although the white gloves and the angel of the hand to care about the barrier of sexual rights, but the services provided by the two are not the same, hand angel to provide closer to the intimate interaction of sex, so attaches great importance to the early stage and the service object of communication, while the white gloves adhere to the care, medical position for (Extended reading: Why do you suppose the handicapped have no lust?) To discuss the true story of the "Angel of the Hand"

The next step for Taiwanese hand angels is to invite a dialogue between the law and the civil society. The founder of the Angel of Huang Zhijian The starting point of sex, looking forward to the physical and mental handicap can also establish intimate relations with people, not only concerned about the body, more care about the human survival spirit of satisfaction. Huang Zhijian with the law to complete the "whole person's sexual services," he said, regardless of male female transgender, any identity can be respected, peaceful coexistence, is the complete world.

Hand Angels drive Gender equality in Asia, inviting more people to face up to the need for sex or physical mutilation. See the needs of people with physical and mental disorders, head-up sex workers and sex volunteers, attention to the difficulties of women with physical and mental disorders, together to help across the family and society, "watch-type Care" threshold.