The 24th Women's Film Festival X women fans exclusive cooperation, editing for you to choose a film, the movie as the same as the free form of the "I am the world of the Dawn", such as light into the dark, with the physical impact of sexual and intimate relations, we find the solution of life.

When the night wishes me well when night wishes me a good sleep,
My messy thoughts begin wrigglings and my wandering thoughts begin,
I can't help but wonder if my endless waiting is in vain? I wonder, am I waiting endlessly in vain?
Life passed by and left me a man passes by, and leaves me alone
I don't want to, no, I don't want I don ' t want, no I don ' t want
The moon also abandons me the moon to abandon me too,
Moon, let's cross the street Come Moon, lets ' s cross the streets
Let's cross the night and the streets! Let ' s cross the nights and streets!

What do you see and hear when you turn off the light?

Screen rain, sharp like thousands of knives, such as fleeting, pierced the night out of Light, the film began this way.

The picture quickly switch to the women's prison, the women are bored, sparse sitting in a cell, saying I do not understand the language. I tried to locate the movie and I felt dizzy.

is about to get out of prison, "but no one waiting for me at home." "The women say.

"Someone is waiting for me. "The heroine April (April) got up and walked out of bed," we will move to live abroad together. 」

Women in the eyes of ridicule oblique to April, contempt of synonymous is envy, envy April if can hope, said life is still sweet.

April was a prostitute (the politically correct statement was a sex worker) who was jailed for providing sex services. She was so beautiful that she had a gay lover who was a prostitute before she went to jail. After prison to know, her lover has chosen to return to her husband.

On the day of his release, no one greeted her and there was no distance waiting for her to arrive. She became the ghost of the city.

Born in April, she was challenged by other prostitutes to deal with a black Dijie (Dije), a Nigerian migrant worker. In the dark she came to Dijie's abode, the room was weary of other Nigerian workers, no one cared about the upcoming events, only Dijie eyes in the corner flashing like a deer in the dark, in the heart to ask you? April quietly watched, out of the room. (Recommended reading: Feminist Bad Religion: The third wave of feminist sexual writing )

The story takes place in the capital of the Republic of Georgia, Tiberis (Tbilis), Georgia, sandwiched between great powers, like the wilderness, where many ghosts are transiting the capital, rushing to other places, to Russia, to Turkey and to the Asian Games.

Dijie is one of some of the wandering souls who are plotting to go to the Georgia of the United States to settle in the Eastern European State of Georgia. He was trapped here to make a rough job for a butcher.

"Close look is a tragedy, far look is comedy." Chaplin had explained his life in this way. But if the tragedy is seen more carefully, it will still find that there are too many glimmer of light to shine a moment, it is worth us to experience, over and over again, over and over. When Dijie knew the United States could no longer go, he took the April to the hillside overlooking Tiberis, slowly raised his finger, hand-picked, renamed, "Here is the San Francisco Bridge, this is the White House ⋯⋯"

Live in the present, near as we always want to reach the distance. His fingertips lit a whole city.

Where there is a lamp, where it is left, where there is music, where is the dance.

Director Elene Naveriani, a Georgian, who studied in Switzerland, now turns back to filming and sketching Tiberis sentient beings, in addition to describing the city's sense of transition with people, and suggesting that the audience: life is always in transition, and Tiberis is just magnifying the transition state. The Director in the visual language and Chen Animal corpse and human eyes, let the audience think "People walk in the midway" automatically reveal the animal nature. However, the bodies of animals also have peace, Tiberis residents of the behavior between the gestures, but also to the excessive state of indifference and habits.

Many linger in the world, still have its order faint. Orthodox Georgia, for example, is a man under God, a woman under a man, a woman who masturbation is a shame, and must "hide under the sheets" to avoid being seen by God, with prostitutes on the sheets and migrant workers from Africa under prostitutes, who dislike prostitutes. As a result, sex with a black man is a risk of self-inflicted suicide among prostitutes.

Workers from Africa are unwilling to fall to the bottom of the society, and they have to feel their place in a foreign land by belittling prostitutes (subjectivity).

So, Dijie's fellow brothers will be prostitutes as a vent to the tool, over and over again the prostitute how not a woman, Dijie listen to angry scold, "I greet your father!" She is a woman, she is a woman. For Dijie, April was also fall's partner on the way to the distance. He brought the butcher's pig-head to April to celebrate how the dream of falling had made them recognize each other. (Recommended reading:"read Poems for You" our respective fall cycles are different )

"Have you ever masturbated with scissors?" "April lover Comrade asked her. April replied, "There, to the kitchen scissors." 」

How does a society control women's sexuality? The most effective way is to stack a heavy stigma on a woman's sex line. So, every time a woman's sex can be painful and humiliating very, every time like in the pleasure of self-inflicted injury.

To stop being in the sex, you have to remove the stigma, the gender framework and the ethnic order, which is not simple, but practiced in practice. April comprehend, want to Dijie light shelter, but accidentally found him and his female lover together lying. (Recommended reading:"Girls only" firewood: lesbians do not need to copy heterosexual feelings )

Can the intimacy from two to three be accommodated from one another? The kitchen water boiling boil, the kettle flute eagerly stretches, all hangs without solution.

There are so many topics about sex and intimacy that most of us first hit the body in order to find the right place for each other and the experimental solution.

The movie does not provide the correct answer, it opens the space, extends the imagination.

When you are besieged by your own subject, go to see a movie in the distance. Let the film to the scale of the world to pull out, to shrink themselves, sadness will become small oh, understand the top of the worry and worry is just the whole world a speck of dust, insignificant.

Try to lurk in Georgia's night.

The poet Li Jinwen said, the important thing is not to light a lamp, but to feel it when it is turned off.

Let the darkness devour the smooth race/gender order. Before you sink into the darkness, remember to feel that we are all the light of the Earth's Landing.