Accompany you in the bizarre world to live yourself, three of healthy and healthy old friends, with the company to iron your life uneasy, read you love you, always do not abandon.

Do you have a friend like that?

Usually funny play things rush first, looks like a dick when, when you fall in life, he is the one to take you immediately, let your peace of mind exists, always some time too focused on their own life, old friends lost contact, he is that when you need, back to the body can see not abandon.

Many studies have pointed to the support of their own "friendships" in life, which is of great help in maintaining physical and mental health, "frientimacy:how to deepen friendships for lifelong Health and happiness", author of Shast A Nelson added: "I call friendship a mental health club, or a gym for the soul." 」

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According to HuffPost , Shasta Nelson said: "These deep friendships allow us to show the most vulnerable, and we can show our true selves, whether good or bad, sometimes even our darkest side, to be embraced." 」

Three kinds of friends to maintain physical and mental health! To make you understand the meaning of friendship, you do not say disgusting confession, all care to put into action; you are very little tired together, meet is laugh constantly, can not solve the pressure on the temporary left behind, when you touch together, natural laugh often open, trouble less half. (Recommended reading: Thank you for growing up with me!) Adolescent high quality old friend: I want to be a good person like you.

You are such a physical and mental friend: Your presence makes me not afraid of difficulties

His existence lets you understand, the life difficulty sometimes, but can with him experience difficult, is also a kind of willing to study, has he with you grows together, the life topic, we may be optimistic the humour to wait.

In 2008, researchers invited a group of University of Virginia (University of Virginia) students to stand on the bottom of a small hill carrying heavy backpacks, according to HuffPost . They were asked to estimate the slope of the hill in front of them, and some watched the towering hills alone, and some were standing with friends, and the study found that students who were alone, compared with those who stood beside their friends, were expected to be steeper than those with friends.

In the face of unknown difficulties, friends can always make you more optimistic and relaxed attitude, because you know, as long as they stand beside you, difficult, will be someone with you distressed, with you to answer.

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You are such a physical and mental health friend: with your company, my anxious heart calmed down

Feel anxious always think of old friends figure, call the past say some mindless words, because hear his voice feel calm, more often, just silently miss, think he also in life hard struggle, oneself say what also can not leak, fight spirit to continue efforts!

Associate professor of Clinical psychology, University of Virginia, James · Dr. Cohen (James Coan) uses MRI brain scans to study women in order to see the difference between being alone with relatives and friends when they are subjected to electric shocks. The results showed that when holding a friend's hand, the brain was aware of the risk of less activity. (Recommended reading: a letter to an old friend: Resign!) I support you to leave the courage to live a stable life.

"There is a lot of stress and burden in life, and when you have to deal with them alone, you will not only feel tired, but also cause more damage to your body," Coan to CBS News. 」

Life's old friends, always easy to ease your uneasiness, with the company ironing your heart wrinkles, in each of the time can not go on, give you the courage to continue to refuel.

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You are such a physical and mental health friend: You give me strength, psychology and physiology have learned to be strong

Suffer from the death, bear the life of unbearable light pressure, he can't go through the sadness that you have to face alone, but can let you know when you need to hug, you are not alone, if you can, he will be willing to hurt those hearts heart, you are still alone through life to the Slap, But gradually in his company to learn to thrive.

According to HuffPost , a 2014 study in the Journal of Health Psychology: Your best friend will be a better emotional resource than your family.

The researchers studied nearly 750 adults, mostly elderly women, who studied for 12 years, trying to assess the strength of friendships and test whether their health deteriorated after losing their spouses. In the process, they study two groups of people who have lost their spouses-the physical differences between those who have close friends and those who have only family support. They found that getting family support and getting support from friends were different, and that there was less physical or psychological stress when you had one or more intimate friends around. (Recommended reading: To the 30-year-old friendship looks like: goodbye short social, looking for long-term relationships )

"The family, even the children and the other half, will increase your stress unconsciously," says Nelson. They have a lot of things to worry about. However, you don't have to help a good friend when to get back to the doctor or know what she wants to eat. In a friendship, you get more of the benefits of friendship than a lot of stress and responsibility. 」

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When the days are heavy and you need someone to listen to you complaining about the trivial things that you do, you just want to be friends with your life. He will mouth you he will sour you, he will let you know that life is sad, but regardless of ups and downs are accompanied by people, friends with you through all kinds of life experience, do the foolish things in youth, you have seen each other the most upset temperament, The worst of the heart, always go all the way to the present, in each other's time to grow into an indispensable necessity.

Hey, my dear lovely, wholesome good friend, we have grown up on the road to play strange exercise, unreasonable strange things to see too much, practice is to look at the light of the ordinary state of affairs, with you to accompany the face of these bizarre, I suddenly to the world full of hope.