Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Use a massage SPA to brighten your life.

You take a step in the crowd, you strive for each and every performance opportunity, you are good at self criticism, everything to achieve perfection, we often because of failure, imperfect, not smart enough to blame ourselves, but this will not make us happy.

Dear, let us practice to treat ourselves well, cherish ourselves! You can brew yourself a good cup of tea, spend 10 minutes reading a book, or ... Make an appointment for a relaxing massage! (Recommended reading: a novice wife travel: Thailand massage taught me, the most important is always myself )

Whether the job is sitting in a chair all day, standing on the whole day, climbing up and down to move the weight, the body is our tool, with a long time to go into the factory repair and maintenance, now get up and turn around the neck, moving muscles, joints is not Kerala? (Recommended reading: The Office can also do the "Intestinal massage" campaign )

Recommend your seven healing and pressure massage journey, don't forget to treat your body, heart, spirit.

If you want to: in the urban Fast Horse section

The morning out of the body is not right, may be a bad night, or recently too long did not exercise, take advantage of lunch break quickly on the massage shop to report, let the Master help you horse a section, 30 minutes to make you full of infinite possibility.

Foot Brigade Health Museum

The foot is the human second heart, has the whole body corresponding acupuncture points, as long as the good massage, the maintenance two feet, can effectively eliminate the exhaustion, increases the blood circulation.

Foot Bath In addition to providing 30 minutes of body massage, foot massage, foot and Shanghai-style peeling service, so you can quickly to a section to relax, if more time can also enjoy a full range of massage.

  • Business Hours
    • 10:00am-02:00am
  • Contact information
    • Taipei Pavilion
      No. 89th, Linson North, Zhongshan District, Taipei
    • Chungli Hall
      No. 8th, Taoyuan Road, Chungli District, China
    • Taoyuan Arts and Crafts special Hall
      No. 57th, Hsinpu Six street, Taoyuan Peach Park

Jinle Foot Body Health Clubhouse

Jinle Foot provides 40 minutes of foot massage service, noon tired want to quickly click to restore the spirit of the foot, you can consider door-to-door massage master report, in addition to store prices cordial, massage services are very diverse Oh!

Won the hearts of netizens than their insistence on health, towel supplies have been high-temperature sterilization cleaning, massage before the foot of the bucket using the disposable plastic film, so that you do not have the health of the second contact doubts.

  • Contact information
    • Bade Hall
      No. No. 322, two Bade road, Taipei City
    • Chung Wah Club
      No. 4th, 83 Lane, da an road, Taipei
    • Peony Hall
      No. No. 228, three Bade Road, Taipei City

If you want to: enjoy natural relaxing SPA

Finger pressure, foot massage is not enough to see, want to have more five senses experience on the relaxation, for their own afternoon, reserve a full energy of the top SPA tour bar!

You deserve a wonderful SPA, a return to zero,

Nuance vente (Hidden house)

"The mind will bind you, and the mind will release you." "-rasheed Ogunlaru

The website of the priory wrote this passage

The ideal SPA is 贴己 soft, delivering your trust in exchange for a completely soothing healing.

In addition to the soothing pressure of the massage, the hermit cares more about your experience of being comforted. From body massage, head care to Beauty manicure, you can get the healing services you want here.

  • Business Hours
    • Monday to Saturday 10:30am–21:00pm
    • Sunday 10:30am–19:00pm
  • Contact information
    • No. 41st, 112 Lane, four section, Daan District Benevolence Road, Taipei, Taiwan
    • 02-2707-1923


Massage Spas use AVEDA's own products, allowing you to enjoy the most natural and relaxing experience from head to toe.

You can enjoy the AVEDA for your tailored pressure treatment, after the end, the store also has modelling, the United States A-grade service, let you continue just the experience of the pressure, or the likes of the product to take home.

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If you want to: a trip to the SPA

Go for a trip, apart from the scenery and the restaurant's casing trip, why not make an appointment for yourself a relaxing SPA service for a more enjoyable trip?

Recommend you two have a SPA massage accommodation, so you have fun and relax!

Classic Hsinchu Hotel

Housing SPA project, relaxing and cost-effective, inside are more than 10 years experience in beauty massage, want to experience travel and relaxation in the country, why not make an appointment immediately?

Cinnamon Villa

Cinnamon is a popular choice for Bali Villa, cinnamon Group in Bali, a total of four Villa, if just to Bali, how to make a reservation for their own physical and mental satisfaction of the island SPA, to ensure that you will never forget to go again!

If you want, why don ' t you just do it?

If you want to be nice to yourself, why not try opening your body and mind and planning a relaxing trip for yourself?