Milan Fashion Week, She Kingyan's fresh figure aroused public attention. What are the reasons why people are so concerned about the fact that their sister has no plastic surgery? Why does the media like to use the female star to manipulate the wind? Why do people think plastic surgery means losing themselves? This gender observation, invites you to discuss together.

A few months after She Kingyan's photo of Milan's Fashion week exposed, her sister's comeback has been a mania for the masses. She is a military uniform, pedal boots, the most tidal hair, the foreign media praise sound She Kingyan fashion figure: "She is 42 years old, from Taiwan." "Taiwan's masses of eagle-eyed, She Kingyan's" Taiwan taste Beautiful "Why not the same?"

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"Thought Elva Siu or Cheryl Yang or Wen Yu", "the facial features all changed", "does not say does not know is She Kingyan". She Kingyan to participate in the Milan Big Show's clothing taste not to be discussed, people more care, her face actually moved where? There is a doctor "professional inventory", She Kingyan below all moved: temples, forehead, chin filled full, yamane high, the tip of the nose slightly tilted, cheek to small.

Community fashion editor Disappointment issued a hot debate: "You know what the so-called fashion taboo?" is to lose yourself. "( source )

Many people think that She Kingyan has always done his own attitude was "plastic" let go at the same time, we want to discuss is: why the female star plastic surgery can always cause hot discussion?

The myth of "integrity": the perfect standard for two kinds of women

If you enter the keyword in google search engine "star shaping", "Pigment Yan", will appear the following:

Exclusively's physiological women mark the social public's high concern for "feminine appearance". Sohe and plastic surgery can be divided into two things to talk about, Sohe for the female "real face" of the beautiful worship, Vegetarian Yan program, Vegetarian Yan Live, copy the "Women are treated as articles" module, to peel the truth, remove the illusion for the big Ren, it is the system to glamorous women's " Punishment ", in the process of make-up remover is also the seizure of power, to reduce the day after the women add their own" powers. In fact, want to see Sohe men and women, men from the message to read "Female beauty" are "false", women to make up for their own "standard" perfect imperfection. (Recommended reading: Poor North Korea also crazy plastic!) "Beauty brings success" in Korean culture )

The contrast between the true and the false is the most outrageous way of viewing the society's judgment on women's appearance.

No matter what cosmetic element Yan ultimately points to the fact that the perfect woman does not exist.

Cosmetic and plastic as a powerful industry, in the gender dimension has been directed to the "negative", masculine and feminine, like your boyfriend always said: "You do not make up more good-looking." 」

The perfect standard for cosmetic and cosmetic pursuits is not the same as that of a man pursuing a perfect woman. A man looking for a wife wants a woman to behave, beautiful but not ostentatiously, and nature is beauty.

And the perfect for unmarried women is another challenge: plastic APP, pseudo-facial Foundation, Han makeup, 10-second brush out goddess fan ... Consumer culture gives women the opportunity to do physical appearance as a carrier, a point of view is empowering themselves, girls have more powerful power to decide who they want to be, or what the whole. One point of view is that people who are disappointed with She Kingyan--The pursuit of standard beauty, loss of their own.

So in the end, what do we think about plastic surgery?

Beauty is not "right or wrong"

About a variety of physician speculation and fans of the controversy, She Kingyan broker ball retort: "Sister unique, not to meet the other people in the hearts of the sister, that is called Lost self!" "She also hit face medical American physician, said her sister all face no move knife, the only move knife in the face of the car accident suffered across the nose of the wound:" That is a lifetime of scars, thank you for your concern, my sister will be with the pain of a total prosperity. 」

What is self? How to be yourself? Psychology's ego refers to the consciousness, the feminist ego is concerned about the right. How do we judge a person's own definition by morality? What right is there to overthrow a person's ego?

Beauty is not a clear-cut problem. Do not discuss the authenticity of plastic surgery, look at that sentence "Do not have to meet the hearts of others to set the sister, it is called loss of self" is worthy of recognition. For the She Kingyan "changed" voice, perhaps from people's heart set "a She Kingyan should have the appearance of" Sister is from the grassroots out of their own way of atypical actress, if she also plastic, that with follow mainstream beauty blind what is different? The disillusionment of the inspirational myth also shows that the purity of integrity is hard to break in people's minds. Plastic surgery is toeing the patriarchal subconscious also symbolizes the strong fear that women live long in their gaze. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" Desire World Universiade: Women's about cannon and stare, why let social anxiety?) )

The long-term discussion of the "pursuit of mainstream how to oppress female group", moving knives have modules, the whole: Angelababy, Fan Bingbing, Angelina Jolie Jolie no problem, the world certainly does not need so many fan Bingbing, but this "acquired" processing gave women a chance to meet a gender equality change snub society.

From the growth process of learning, to guide women to pursue a specific ambition or "eventually to marry" the single theory. To seek employment, women face the Resistance: many occupations in women's unique appearance threshold, from looks, weight, makeup, no one is not a female "appearance norms."

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Plastic surgery to empower a single woman? No sex, how do you decide yourself

Carving, cover, squeeze, fill, build, plastic after the construction of the "social strata of the money of women" can take the beauty dividend. In the past, "women are subservient to male gaze" to spur the plastic industry, another point I would like to put forward is how plastic surgery has changed the long history of ignoring the voice of women's bodies, allowing women's silence to change through plastic surgery.

This "plastic surgery is to serve men," the discussion also revealed that people ignore women's pursuit of beauty has its initiative, very few people are willing to believe that a woman beauty, because she is happy.

Wishful thinking believes that "women's plastic surgery is to lose themselves," or "the pursuit of mainstream culture is to betray their own", in fact, with the long-term norms of women's oppression is not different. The superficial imagination of women is nothing more than a kind of violence, a whipping of women, a neglect of culture into women in the long-term painful experience.

Plastic surgery is not a personal matter and personal choice, watching how our culture, politics and business urge an unmarried woman to follow the beauty of popular change, and how to limit marriage women back to becoming comely. Women do respond to external problems through plastic surgery-the ugly duckling, the fat sister, the nose, the single eyelid, the airfield, the smile that has appeared in their life experience.

However, plastic surgery also provides a new way to respond to individual internal, breakthrough "complete" meaning, like breaking the hymen myth. Women can be reconstructed, empowered, and gazing at themselves. She can care for the pursuit, can learn and imitate beauty, in the walkthrough to create their own new beautiful symbols. They try to transcend "innate" limitations, to live their own "reconstruction." (same field Gayon:#girlgaze girl photo Album: Staring at your imperfections, like looking at your own beauty )

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Reengineering is a kind of Seiberg, it is the channel that gives oneself new life. An extreme example: Genesis P-orridge's art plan with his wife in 2003 was to make the two of them all the same, and he discovered for life that he had changed the subject he was using, and in public, he called himself us, not me. He stirred up the "subject" based on his bodily reconstruction, which was his way of defining himself by recreating it.

Seiberg let gender in both body and spirit to maintain their mobility, to escape the male strong female weak script, the physical gender will no longer exist, the ego becomes a questionnaire, interpersonal relationships will determine their own identity. (Source: The Future belongs to women: Isaiah feminism )

Someone's world needs plastic, someone doesn't need it.

See this you may be curious, so we all have to through plastic to become a "powerful" woman?

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I think otherwise, see back She Kingyan Plastic storm, have Netizen message: "Exclamation star in order to extend the cause of acting, must rely on the whole type to freeze the face of this meal." (Source: She Kingyan in Milan Fashion Week did not recognize the netizen shouting: my sister ). We must be aware that before "empowering ourselves" there is a large number of "patriarchal breach" to hinder more women without capital capital, into a more equal living world.

We must invite more people to join the feminist world. Plastic surgery and human rights to the survival of the freedom of protection, no one is more than the weight, in different time and space, different women have different needs. Do you believe it? At the moment, there is the need to burn bras and lose lipstick, and we think we are moving ahead, but many people's real life needs to be rescued by a second wave of feminism. Although this fact is abhorrent to many mainstream feminists, we cannot ignore those women who have not hitched a ride on gender mainstreaming, and most of them are under the "basic living conditions" of their husbands to teach their children life, and how to pursue themselves?

But the problem is not the fault of the younger generation of women. Women's beauty does not mean that women accept beautiful malice. A lot of people with "she plastic do you what thing" escort She Kingyan, but I want more people to participate in this matter, to discuss the plastic behind, we should have the ability to think, why plastic surgery is disgusting? Who is the voice of women's beauty? We should try to see what kind of environment and culture motivates women to do this and to respect such actions and to think about how to create a more selective environment. (Recommended reading: bubble cowboy, plastic surgery what?) The "Good woman" rule of the Chinese Village Rabbit )

In addition to She Kingyan there is no plastic discussion, we can also see how She Kingyan Open the imagination of beauty? For example, she has set off in Taiwan culture Renaissance, walked to Milan runway is a very different taste performance.

Sister is not changed, she is only more than the average person know better, Taiwan or hardcover, or plastic surgery, not the whole. In the eyes of the public, her identity as She Kingyan will only fission more of the role of the Li.

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Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall



The focus of activity is how individuals can break through the constraints of the structure and carry out (resisting power) actions. In gender studies, it is common to explore women as victims of patriarchy, and some researchers worry that this ignores the fact that women are agency. Many feminists point out that even in situations of oppression, the dominant person still has the ability to move (agentic capacity), however "activity" refers to the action force of the people, which is bound to be constructed and molded by the consciousness type, the language and the discourse, so the individual's initiative does not take place in the vacuum environment of full self-determination autonomy.

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