Hayao Miyazaki in our childhood seed, summon your heart of innocence and goodness, together look back to three Gongqi Chun animation of love: "We are a lack, in the love feel complete."

Everyone has a Gongqi chun, from the young to the adult, the youth of the generation with Hayao Miyazaki to the dream grew up, the reality is gloomy, we drill back to find the loss of the innocence, look at their own, once resolute bright eyes.

Grow too far away from home, when lost in the city, feel the distant telephone pole on the Dragon Cat on the bus watch, look after you all the way down, and finally, the road to the destination let you grow, wronged remember to go home, first into the workplace, such as the birth of a different world, you will face a lot of self-questioning and other people, each grotesque experience Feel like Chihiro, running in a strange world, but never forget their real name, holding the original intention, live well, and then someone on the road with you, but Love has its ebb and decline, your stop, and then reluctant to remember, like no face man, back and love to say good-bye. (Recommended reading: always remember kindness!) Four Gongqi Classic Movies dedicated to your inner child

Hayao Miyazaki to the Philosophy of life, in each person planted seeds, with life into plants, when you need guidance, lead you to the direction of light, in the love of confusion, together with a review of the Gongqi Chun Animation: We are a lack of love feel intact.

The Valley of the heart: we depend on each other and grow up independently

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The Holy Secretary and the Moon Island, they meet in the shy time, in the face of life when the choice of each other profoundly engraved into life, not for who lose themselves, to love, love interdependence but also independent growth.

As long as you are in I will work hard, I am glad I did my best, let me know myself better than before.

Hayao Miyazaki's Valley of the Heart

How do you keep yourself in love and in your dreams when you are growing up with the separation and meeting you are facing? When there is a future in which there is a need to face disagreement, he has his way to go, you have your dream to chase, you in love to learn to give their interdependence, face life, but also independent growth, to time let us grow up better people, we will meet in a better place, know, deep love.

"Hall's Moving Castle": Love is imperfect, but it makes me feel complete.

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Hall and Sophie, if you have a black hole in your heart, past experience such as monsters dormant in your heart, don't be afraid of your imperfect hurt each other, because we are holding the gap in life, just in the encounter, feel complete.

Love, not to find a perfect person, but learn to use the perfect vision, to appreciate the imperfect person.

Hayao Miyazaki's Moving Castle of the hall

The people around you come and go, in every love to find the ideal relationship, try not to bland not to be loved, also put aside their madness to love, and constantly build up the imagination, also constantly overthrow himself, later understand, Love never a " Happy to Forever "model can be set on, and some just because of love, so with not perfect oneself hold all sincerity, back and forth communication only to find a belong to each other's scale, the other side embedded life, feel love soaked, life integrity. (Recommended reading: love for the rest of your life!) From the psychology to see the relationship six secrets of the long

"The City of the sky": Because of you, I know what is desperate

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Hidalgo and, in life, there is always a portrait of a miracle, the birth of your life, but a moment will understand that he is your life is willing to protect the person, in each of his need to support the moment, not hesitate to give himself, not to ask for tomorrow, only in the love of the present, willing to

Everyone will meet a person, just look at her, you know you are willing to die for her. Do not look forward to fierce happiness, because it is mostly quietly coming.

Hayao Miyazaki "The City of the Sky"

Love is a miracle, as the Ming Dynasty poet Tang Xianzu wrote in the Peony Pavilion: "Love does not know the beginning, one to the deep", love burst out often without reason, no notice, but there will be a loving life, teach you what is a selfless, what is what people say madly.

We hurt and hurt in love, but remember that no matter how the pain subverts your life, you always have yourself, you are still soft to life, when others suffer, will not choose not to look at, may or with the little fault of the lover, experience the next relationship, learn to understand the difficulties of the lover, but for the loyalty of the matter, Always willful.

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No matter how deep you have been hurt, there will always be a person who will let you forgive life for all of you before the difficulties.

Hayao Miyazaki, Princess of the Ghost

In Gongqi's animation, we find the same alien as ourselves, he let us know that life will be hurt, each encounter may eventually be separated, but innocence and goodness will make life all difficult, all into a kind of calm--is your heterogeneous, let this world still have some necessary good beauty.