Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. With a whole youth replication your name, you are in my life can not ask for the most beautiful one luck.

Next week, I want to fly to the country that we have to go to, this time you will not come, I will wait to feel you in the wind.

Some people have their own casual as an agreement, with every 溽暑 and sweat, counting money, just a few more. One summer can take me to fly, think of the total time, you are I spent the whole youth on the desk secretly carved on the name, every time I shout you, deeply carbon into my life; you summoned me to the madness of love, and then, Do not love like that, we love weightless love pain, love life is only once happy.

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Too extreme love is to reverse the world, like to send their own life to you, you in youth to pick me up, many years after the appearance of love, always miss their soul has been throbbing for others; your good-natured is my life in the loss of temperature, find the sustenance of Ann; time to overlap each other's lives, and then I put love, Love became a matter of course, Think you can live alone without you, seems to forget, is that you have supported me with a strong every weak daily. (Recommended reading:"Single diary" Originally We always love ourselves )

You hug not always hug you
And there's no shame in what I want to say
To squander and cherish is the same thing

Why should I be all that?
How honored.

--Zhang hung on "I Love You"

You know, after leaving you I always want to know, you will also be in some sunny afternoon, think of my review; I am not your life has met the most wayward lover, hurt you the deepest, you still reluctant to delete have my life.

To those who owe each other, time pushes us forward, you are my love broken lover, I in the future life constantly looking back, your figure a go not to return; you are a storm raging my life, often think of you, surrounded by damp feeling suffocation.

No one knows that goodbye, is no longer meet, and you in love, is my youth has had the most beautiful a fluke.