After the growth of the discovery of fairy tales did not write life, but you are always the effort to live a soft person, for adults to insert the album, take you back to yourself.

You're going to be an indifferent adult. No emotion, no sneaking thoughts, no looking back. To live another life of my own. You have to be obedient, not all the fish will live in the same sea.

The village of the Spring tree dance! Dance! Dance! 》

Remember the bedtime story, the Prince and the Princess, Fox and Pug, defying the plight of life, always can laugh as if never hurt, beautiful bright, happy and happy. Later you feel that your life skipped a period of youth, suddenly adults, skip the "Happy to Forever" section, you start to live fairy tales did not mention life.

Murakami has said that the adults are calm, quiet, sad and happy, quietly put people live into others-involuntarily is your first impression of the adult world.

South Korean illustrator Henn Kim, on his personal page, has shown her the spirit of drawing these pictures: "Turn your broken heart into art." Take your broken heart, made it into art.", she used these illustrations to heal others also heal their own heartbreak, with simple black-and-white tones, but rendering the most real human nature and life significance. (Recommended reading: To love deeply!) Close to the album: The best time is to rub your brow

For adults, the adult world is not always glamorous, strong too long time, call the heart of the fairy tale, you are the calm but always live soft adults!

Fairy Tales for grown-ups: We heal ourselves by covering our wounds.

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You know, a lot of people pass your life, someone in your heart to plant good, someone tore your soul and left, every night you have scars to sleep, some of them still feel dull pain, but it does not matter, after all, it has begun to heal slowly.

Fairy Tales for Adults: You burn yourself, brighten your life

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You finally understand why the moth to fire, the real world you learn to burn yourself, with burns for a lifetime of light, like a fire, you have to live to burst without regrets, like flowers, you live to live as a grid, wanton life.

Fairy Tales for Adults: memory is the only thing you have

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You in each love to find the eternal, desire to occupy, after a crash to understand that the original who can not have, you can take away is the only and only memories.

Fairy Tales for Adults: your fantasy of traveling, only the reality of swimming swimming

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With ideals we run in reality, once thought like the vast life of the sea, and finally became the city of swimming swimming, you like a whale stranded in the sea, but always stubborn, with leisurely in the sea dream. (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" do not poor a lifetime, miss their own )

Fairy Tales for Adults: The throbbing of love, like ghosts, can not be asked

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You have also talked about a few love, from the youth Pure Love to the subsequent love to kill, the other people's throbbing like the switch turned off, no longer eager, also no longer know to take possession.

Fairy Tales for adults: Some wounds kill you, but they also make you reborn.

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People always say, "Those who do not kill you to make you stronger", but you feel that you have died in real life several times, each time the injury will crush you, but also let you in the broken, pieced together the rebirth of their own.

Fairy Tales for grown-ups: look straight into a black hole and be careful not to fall down

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You linger in the past, in each figure of addiction, some people you have been afraid to miss the memories, if the black hole too long, you will accidentally fall in.

Fairy Tales for Adults: Put yourself in a drifting bottle, hoping someone will read you

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You put yourself into the bottle and deliver it to the world, hoping someone will pick you up and read your soul and your life.

Fairy Tales for grown-ups: In their fantasies, fleeing from the city

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Your brain has a universe, dream with the stars flashing, if the reality of cruelty, let oneself into fantasy, fled in the city, back to live like a flower of their own.

The so-called adults, not in the pain of the wail, but the heart of love so know how to tolerate, not the helplessness of the world, but in everyone pretending to see, look at the dark;