"You net beautiful!" This is a beautiful act! "When the net beauty becomes everybody both point like and tease joke, we want an outlaw, the shame of self-portrait is born?"

Yesterday afternoon I work in a joint work space, the store's customer composition is very interesting, in addition to reading with a pen electric typing, there are many Shansheng group, makeup exquisite, dressed in the young woman, holding mobile phone quietly or beat each other. They are often referred to as "net beauty" in terms of current fashion.

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However, it is usually not a good thing to appear in the dialogue with the word Web. For example, "You net beautiful!" "is a kind of ridicule teasing," This is very net beautiful "said this behavior is not OK, too narcissistic." I often use this in conversation myself.

"You behind the net beauty from sitting down to now, holding the phone hand did not put down." "My friend gave me a chin, and we were surrounded by such girls, and the café cracked and mixed up two of times," he said.

I dare not look back, on the one hand afraid to be found we are talking about her, I feel embarrassed for her, I think it is embarrassing to take a public camera. Back home I asked myself: Why is a woman in the café to take a self-portrait I feel humiliated, where is the sense of shame? And why when I blink cramped respond to a friend observation, will vaguely feel oneself betrayed what?

I suddenly thought of the birth of another Web language.

A woman crowned by shame: the beauty of the net and the sow

The previous online sow identification contest, she is a sow, she is not a sow, sow definition is erratic, identify sow randomly like pull petals ask "He loves me, he does not love Me". The sow may be a female with a patriarchal dividend, a woman who crosses the patriarchal rule, triggers courtship anxiety, debauchery, immoral, gold-digger, and so on.

The network of "sow" behavior a lambasting, there are a number of female villagers because of fear falling sow derogatory context, and subjugate other women: "Yes, she is a sow!" "By identifying others, you're going to place yourself in a" non-sow "relative position-I agree with you about the sow, so I'm not.

But no matter how to draw the line, the woman will not get the eternal death of the gold medal, she must continue to clarify themselves, to take this set of standards for life. She forgot that a group of people would not be subject to the same quality charges even if they did the same. The more she is anxious to defend herself, the easier it is to overlook one thing: if a woman is not by default a sow's object position, then why bother to explain how not sow and how upright her behavior is.

I suddenly feel that their cramped smile and blink, from my lazy and snub, I have not pressed their sense of shame came from, but eager to draw a line with the network of the United States. Smile on the back of the fear is that I am afraid of falling into the Society for women to create a derogatory context. But what is there to laugh at when the café is quietly photographed or obsessed with its own appearance? I also ask, why do they need to take pictures for themselves?

The generation condition of net beauty

In fact, beauty in this society is divided into two kinds, one is called beauty, a kind is called net beauty. Beautiful beauty is mostly not see the purpose of the beauty of the net is considered to be actively using their beauty advantage of the woman, the society like to roll up the label, the label before the first classification.

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For example, to be a beautiful woman, the purpose of the photo must be lower, it must be casual daily, or only for the work of professional photography.

Casual daily photos require a lot of conditions, such as she must have a sharp eye and a unique photographic style of her life time, which requires cultural capital and social capital add up the interpersonal conditions. "Job needs" is less superficial narcissism, but it also means that she has more resources and opportunities than other beauties, such as a whole team of professional photographers, a carefully decorated studio, makeup and clothing brand logistics support.

In contrast, the beauty of the net is actually the beautiful women who can use less resources at hand but still aspire to be respected.

She was born beautiful, but no professional photography team after the system, no good photo-shooting friends so to lift the phone, for the moment to take pictures of themselves, must download the app map, and no mass media for her to release photos.

If the fame of the media age does not need to wait for a scout to dig, to understand their beauty advantage and make good use of the resources available, you may be stared at envy, even if the practice method because of insufficient capital and meticulous, but not steal not to rob not cheat, why ridicule?

Labor idealism: The outward appearance of labor is still not recognized

They were so shiny at the barbecue that they ignored the eyes of others and directly filled the table with makeup, do not eat a few bites and put on lipstick, we laugh to say absurd, but in fact they are only the beauty of the day-to-day work from the inside and out of the show, to more exaggerated way to tell you: Beauty is a never-ending labor, need a lot of time and money to maintain the capital.

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Take the long hair which is smooth and not knotted, for example, you have to pick on shampoo and conditioner, which means a lot of information collection and finishing; Follow the popular dyeing perm must be the premise of no injury, over the shoulder length is often 5,000 NT Take-off still not last six months; every day you spend half an hour washing and drying, It is best to use the Japanese anion hair dryer will not hair quality rough, toss over the whole body sweating. Beauty is really laborious.

This society is obsessed with beautiful women, and do not want her efforts to maintain, but also do not want her to become narcissistic subject, appreciate the fruits of their work, you'd better just be staring at the object. At the same time, the media every day to broadcast natural beauty myths, Pigment Yan and a single aesthetic norms, beauty has its own rank, the best nature, the more laborious the worse. So women know that for their own appearance of labor can not be justly, appreciate the fruits of their work must also be coy. Do beautiful women tired, not to do beauty or tired.

So I am more willing to see women simply a little, if you want, generous for the appearance of labor, generous appreciation of your labor achievements. From this point of view, I think there is a fun social practice is everyone simply generous dot do network beauty, so, the network of the United States will probably bloom more Yuan aesthetic.

Since the media age if meaningful, can be the aesthetic interpretation from the mainstream media gradually liberated, to give women a broader aesthetic space, such as self-confidence big code "Manven is a treasure", such as not rely on Chinese to rely on funny "idiot Princess."

Just at the same time we must also know that the existence of a single aesthetic society is indeed in cyberspace to replicate a large number of homogeneous beauty photos. Repeated like also may be more comprehensive scrolling girls to a single aesthetic practice, chasing the process of forgetting to return to the body, appreciate that they do not have to be someone else, can also be loved.

The coffee shop common work imagine

Actually think back to the day in the café and the network of the United States to work together experience, I feel very good.

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They quietly take pictures, we carefully type reading, both of which need to be serious and go all out to work. We and they do not disturb each other, in fact, the picture is also lovely: the net beautiful, selfish space chiropractor oversteps more, for the original quality of a single co-working room mixed with another kind of negative imagination about the work.

I can see the feminist future: the work of appearance and the work of the brain do not have to replicate the two-yuan frame of opposites, not necessarily the inferior. Network Beauty and the educated youth are mutually exclusive, mutually accommodating space is actually soft and ideal.

And who said that the educated youth can not do the net beauty, network beauty can not be educated youth, I think, the educated youth and the network of the United States mixed in the same body or the same space in the future, it seems quite worth smiling look forward to.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Paternity dividend

Patriarchal Divident

Sociologists R. Connell points out that gender inequality is usually a lack of resources for women relative to men, such as the average income of women in the world is only 56% of men, and that the same data is presented in different ways, showing that the average male earnings worldwide is 179% of women. Connell to call this excess surplus a patriarchal dividend. The benefits here are not only money, but authority, respect, service, security, etc. On the other hand, some women can also carve up some of the patriarchal bonuses, such as marrying rich men, paying domestic helpers and obtaining the labour of other women. Another example, the traditional patriarchal gender division of labor is the male outside the main female, so that men free from domestic work, to sprint career, relatively more likely in the workplace to get promoted promotion, this is a patriarchal dividend results.

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