When you graduate from university and face a job, do you want to work in this job all your life?What are the factors that will give you the consideration of transfer?Let's take a look at Lydee's share.

Label paper for me?!

Every single person is labeled a different type of label from birth; girls will always like to play Barbie dolls; clothes should be a pink dress; they should sit on a siting and not be able to do so much.This is even more so when students have better grades. If you want to be a comprehensive model student, you can't be absent from all kinds of talent competitions. It's best to add a full attendance bonus to show you a passion for studying!

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From the first girl to the university, I don't know how many colors have been labeled by the public, but on the eve of graduation, these labels have been used to guide me and lead me to the realm of worldly thinking.Is it a law school that ought to be a lawyer?The Financial Secretary is supposed to be a foreign bank?The business school is going to McKinsey or P&G for the record?

According to the past, I was still the envy of many of the world's most famous foreign merchants, but I was at a loss as to what I did because I was not my choice. What I did was simply to fill out the joint entrance exam and fill it all the way from the highest score, so I was here.When I was looking for a job, I heard the student saying that a certain company was the world leader in the global consumer goods market, so I lost my resume, and I wasn't even sure whether this was my favorite field.

After all, when I was 18, I was only 18 years old before I understood the difference between economics and money.(Extended reading: When my father told me, "If you don't have the first choice, I will kill it." )

Simple 3-step, career choice is not a good choice

After working for a few years, it seems that there was nothing wrong, anyway, trying to achieve the company's goals, department targets, personal performance goals, and then add a pile of reports that the boss can give to his boss, and this is just going to be a good year after another year.But sometimes, there will always be a little voice coming out of my mind. Is this really my interest?Or did I just follow a decision made on the voluntary card many years ago?Is there any way to know the best way to work?


Many people don't know where they want to go before they enter the workforce, but at the time of their graduation, the students next to each other have begun to cast their resumes. Many people hide their hearts and anxin and worry about their hearts and anxin. They are ranked among the top 100 enterprises to apply, interview, wait for admission or thank you.

Now, think about it, I really don't know what I was trying to catch up to, and life had more than 40 years to contribute to work, and it seemed that it wouldn't have been too much worse than the rest of the rest of the month.Now, let us focus on the present, and I strongly suggest that friends who have been in the same job for more than a year to form a habit of regular empymaking.

The so-called empty space allows you to take away from your original job, don't answer your company's calls, don't look at your corporate email, and the only thing that needs to be done is to stop thinking about your growth in your work and your mood swings for the year.

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If the space is extensive, you might as well think of one of the questions that the author asks most often about job interviews: please describe the sense of achievement that this job has brought to you; if not, please tell me what you can do when you engage in what you do.The sense of accomplishment is like a locomotive, and it will lead you to a resolute walk on the road to work.

Why do I not directly ask what happiness is bringing you?Because happiness is a rather less marginal term for most people, the first reaction of so many people is that work is a job, and there is nothing to be happy about.Therefore, if you ask yourself a different angle, you will find it easier to get an answer.You know what's going on in the job, you know where you're going.(In the same interview: An Interview with "A Boy with a Flower" > Director Qu Youning: A sense of accomplishment, it is to make everyone feel solace )

Look (inside)

When you practice yoga, the teacher often asks us to practice the viewing self, which takes time to accumulate and to control.But here's a small method: every morning waking up, looking at your mood, thinking about bedtime, and having a few days away from the company, and a few days away from the company. And this small method sounds simple, but it's pretty accurate, especially when I was a headhunter, and their success models might not be the same, but there was a common mindset that they — all happy to —.

people have long established their aspirations to know what they are going to do in the future. Some people find it hard to understand or hear from their hearts when they find a way to get over a few jobs.After graduation from the Qing, the first year of work was unbearable, and the first year he was able to catch his breath. After a few years, he was pressed to get away from the end of the year, and the year after year was naturally shaped. Even herself felt that he was naturally determined to go the industry.

I have a good sister beside me who recently gave up the great pre-eminent foreign investment project, and started to start a business on its own.After she left the company, she told me that every morning the alarm clock was still unresponsive, and she could not help but start her work.I congratulate her in my heart, because I know she has found her direction and is focused on the goal.


When a local fan is asked to consult with people around him, it may help you understand yourself, and find a job suitable for your own.One of the problems that we often encounter in the interview is to list three of its own strengths and weaknesses, and every one of them encounters this problem, which gives me a headache.It is reasonable to say that we should be the people who understand their own personalities and abilities, but why I have not been able to clarify them and find suitable jobs for them.

Later I chose to ask my immediate supervisor and colleagues to ask, by the description of others, I was more objective in my own way.If you are also in the same confusion with this writer, it is suggested that you should listen to the views of my colleagues. I believe you will have some results.

In the future, for many people, it's just a decision on volunteering cards at the 18-year-old university.Of course, some people are naturally anti-bones.A friend's friend, after graduating from a particular school, worked for a number of years. He was appreciated by the main manager. He even had to send him to the United States to develop the local business. He was excited to hear this news, and he was able to applaud his youth.

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more than half a year of reunited, the place was the house he operated in the back of the mountain.Yes, give up on the bright future of foreign Chin-embroidery, and continue his brilliant life on the beautiful east coast!

The individual's choice is not to make his right or wrong, but as long as he wakes up every morning to face his own life and is full of ambition and satisfaction, I think it would be too much to be wrong.(Recommended reading: Why do you work?Return work to yourself )