If you want to embark on the marathon practice journey, in the Heart remembers tells oneself, always with yesterday's oneself as the weights and measures, tells oneself diligently a little bit more, is already good enough.

I never thought I would run a marathon one day.

From an early age to feel that they do not, the country play to avoid the ball, never escaped by the ball ruthless hit the fate of the high school run 800 meters, run full grievances; The most common exercise in college is probably riding a bicycle.

Out of society, the Office of a family, the body function straight down, climb a few steps of the staircase body is hot, only to knock on the keyboard of the fingers unusually flexible, so slowly began to raise the night running habits. Night run cool, Daan Forest Park a lap 2.2 kilometers, just started, can run a lap to feel very proud. Originally also not particularly like, often run heart unwilling to love, think this time, I do not take to eat a hot spicy pot.

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Night running days, I used to think about themselves. A man ran, only a heartbeat loud, looking at the front runner back, I want to know where my limits are. Night running days, the body has not cheated, the state of good, muscular endurance line not, the heart of tolerance enough, good or bad knowledge, know that these days take care of themselves well enough; the day of the night running, to the last, is to force themselves to face their own shortcomings, to see me is not good enough to see me so weak, to see my body and human inertia.

It's a coincidence to sign up for half a horse. I mean, the pinch counts, a season can be practiced, friends of good intentions, immediately lined up in accordance with the schedule of the training course to me, I thought I still have time, also not afraid, the heart of a horizontal, since to give oneself set an accurate and clear goal, better to run a half horse.

Think of yourself as a big heart in retrospect. At that time my farthest record but 3 K has been panting, half horse K, a full seven times times distance, do not know I am enough to believe in themselves, or too believe in themselves.

Run the first from the 3K Take-off, wake up a few quarters of the core, running limbs muscles, feel the limits of the body where. My sports background is not good, sensitive skin, often run a running body red hair hot, run the memory, the body happy and painful, happy is originally I can run, pain is a goal far, as if more than their own ability.

The goal is huge, I am very small. I realized that it was only a little bit better than yesterday, that it was a great leap forward to run farther than yesterday, and that you had to break your record all the time running.

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I have to tell myself that there is no quick shortcut to running, is my fight with their own, weights and measures are yesterday's own, dripping sweat, in each want to give up the time, the heart and himself said, I just a little more than yesterday, I just a little bit more forward, it is good enough.

When running, just compare yourself. Sometimes the speed is very slow, sometimes can not refresh the record, sometimes you see yourself really good weak, it does not matter, once, your heart will slowly strong up.

A friend told me that it is brave to know your limits and to challenge it, and you will see what you can do when your whole muscle group is out of your control when you are not going to be able to sustain it. Even if the fear, or the bite to go down, like a soft leopard, biting target, it is not easy to let go.

When that happens, you will respect yourself from the bottom of your heart, and running a marathon is one thing.