"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Mu-shan Food and Dao Ming Temple, we talk about love are stubborn, identified the love, as long as you are all good and perfect. (Nevin thanked the reader for correcting, the cedar dish is actually the road Capricorn, has been amended, thank you <3)

A friend told me that you were like a wild-goose. Wild cedar? "Meteor Garden" in the cedar, he said, like you so stubborn girl, talk about love, rely on the intuition, like the body has its own navigation, love and not love are very obvious.

No, "Meteor Garden" 37 volumes, all of the girl's brilliant love battle, I love it.

Source: "Meteor Garden" comics

The wild cedar dish is such a girl, each month receive 3,000 yen pocket money, can live very well, she said that she is like weeds, spring wind and the type of life, how the pesticide can not be removed. When angry, pastoral dishes than the middle finger, justice is the life dogma, she is a typical Capricorn, love if it will be bitter, I am not afraid.

The boy looked back, the eyes melancholy, gave her gentle, shanshan food will not forget his name, Flower Ze class, is her love of enlightenment, he told her, want to cry, then handstand. The roof of the school became their secret base, and only here they were defenseless, they had no identity, just a pair of children with a desire for love. Shanshan food know, when she looked at the back of the Flower ze class, Flower ze class is thinking of Cany Hall static. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Ice and Fire song: I met you, so I have a soft rib )

It doesn't matter, even if accompany him to like the person he likes, she also feel happy.

After a long time, Shanshan found that she also has a boy behind her guard. The boy, curly hair, idiot character, emotional expression is very rough, "I like you, you are my woman", even sense will be said to be size, single-minded, clumsy to her good.

They met very violent, the cedar dish a fist hit the past, she scold him bad no goods, Dao Ming Temple Eyes But light, the girl has personality, Dao Ming Temple character set is Aquarius, Lover's Method strange and patience, like a person, is willing to spend a lot of time; like a person, for her to be a better person.

"I just like you, infatuated to I all feel inexplicable, I see only you." I know I am very annoying, but if you run away, I will certainly go after. 」

TD Temple

A TD Temple love Cedar Food is very natural, 100% sincerity, what also does not mix, Shanshan food love Dao Ming Temple Love After knowing, your temper is bad, your character, but your straight line is very lovely.

"If I love you, Only You love Me one-tenth, then you still want to love me?" 」
"I will try to get the other nine points." 」

Grazing Wild firs early under the war, the original bet is love, because of love, cedar food to the TD Temple Body and for people, better fate. The final chapter, she used the tone in his ear to say like, give him a kiss, yes, I like you, I love you, did not hide, it is so simple.

Source: "Meteor Garden" comics

Grow up, people say love is complex, talk about love has all the conditions, want to like not match, but I still want to love like Wild firs, girl love, like just like, no reason, if I like you, you will be good.

Capricorn's Cedar, Aquarius's Dao Ming Temple, like the Saturn necklace he sent her, Saturn is suffering and growing, thank we are always around, become each other's Guardian star.