The world should not have only masculine rules of the game! Six Asian women who have a global impact: "The world should let women participate in decision-making and make better decisions!" "Invite you to participate in the Global women's Impact forum November 22, 2017, to create and become the force that drives the world to change."

In 2017, time was named Firsts , the world's leading female leader, who was the first woman to have a talk show of Oprah, the first American woman Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the first African-American woman to ascend into space, Mae Jemison, The so-called first, is they no-man, on that road, light a lamp, build stage, say this world not only has the masculine game rule.

After a closer look at time, Asian faces are few and there are few initiatives in Asia, but gender change in Asia is surging. So, from an Asian perspective, we introduce six women who have global influence, who are involved in politics, campaigning, or creating business opportunities, and they are shaking the world in Asia. (Recommended reading: Zengjia core, Emmahuasen, Wei Ladevis!) 20,159 uncompromising moments of female force )

Guang ye Qing zi mazie hirono: Women should occupy an important seat in the world

"If the world lets women participate in decision-making, we will make better decisions together." 」

Guang Wild celebrates son, the first Asian woman in the U.S. Senate, the first Japanese American and the only member of the current Senate who has immigrant status. He was born in Japan, and when she was eight, her mother moved to the United States in pursuit of a better life. "My mother supported me in the life I wanted, and she supported all my strange decisions. 」

During her college years, she joined the community and decided that women should occupy seats and really push for change just because they were not enough to go to the streets to raise cards and protest. When she first stood for the Senate election in 2012, she said: "The United States Senate needs more voices, and I believe I am one of them." First of all, I'm a woman, and I'm from Asia, and I'm going to be the number one Asian woman in the U.S. Senate, and three, I'm an immigrant, and four, I'm the only Buddhist on the scene. 」

Spandena Divya Spandana: Women should have the right to be nocturnal

"We shouldn't put up with people telling us what time a woman should go out and how a woman should live." 」

Indian female DJ Varnika Kundu, who drove home late at night, found that two men were trailing, blocking his way, knocking on her window and trying to break through the window. During the interview, Kundu said, "They are happy to harass the girl who left alone late at night, and I was not raped and dumped in the wild, thanks to the police rescue." "An Indian party member heard that the girl should not have to go out at night, what happened is to deserve it."

Indian actress Spandena then launched #AintNoCinderella campaign inviting Indian women to upload late-night photos and arguing that women should have the right to be nocturnal, a review of the harsh environment, rather than the need for women to protect themselves. (Recommended reading:#AintNoCinderella wrong Cinderella!) Indian women fighting for night rights)

Pengley: Women in the workplace to dare to cheat, the courage not to reason

"In the workplace where men are many, we have to be bold, to be unreasonable and to believe in intuition," he said. 」

Pengley, who was named "the Top 50 Asian business Women of 2015" by the magazine "the richest in Asia". She was born in Chongqing, Alibaba Entrepreneurship "one of the 18 Arhat", the current Alibaba Group of people with long and ant Golden Service Executive long, leading Alipay, rewrite the network financial environment of the game rules.

At the Global Women's Entrepreneurship Conference, Pengley mentioned that women work hard, men are indeed the majority, but we should not and men than muscle, and the use of female intuition, women's thinking more space sense, and more sensitive, the development of the Internet, will provide women with a new glowing stage.

Yusra Mardini Mardigny: Voice of human rights for refugees

"I want you to understand that refugees are people and we have our dreams," he said. 」

Yusra mardini,19, now a Syrian swimmer in Berlin. In 15, she and the other 18 people to flee Syria by boat, halfway engine broken, the ship water, see will sink, Mardigny and sister diving, push the boat for three hours, let the ship over the Aegean Sea, smooth ashore.

"I was afraid of the process, but I told myself to remember to laugh." There was a six-year-old boy on board, and I didn't want him to think we were going to die. Mardigny also represented the Olympic refugee team in 2016. (Recommended reading: The era of war orphans: Syrian refugees displaced only for rebirth )

Chen Meiling: We should pay attention to the rights of working mothers

"I want to do things that I won't give up for more than 10 years, people who oppose me think I'm in trouble, and people who agree with me feel confident." 」

Chen Meiling, born in Hong Kong, is the main singer of Japanese development. In the 1986, Chen Meiling brought the children to the workplace, causing Japan's "American age controversy", she actively advocated the interests of Japanese working mothers, and with their own experience, to find a way out for working mothers, Japan finally adopted the "Equal Opportunities for men and women law".

She always said, "I am a singer, I am a novelist, I am an educational advocate, I am a mother of three children." "Now, at the invitation of the United Nations, she will serve as Asia Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF, actively address the global issue of child pornography and child marriage, and promote private fund-raising."

Liu Anting: A new possibility for education

"I hope that through education, the birth of a child no longer restricts his future," he said. 」

Liu Anting, a founder of the non-profit organization "Teaching for Taiwan", was selected as one of the most influential 30 people in Asia under the age of 30 in 2016.

Liu Anting, inspired by the "Teach for the United States" (Teach for America), was founded in Princeton to "Teach for Taiwan" to address the unequal distribution of educational resources in Taiwan. She stressed that rural education should not be a resource of GAP year, improve education requires long-term commitment and determination, change is the future of children, their future, as well as the future of the big environment. (Recommended reading:"exclusive" Liu Anting into the full text of graduation speech: "Find a place worthy of cultivation, plant your lucky")

Women are uncompromising, women are good, women are rewriting, women are making history, Asian women are changing the world, and you are an important change-driven, now immediately involved in the 11/22" Global Women's Influence forum , becoming the force of change.