Edit and Play daily, set aside an old school date, the date is the object of their own, tonight out of the outside distractions, good dialogue with themselves.

"When a man is alone, do you feel?" 」

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How long has it been since you've had a person, put your phone down, stay away from the noise of the world, and regain your focus?

In the crowded city of the shuttle, friends of the entertainment solicitation, bringing social software, our senses are constantly stimulated, magnified. You care about others eyes of their own, hard to the goal, to meet everyone's expectations and affirmation: The goal must be achieved, to see the people must offer, want to eat the food must be ranked. But what about yourself? How long has it been since you have spoken to yourself and how long have you not been with yourself? (Recommended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

In fact, the most understanding, can accompany themselves to the end of the people, is their own AH.

A person plays, a person is empty, a person is deposited, a person relaxes, table for one is for any reason "want or need a person's you" exists.

If you want to steal a few moments of solitude in the city, I would recommend you to come here, just for a meal, and an old-fashioned date with yourself.

Table for one is surprise lab's new 2017-year plan, "surprise lab Surprise manufacturing "is a surprising experience of the manufacturing team, they haunt unpredictable, unpredictable, can be sure that pleasing others is expertise, planning to achieve, every detail is full of scheming." From the 2016 dining in the Dark to 20,171 people table table for One,surprise Lab like the curator, through a series of carefully planned experiences, the issues to be conveyed will be sown in every heart, to sprout and thrive in the future.

Tell me about the experience of table for one. This is a pleasing dining experience, the food is delicious and the music list is great. More importantly, within 90 minutes of the meal, you can get your full attention and table for one 90 minutes of pleasing, or even longer.

90 minutes alone, but there's a lot of possibilities.

Everyone will have a table, their seats, you can look around, you can put away the phone, wholeheartedly focus on their feelings and the tip of the tongue.

At the beginning of a person sitting in the seat in fact a little restless, endure to take out the idea of mobile phones, the mind of a scene a scene flew over, all the ideas " Pa "The moment that comes, but with a waiter with a dish end, follow the rhythm of the Hourglass chew, incredibly also so imperceptible slow down, like a cup of tea is quickly stirred, tea in the water, and finally slowly sank to the bottom of the cup, tea became clear and transparent. (Recommended reading: Leave your own life 10 kinds of blank: be busy again, all have to be alone )

Because want to have a good experience of Solitude, a film began to film the environment, put the phone until the end of the meal, but the design of the dessert is too cute, can not help to take out a photo.

You are free to decorate your dessert, and then ... Start!

Every dish here is exquisite delicious, is my usual outside will not easily eat dishes. Each dish has a small card that prompts you how to enjoy the food in front of you and how you can interact with the dishes. Also because of this, this dining experience, completely is pleases, although just sit quietly to eat but in the bottom of my heart dance.

What you want to be, what kind of person you are.

Stepping out of the restaurant door, I and Audrey played at the door of the coin machine, put a copper, press the button, you can get a private small card belongs to you. When we each get the small card, can not help screaming, because we get the cards, and their current status is somewhat similar, Audrey get running small card, my little card advised me to buy a bottle of wine. There are arrangements in the original, because such a coincidence, let our lips hung smile away, I deeply appreciate this meal in the heart, to redeem the recent rainy day because of their own bored. (Recommended reading:"Comma selection poem" And their love without a period: to compensate for their own lack of solitude )

Guoqinglian fake that day, in the Instagram of limited dynamic let everyone vote even fake what to do, more than half of people choose to stay at home alone to listen to music, thought mom you should all come to experience table for one!

It's great to find a friend or a lover, to be in the same room, but to be able to hug their own time and feel good about it.

As to how long the table for one operation is not yet clear, it is certain that by the end of 2017, if there is any leisure or a flash of light, pick up the phone and make an appointment for an old-fashioned dinner date, and you will have more fun alone.