If you want to know if an actor's performance is successful, it's seen to see if he or she can knock the audience down with the charm of the character.

2013, "Blue Is the Warmest Color" attack the major film festivals, many viewers were "Blue is the Warmest Color," the warm cold Emma was captured. That was the first time I felt Rachel Jacedoux (Léa Hélène Seydoux) The charm of the hit and fell down, if she was loved by such a woman, eventually be mercilessly abandoned and why not.

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At the end of the movie, a lot of people were frustrated, thinking, how do you know this actress now? Where did she come from and where she had gone before?

I know it's Rachel Jacedoux's first time as a lesbian, and that's the role that finally opened her play.

She has been in the "Blue Is the Warmest Color" sometimes cold and hot, a blue-hair artist with a masculine temperament, and generous to say that her friendship with another heroine does indeed have a love presence, and has also received a "007: Demon await" as a sensitive, affectionate female physician Madeleine, Renee, who redefined Ezra Pound and stressed that unlike the past, "She's a real person, and I've created this role myself." "In addition to swinging the bipolar gender character, she plays the cold-blooded rebel leader in the single zoo, and survival is the only thing that matters, and it doesn't matter who loves whom."

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She is also not willing to be defined by roles, and in turn, she says these roles only bring out the original part of her character. "Acting is about expressing a very personal emotion, and to a certain extent, the character is the other person lurking inside you," he said. 」

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Not by virtue of family background, the role of female comrades turned red

Rachel Jacedoux's family could actually bring her a lot of film resources, and her grandfather was Jehomsedu (Jérôme Seydoux), chairman of the Pathé, and two uncle Nicholas La Cedoux (Nicolas Seydoux) and Micheserdo (Michel Seydoux) is engaged in production work, the former is Mr. Gomez film company (Gaumont) Chairman and CEO, the Kan City Film Festival chairman watched her grow up.

But she started from the model, do not rely on family background of hard work, let her in the "Blue Is the Warmest Color" burst red also get people respect.

She once confess to the media, "I come from a big family, but I often feel lost in the crowd." I was very lonely when I was a child, really, I always felt that I was an orphan. 」

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She was thought to have dyslexia in her school days, and had felt marginalized on campus, "but I had a strong interest in the world, only to find myself unfit for school." 」

So she was keen to observe the world and human nature from childhood, "to understand the dark side of the world through consciousness." Some people are not born strong, so they have to change themselves, the pursuit of willpower and then become strong, I think I am such a person. 」

Strong is not born, but need to exercise the heart muscle, she was earlier than the average person to realize this thing, very dare for their own thinking to sound.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2015, she agreed with the review that "Blue Is the Warmest Color" and that male-directed and difficult to escape from a male-centered perspective. "No doubt, yes, I think it is, and when this is a man filming a movie about two women in love, I think it's inevitable. But the film also has its own truth, its own strength. 」

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She frankly said that with the "blue" film director Kechiche cooperation experience is very hard, there are a few scenes even more than hundreds of times, said the future do not want to take his play, director Kechiche smell words, she had nightmares but calm said she did not give birth to the director of the gas, "discord will inevitably occur, but I do not regret what I say." Discord is short-lived, and what really remains is the film. 」

She often dares to say what others dare not speak for herself. A recent initiative letters The Guardian to expose a Hollywood film big Henhavi Winstein sexual harassment is another example.

Exposing Hollywood's Xiangyuan from to sexual harassment

The recent Hollywood movie Henhavi Winstein has been exposed to sexual harassment for more than more than 30 years, including a number of first-line actress, however, despite the media attention, there are still many people in Hollywood to maintain the "I do not know, not particularly heard," the peace Xiangyuan from status quo.

Renee Jacedoux in the Guardian's letters, saying that Hollywood "everyone" knows "what Harvey (Weinstein) Heart in mind". "That's the most disgusting thing," she wrote. I can't believe he can do such a thing for decades and then secret will keep his career. 」

Renee Jasseux also pointed out in the Guardian's letters that many of the directors she worked with had "abused their power" and stressed that such practices were very common in the industry.

She mentions that the common practice of Weinstein is to invite the actress into the hotel room to talk business with her assistant.

Rachel Yas Sedoux wrote: "It was hard to refuse (his invitation) because he had a great influence and all the girls were afraid of him." Weinstein had an excuse to send the assistant away, and then jumped on her to try to kiss her. Rachel also describes his rebellion, "he's big and fat, so I have to fight hard." After I left his room, I felt completely nauseous. 」

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If Renee Jacedoux, who has a background in the film industry, had had sexual harassment in Hollywood, her experience appeared to be more important to other actresses working in Hollywood.

On the other side, we also see how Hollywood studios and film directors are expanding in the film industry and lack of checks and balances. The New York Times also visited the Hollywood Reporter, a special editor for many years to track the sexual harassment of Weinstein, and Masters, who had published the reports on several occasions, but at the last minute the respondents decided to withdraw their content because of fear.

We want to believe that the times are changing and that people are becoming more and more intolerant of sexual harassment, but Masters also offers a very good point: the reason that trouble finally Weinstein is that he is not the former big producer.

The obvious power harassment in the face of sexual harassment, often only in the weakening of the perpetrator's power, the victim has the power of backup and dynamics of the moment, only to finally produce the victims do not have to worry about retaliation for the voice of space. What Hollywood needs is more than just more intrepid actresses, but a gender-friendly space for the male-and-female film crews to avoid the fear of a power retaliation.

Watching Rachel in The Guardian's letters, if the industry still has Renee Jacedoux the director can not speak the abuse of power, we can not only rely on more handsome women who spoke, we also need to talk to the men.

We need more handsome Men with a more gender-friendly attitude in the days when handsome lady has become a daily scene.