Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? To life sinister still can see poetic you, nine selected poems, let the soul breathe a moment of freedom.

Man is full of labor, but he still dwells in the land of poetry.

German poet Holderlin

Have you ever read a poem? Have you ever willed away the complexity, leaving a poem for yourself time?

What is the point of asking people to read a poem? Perhaps, is meaningless, you only see words stack out of a person's liver and blood flow, hollow sadness, perhaps, is meaningful, you see a person's pain is the same as you, you eat his words, chewing out the poem of their own life, that moment your soul like a second resonance.

Whether reading poetry has no meaning, poetry, is always your conspiracy with the soul of the biggest defection, in captivity daily, read poetry so that you can breathe a moment of freedom, ruminating secular to Zillau, into a beautiful poetic, to continue to inhabit this world.

If you want to give yourself a reason to read a poem, in the poem, Xu Soul a moment of freedom, five poets to five kinds of nowhere to speak of the mind, read the words in the poem, eating their own sad things, staring at the poet's eyes of emptiness and joy, in the words and words of the white between, see himself.

To cherish the past you: Hug is stay, hug is, do not stay

Time passed, Love became the ashes of youth, but he has always been your back on the brightest ruins, each turn over, always stab eyes, tears hot. At the outset you put your heart unreservedly delivery out, but forgot in the separation of the time to save their own heart with the feelings of general, fell broken, put together always have an ugly scar, reminding the love of the embarrassed.

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There's no fire. You said

I fondle the last lighter.
The backbone of the silver
The organs of iron
The blood of the Wind

I'll pass you the lighter.
I'll pass you the spine.
I'm discharging my liver and kidney.
Pass it to you.

--Tui Sun-hua
sitting shoulder to face
It's called companionship.
Lie down side
It's quicksand.

Hugging is staying
Hug is
Not stay

--Tui Sun-hua

The poet Tui Sun-hua, with a dull tone, tracing the love of lovers to kill, in addition to writing poetry and the contradictions of reality, she ruminating life experience, completed a sentence to the world, we in love in the mess she and we coexist, a few words to make you cry, but feel a deep embrace of people understand. (Recommended reading:"read Poems for You" Why do you not deny the distance?) )

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Tui Sun-hua |"You are the brightest ruin on my back"

To the horn, the life of you: there is nothing in the world can not work hard

You have always known your own heterogeneity, in love you are running counter to the world, you fall in love with the soul of same-sex lovers, you do not understand the indifference of the eyes of the world, only in love, you feel the eyes of lovers are still pure, you like the small beast with horns, in the big city to live, you know all the strong under all hundreds of times of weak panic, But you still remember, to live more than anyone else, you would like to continue in the plight of their own efforts, until one day can be proud to drink for themselves.

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Did you sleep on the waves tonight?
I've got 1000 siren songs to practice here.
You know, even with the muscles of the reef rocks,
It's also practiced.
There's not one thing in the world that can't be worked on

--Whales to the sea

We always try so hard to live
such as five o'clock in the morning.
The sound of the alarm clock broke and hit the dream
We sit the edge of the bed with dejected
It's foggy outside the window, and the Shadows stumble
Our will shakes a pine cone
Falling on the way down
And finally fell asleep again.

--Whales to the sea

The poet whale to the sea, can always read in his poems some words to summon innocence, the human things in the poem, the Innocence and the lust coexist, in his verse you rarely see the distinct gender description, these vague areas, tracing the love and desire of comrades, become the alternative code of love and sensory breath, or perhaps, gender should not be clear, Love is always a vague thing. (Recommended reading:"read Poems for You" My tenderness is not complete )

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Whales to the Sea |"Horns"

To the bottom of my heart there is someone who you: meet, do each other's lives of good people

Who do you have in your heart? In your rickety life, in a direction to go? Let you drift in the sea, with the shore can desire? Now you and your lover meet, like in the waves, the next big wave may be to wash each other, after the life of the ocean no longer meet, then why don't we meet each other in the lives of the good people? Remember the joy when you fall in love, when you are apart, smile and say good-bye.

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It must be bigger than the ocean.
Sitting in their own boat
Maybe the next second will be
In each other's field of vision
From far to near
To grow from small to large
Finally met
Finally together

So we can watch the stars together.
So we can bask in the morning sun
So we can track dolphins and sharks together.
In the big waves
Before we split up.

In the big waves
Before we split up.

Maybe later.
We'll never see each other again.
When we met.
Be the good guys in each other's lives

--Lin Wanyu

Poet Lin Wanyu, write "Those lightning point to you", tracing the encounter and separation in love, when I think of you is the happiest thing in the day, if not love, but also willing to do your life of good people, you let in another life, in life far look after you.

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Lin Wanyu |"Those lightning points to you"

To the world cruel still love life you: You have been practicing, slowly open your eyes in the dust storm

It was the first time you saw the world break a hole, stare at a black hole for a long time, you have thought want to jump, become a part of the turbidity, until you visit your heart, even if the world cruel you still have love, the expectation of life so you can not bear the world askew, in the face of things, or often feel angry, But you try to open your eyes in a storm, to see the light in the distance, to know that you still have a distance to go.

They say there's no oasis.

And you're still attached to the beauty of the world
Walk through the wilderness alone
Your voice is hoarse by the wind, stop occasionally
Upside down the heel like an hourglass lost time

Some things are always difficult
For example, write a happy poem, appropriate
To express one's position
Clarify other people's thoughts and try to
Not so angry.
You've been practicing all the time.
Slowly open my eyes in the dust storm.


The poet Ming Ren, reading his poems, you seem to see the world's decadent side through his eyes, he once said: "Life is meaningless, not sad." "He put the feelings of the world into words, he let you naked to see the back, you can choose to indulge, also can choose to move forward, which is a choice of life, that's all." (Recommended reading: interview Jinmingshin: "Life is meaningless, not sad things")

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Ming Ren |"You don't have a better destiny"

To know the life of the humorous you: childhood dream is an egg

You're not a little nervous, life will you hit the back of the time, still can not help crying, but you learn the cruelty of life reported to black humor, if the fate of life is doomed, you have to dominate their emotions, world-weary or mocking, all just to make their lives more happy.

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2 suddenly found that 1 and 3 have been around/feel very happy

Childhood dream is an egg/now he dreams of roast chicken/So sad to cry

ghost Stories)
Hey, where's my body?


The poet dentures, the personal introduction and the anthology of poems is separated from the empty birth, lets the person not feel the clue but in the word another to realize, he teases oneself poem 105, all is his from time and art sickness hair by-product. What the reader should bellies is that he did not include the works of the primary school. What is more gratifying is that this will be the only anthology of the dentures, after writing a poem about bad breath, he has been out of his wits. Not even the ambition to write a poem for a chicken butt. And which poet, which book of poetry is more irrational, more sarcastic and more humorous?

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Dentures |--my young bird.

If you want to leave a poem in time for yourself, talk to yourself in words, dig a hole, let the soul have a fine seam, breathe a moment of happiness.

If you want, why don ' t you?