2017 Women fans Global Women's influence forum Gwis interview Liu Anting, listen to her share of the story, rethink the definition of influence.

We've all heard too many stories about Liu Anting.

From the Taiwanese girl who was admitted to Princeton, TED's cookie-making speech, to give up New York work back to Taiwan founded Teach for Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as TFT) practice of rural education.

Looking at the Anting, she is hardworking, intelligent, confident and decent, earning a high degree in foreign countries and high-paying, and no pay for the ideal return to Taiwan services. A brief review of her reports on the above narrative, this discourse axis, but also accurate response to Taiwan's two major generations in the process of social transformation caused by the great anxiety.

So since the speech at TED in 2013, the crowd pushed her to the altar: for the elders who are anxious about the structural changes in Taiwan, the emergence of Anting suggests that individual efforts by young people may defuse structural problems; For the new generation that is losing economic advantage, we fervently need the ideal that can be met, Anting practice demonstration more likely.

Liu Anting three words in two distinct ethnic groups, far more than she imagined involved in social dialogue. This brings a good exposure to the TFT, but also brings personal pressure for Anting. In recent years she almost no longer accept personal interviews, she would like everyone to focus on the TFT team, TFT is doing and want to promote the value.

You can't trust me with this "personal."

"You do not believe me this" individual ". "The interview started less than 10 minutes, Anting said.

In a reductive vein, she is trying to answer the central question of the Gwis series of interviews "How to look at personal influence". She said that she had not known how to answer the question, inhale, exhale, thought, decided to borrow Dr. Martin Ludkine's words.

"I don't like to say I have an idol, but I like to read biographies." The favorite biography of a person is Dr. Martin Ludkine's story. 」

When Dr. King began advocating racial equality, he was young, more than 20 years old, and at the same age as Anting. King is also often asked how to look at his influence, he said.

"It's not me that really has influence, it's the faith I believe in," he said. 」

For example, he believes that everyone is equal, and no one should be treated differently because of skin color. TFT is believed that every child regardless of origin, all deserve the good education, has the life choice right. "If people think I am influential, I also want you to see that it is not me who is influential, it is the belief itself." Anting borrowed King's words and said softly.

The influence is not my personal, but I believe the belief.

Liu Anting

The real Anting looks thinner than the photo, with hair and eyes, nose, mouth, and body, narrow and narrow, without cellulite, occasionally giving a sense of missionary. The girl is famous early, the media writes the script for her, but the spotlight is brighter, the more difficult the overflow setting may be.

Dr. King said in his biography that he was just an ordinary person who believed in something beautiful. So you do not believe me personally, because I have a lot of shortcomings, you have to believe that we believe in a common belief. "When it comes to this, I'm a little confused about whether she quotes Dr. King or his own heart."

But I do believe that faith and value always exist, but that it first summons a person who, through the story, shares faith in the second and third and continues to pass. After the Anting, there are more touching stories that continue to occur in the various townships in the TFT service.

TFT story relay, Liu Anting just the first stick

TFT media visibility at first relied on Anting, some changes in recent years, because of the long time, happened in the team and the children between the story gradually brewing accumulated.

Anting shallow smile has a mother-style gratified, "tft like my child, as a newborn baby, we have no way to know it too much, from the mother began to know the child is normal, need time. 」

TFT was founded in the fourth year, the time line elongated, four years and Yunlin, Tainan, Pingdong, Hualian, Taidong District 43 countries small cooperation, sent nearly hundred teachers into the Field Service, teaching children more than 2800 people.

In the last few weeks 104 Human bank has done a survey, asked the university students most look forward to where to work, and TFT cooperation close to the National Taipei University of Education, many professors and students excited to tell Anting, TFT in the school to get first.

Anting here, with his eyes glowing, she would not believe it four years ago when he told her about it. "A lot of people call to take part in, often say is to see my interview and television, recently full of people to TFT do not know who Liu Anting is, visible this does need time to accumulate changes." 」

To see change, the gas will be long. "We have to be patient, believe in time, lengthen the timeline and wait for the transition to take place." "Anting said quietly.

When grandpa and Grandma walked into the classroom shyly

TFT of the teachers, half from the township origin, people imagine the life of the group in fact less than half of the victory. Many societies have decided that the elite did not pass the screening, Anting said often because of too strong from the bottom of the teaching concept.

The core value of TFT is not from the top down, as an example of Anting, a leading expert in Simon Sinek's new book, "Leaders Eat last," a good leader is not high on the high side, "but a person who stands with you, understands you, understands what you need, fights with you and supports you." 」

Speaking of this, Anting and I share a reporter to Pingdong New service story.

Pingdong County New, the typical "no mountain is not the city", the rural education sector often described this is not a mountainous area is not the urban area, the youth emigration serious township. The problem of alcoholism and drug addiction is the most common type of rural Taiwan, but it is also the most easily overlooked.

Reporter came to such a village, but her expertise is not too grounded in English teaching, "she every day to mediate students fight can not be a way to class, turn pedagogy also can not find the way to deal with, she has been a setback has been thin, has been taking acne, education, the professional completely not to force. 」

Imagine a warm embrace of the ideals of the reporter to join the TFT, into the township of various forces but all kinds of powerless, precious life, pendulum ticking, to stay, on pins and needles. A moment to stay, the opportunity to appear in the most struggle.

"Once the headmaster very distressed to come to her, said the government gave the music age funds, hope that the region to develop life-long learning curriculum development, there is no teacher funding, asked her to the old man in the evening class." 」

The reporter thought about it and decided to spare time to help. Inadvertently inserted willow, but become understanding in the important entry point.

At the start of the evening, she was able to understand the parents and grandfather grandma. For example, the grandfather Grandma is not regardless of Jinsun, but the traditional idea that to respect teachers, do not intervene. and grandpa grandma because of low literacy rate, less self-confidence, often afraid to speak to the teacher, but in fact they care about, and willing to participate. 」

Learning English is to remember the Hit-and-run license plate.

Anting share this teacher's discovery, makes the strength is because oneself did not really understand this place, also did not think from the grandfather Grandma the vein ponder the demand.

"Grandpa Ahan English is actually want to solve the problem", too big to see not understand Hit-and-run English license plate can not report, small to buy clothes can not understand English size is scary. "These are the starting point of learning, scripted teaching is useless, after all, they can live in the platform language, why to learn English." 」

The teacher corrects the teaching method to respond to the demand, the child also feels the change.

"At the beginning, the children followed Grandpa Alina classroom is nest in the back of their own play, and then they began to feel this with their own life, plus do not want to lose to Grandpa Grandma, one after the beginning to join the study." 」

Speaking of this, our heart gradually heat up, Anting also took off the original wearing a knitted jacket.

"At the end of the semester, the class photo is not the old man class, but the elderly group and the child group in PK." "We laugh and Anting changed a turn."

"As a teacher, the most important thing is to motivate students to learn from understanding the needs of the beginning, with them to stand together and pursue a good goal, so that they have confidence in themselves, feel that they can progress." 」

Later this batch with the grandfather Grandma PK's child, also became this school and the community the first batch passes the examination student. But achievement is only a by-product of a series of changes, not value itself. "The change of mind is the most valuable job." "Anting told me so.

Changing thinking is the starting point of leadership

"This teacher, is doing a leader's thing." 」

Soak yourself in the new context of the environment, keen observation, gentle understanding, thinking about how to provide resources, put up support hawk; When your own methods are wrong, think about how to effectively revise, these are the performance of leadership.

Two years of education work is over, teachers will each embark on the journey of life, some people go to the policy making face, someone to the media, some people choose to stay in the township to continue their efforts. When a seed is sown, the time to sprout will eventually provide more shade to Taiwan.

"All the different seats in society need such leaders to see a good vision, to spend time understanding problems, to build relationships, and to drive people around in a good direction." 」

Anting smiled and said that finally the teacher has been fat, "very cute ah, because the country to express the way of thanks is very direct." Every time I go to see her, there is a pot of chicken soup on the table, the neighborhood is rushing to introduce her husband to her, in the long election almost to ask her out to choose! 」

Many of the TFT teacher service to the end with the local deep links, links, both the starting point of influence, but also feedback.

To be a talented aircraft carrier is the most gentle revolution

Feedback, but also Anting often on the tip of the tongue, "we are relatively fortunate group, you take this lucky to do?" "she asked.

TFT is not only a teacher in the rural-human intermediary, for the team, because education implicated the most social issues, is to solve the social issues of the important point of application.

"Everybody scold the society finally not all scold to educate?" "I smiled in shame," so the best talent, the most time and effort to invest in it, the two-year plan is only the starting point for educational participation. 」

Send young people into the education scene to realize the root of social problems, "two years later, your leadership will not just be a conference room armchair, but a real leadership experience to help you translate these perspectives and competencies into policy, media and education." 」

In Anting words, TFT is the talent of the aircraft carrier, so that all kinds of people to the TFT storage, training, and then set out to all sizes of the battlefield, resulting in systematic changes. Because the short-term education company is important, also can not only focus on two years of teaching, TFT want to promote long-term influence, to solve systemic problems.

"The influence we want to create, first and foremost, is to challenge ourselves in values." 」

Challenge yourself to change thinking, respond to demand, solve problems, is the starting point of leadership, as for the generation of influence, it takes time, need patience.

Small things also have to choose to be brave, to live out their favorite appearance

Talked a lot of TFT story, but not everyone can accept TFT team training. I asked Anting if I could use a few words to converge on the day-to-day practice of leadership.

"Then I'll tell you a little story." "Anting is like Tinker Bell, and a bag is a story."

"This August TFT held an exhibition, which has a small social experiment, we gather people for this generation of 20 adjectives, such as empathy, justice, gentleness and other words made of small paper cards to let everyone take, the purpose is to see what the characteristics of the most sympathetic." 」

Of the 20 values, the only one to be taken is courage.

So Anting from the characteristics of this generation of common sense to ask himself: "What is Courage?" 」

"Courage is an option. I like a word in the Bible, it says: When you are faithful in the smallest things, the big things will be faithful. People often ask me what is the hardest decision I've ever made, not the decision to go abroad to study, or to give up work in the United States, the hardest thing in life is not these big decisions, but a small decision, every decision takes courage. 」

She laughs about the difficulty of deciding to return to Taiwan, "is an impulse ah, but come back after each can choose to give up time, each can choose the time of integrity, each can choose to lazy, each think the money is not enough to do cram school time (laugh), are really need courage. 」

"It is every little decision that stacks out the final direction of a person. When you're brave enough to do something for yourself once in a while, you have a chance to truly live your favorite. 」

For oneself again and again in small things brave, can live out their favorite appearance.

Liu Anting

Anting thinks that every child has a special purpose in the world, and I think of her as a Christian. "As you get closer to the unique value of being created, you will also be a blessing to others, and that is what I call influence." 」

At the beginning of the interview, Anting shared Dr. King's words to me, "he said," the greatest value or influence of my life is in fact my story itself. " 」

"Influence is a lifetime to pursue faith, the process of falling wrong, let everyone see even the ordinary limited people continue to strive to live their own unique value." This kind of life itself is the best gift anyone can give to the world. 」

"In every choice, every relationship, every time you talk to people, as much as possible to live the things you really believe, accumulated, will be very influential life." 」

The end of the interview, Anting words in my writing now echoed long, after reading this article, talk about influence before, we should ask ourselves, you are willing to take the time to pursue and practice the value of what?