Do you think life is lost and you don't know your future ambition? Try to rebuild your circle of friends and build your own "personal board", through the advice and experience of others, to pursue the top areas of your dreams!

Life into the next stage, you follow the school system, with generations of young people spent half of the youth, finished college to get a degree, and then graduated. Suddenly there is no further education system framework you, your life is open, your peers friends no longer filed with you on the same road, ahead of the vast, such as wilderness, you think the future is huge, you want to become what kind of person? What kind of life ambition do you find? The infinite may hold in the hand, but suddenly deterred, the future is so unknown, you feel you can achieve everything, also can screw up the life.

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In the face of unknown confusion, try the following three to develop the idea of life ambition, as well as how to rebuild your circle of friends, through to give yourself a goal of admiration, strive to surpass it, you will understand, when you to the top of the pursuit, you already with the top of the line. (Recommended reading: A list of life, so that your life no longer confused )

How to find ambition in life? Create a "personal board" of your own

According to the New York Times , excerpt three tips to find your life's ambitions and share it with you, starting from the past, cobwebs to find the person you want to be!

The first one: start with the past

From the past to the present experience is your life assets, life is uncontrollable, you never know what skills you will need in the next stage, what areas of engagement, from reviewing your past experiences, the industries you've done, the skills and experiences you've been able to learn will be your professional skills for the rest of your life.

Rule number two: define what "meaningful" means to you.

By looking at the main content of your work, and the accomplishments you want to achieve, the skills you want to develop and strengthen, pursue the conditions you need to live your life, such as salary, benefits, and flexibility. Finally, find the culture and values that you think are "meaningful" at work, and make sure that the content of your work and the culture of the workplace can help you achieve it.

Article Three: Create a "personal board" of your own

Select four or five people you trust to form a "personal board" that validates assumptions and gives advice when you need to make a decision in your life. This can be informal. and start planning your economy, give yourself some money to invest in your margin or do something interesting, try to put your time thinking into your schedule, leave yourself to think about things, and get your own insights.

Rule 33: Get out of the comfort zone and don't be afraid to pursue the top

In addition to the company of a friend, life Tutor is also on the growth road for you to light the road ahead of the people, you want to recreate their own circle of friends, let themselves out of ease, always remind themselves to the top pursuit?

TED speaker Tai Lopez, put forward the 33 rules of making friends, through the examination of their own circle of friends, to explore the field of the leader to seek advice, you will be in the upward pursuit of the same time, close to the person you want to be!

Below is an excerpt of what he shared in the lecture process, and don't be afraid to pursue the top:

The first rule, which I call the mentor rule, is the 33% rule. You should look at your circle of friends and spend 33% of your time with people who need your help and guidance, and you can guide them, help them, and you will feel happy to help others grow. The other 33% is spent in the stratosphere, which is equivalent to your level. But most people always forget the last 33% times and should try to be with those who have been with you for 10-20 years, and by absorbing the life experiences they share, you will avoid a long journey around. (Recommended reading: Happiness is growth!) Spiritual mentor Raipexia: "You are willing to admit your shortcomings, you can find strength")

Consciously to examine their circle of friends, in fact, is often to remind themselves, do not ease in the comfort of the circle, remember to seek out from time to time, to absorb the knowledge, the pursuit of greater excellence in their own, to think, their desire to accumulate these life experience, become what kind of people?

Making friends: An outlaw, what kind of person do you want to be?

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Have you ever had a mountain climbing experience? Life with mountain climbing, the current side of the road is unknown, a mist blurred your view, feel lost in the towering steel jungle, when the front of the rickety lights, into the road for your salvation, hurried past your side of the mountain friends, has already taken the top of the hill, told you the front is full of mud, to tread steady footsteps, cautious forward.

When looking for a life ambition, in addition to their own continuous efforts to upward, through the rebuilding of their circle of friends, the support of friends and the guidance of life mentor, can be in your confusion to become the light of the road, watch you to the future, to encourage you to the top, you have not experienced life, through their experience, you know how to step on the next step, Find out who you want to be and practice your life plan!