The woman is obsessed with the test room x Zhai Nine meat dryness face experience, ingredients really create irreplaceable unique taste buds feel, together with a retrospective experience will be nine of the night Zhai the charming aroma of meat, this fragrance in addition to from the intentions of the food stick, more is Shang meat dry noodles The second generation of boss Paul on the original intention of cooking!

The flesh is dry and fragrant, like magic spell, confuse your belly to begin to faint shout, the kitchen spreads the fragrance to check everybody work thoughts, thinking of the fine white noodles on the hot meat, a big mouth into the mouth, slippery with chewing the body wrapped thick sauce, and a few solid pieces of meat in the teeth between the churn, downstairs kitchen came cooking good cries, Everyone has long floated the mood immediately composure, thump, with want to drip saliva and grunt called Belly, downstairs, a grab table, into a mouthful satisfied with happiness.

October 18, 2017, this is a woman hooked on the day of the work of partners daily.

It is the second generation of Shang's boss, Paul, who makes a charming scent and gives a feast for food. All the way to the old store's traditional and original intention only in mind, in the tradition of mixing the wisdom of accumulated experience, coupled with the change of the Times, now diners chasing food, in addition to taste good, material, but also to allow people to eat health.

On the evening of October 18, women were fascinated by the examination room, inviting the brand of such intentions-Shang meat dryness surface, and our charming readers do the first line of intimate contact, through the tip of the tongue of the aroma and the rich, feel the heart of the food!

Ingredients of the truth, eat the most know! Women's food test room x Zhai Nine meat dryness face experience

Holding on to the idea of making a warm and Happy Meal, Zhai Nine, the second generation owner of the Meat noodle, Paul, to see the real, feel the intentions, with a clear source of meat and do not add chemical preservatives insist, will be zhai nine meat dryness surface of the simple aroma of a generation of the brand value, used for family to eat the original intention to do every food.

Shang from Xinzhu, opened a shop has been 30 years, the second generation of the owner of Paul after graduating from university to help, began to receive the inheritance and promotion of pasta, the market to do a lot of meat dry, but the Shang is different from the intentions of the ingredients, because of the unique Feishou ratio and the deployment of sauces, creating a Shang unique, Suitable for Taiwan pork, the feishou evenly distributed, even spices, garlic and other ingredients are compared to the special selection of ingredients, Shang noodles from the beginning of the shop to now do not add salt, preservatives and pigments, to allow consumers to eat at ease.

The day of the experience meeting, under the rain but not to reduce the reader's support for such intentions of the brand, night seven of the rush to enter the women's paradise, excitedly picked up already placed on the seat of Zhai nine meat dry face gift box carefully examined, while looking at the recipe, looking forward to the table on the good dishes!

Chef Stuff! Meat and dried soy sauce to change body fragrant

The experience of the day, in addition to let the reader with Shang meat noodle gift Box home experience outside, the second generation of the boss, Paul, even more do not hide some of the dry sauce can be used in the aromatic cuisine, so that to participate in the experience of the reader to experience the strong taste of the meat itself, the sauce used in "mapo tofu" and " Ants on the tree "and other two dishes, can quickly and conveniently for your daily flavor, the so-called life is a good rest, eat a good meal, make yourself a night to feel the food brought unadorned warmth.

Take a look at these two ways of cooking, just a simple cooking and fragrant zhai nine meat dry sauce, half an hour to be able to end a fragrant meal!

Warm food on the table: Mapo tofu

"Mapo Tofu Practice"

Mapo tofu, oil right amount, first put pepper stir fry, hook out the aroma of hemp, through the action of the oil to force out the fragrance of pepper, in addition to prepare the star anise, will be the octagonal in plastic bags with the strength of the body to crush, so put in the cooking inside more can release the aroma of anise, crushed can join with pepper stir fry.

Fry to aroma eruption, stir out the pepper and star anise, keep the pepper oil, put on bean paste, plus chili sauce, this action is called fried sauce, can also add salt according to personal preferences. After the preparation of personal favorite salty degree, the next tofu stir fry, and then add the meat dry sauce stir evenly, slightly thicken after the lid on the cover of stuffy boil, before eating sprinkle with chopped green onion is complete.

Tips: The so-called "thousand rolling tofu fish", want mapo tofu more tasty, can stew more than 15-30 minutes, will be more fragrant hemp well with rice.

A group of people's warm food daily: ants on the tree

"The Ant Tree Approach"

First of all, talk about bought winter powder soaked in water, water cover winter powder, with cold water bubble almost 10 seconds, you can tap to let the water out, and then stir fry the meat sauce, fry the aroma, add some soy sauce to the fragrance drift out, put into winter powder, add cold water cover winter powder, until the sauce dry, pour green onion can.

Due to the busy daily and working patterns of modern people, in addition to his desire to bring a simple, quick start to well with rice cuisine, he can cook a pot of mapo tofu for himself in the evening, even though he is renting a house, and when a group of people get together, the ants are ready to get out of the food quickly.

In life to create their own warm food scenery, regardless of celibacy or a group of people together, can be wayward to use food to please themselves.

Parental generation like that unadorned: remind oneself to do food to forever beginner's mind, not forget the original intention

In addition to trying to eat food, Paul shares his journey with readers, from the beginning of the home in the snack bar is from the sale of dumplings, and later because of dumplings will be left dumplings skin, so try to make the rest of the dough into noodles, with dumplings with the pork merchants, the introduction of meat dry noodles as a new product, Also accidentally carried out the store items, delicious heart of a bowl of noodles, so that the old shop has a delicious new atmosphere.

Later, the famous meat-dry noodle item, also won the 2017 European quality evaluation of the silver medal, affirmation of the old shop tradition to create new ideas, but always do not forget the traditional intentions of food, evaluation standards from the food itself to product packaging and brand spirit are the focus of evaluation, Shang want to provide a gift box texture, But do not need gift box prices can be purchased product packaging, so that you use the price, to buy the comfort of food and good sense of pleasure.

Shang Official website can order the gift box online

At the end of the experience, Paul talks about his culinary idol, Jiang.

He said that Jiang back to Taiwan to strengthen the taste of the food he admired: "Jiang more than 20 years old, that is to empty his all go to the sensory garden learning, everything from scratch, from the chef turned into a potato washing The apprentice, all the way to play to the sense of the garden, he decided to put aside all achievements, and colleagues to open a shop in Tokyo, And then to the Singapore exhibition point. 」

"The recent return to Taiwan, for everyone, is to start to expand the food map, but for him to go all the way is constantly filled himself again hollowed out, adhere to the end Mo Forget beginner's mind, with practice beginner's mind, to the food forever enthusiasm, I once to Singapore saw Jiang, that night back to the hotel feel tossing and sleeping,"

I think my own parents, who have been holding on to beginner's mind for decades, simply want to do the dishes well, that's all.

From Jiang to parents, these seniors give themselves inspiration, Shang the second generation of the boss Paul in the final hope that they do food to be forever beginner's mind, with the same intentions, adhere to the real food, in the future day-to-day, do not forget to let consumers eat at ease health beginner's mind, with action and efforts to practice with parents generation like that unadorned, Efforts to the height of perseverance.