Handsome lady handsome face desire, grow out of their own shape. The contemporary still has the chastity siege, sees "the Desire City" Shamanshan Jones how does the real world supernatural power female Superman.

"Well, I'm ready, let it in!" Samantha Jones (Samantha Jones) lifted her skirt and opened his legs and said to her lover.

"It's already in there. Her lover, who was moving on her side, answered, leaving Samantha in a startled face.

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After having sex, she walks into the bathroom, cries to the mirror, and growls at God: "Why!" Why! Why I do not feel his there, I really like him ah! 」

This is probably one of the most impressive scenes in the city of Desire. In a humorous Samantha-style comedy, the writer points out the third wave of feminist contemporary topics: women's sexuality to come out of the closet!

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"Sex and the City" is a very rich text, at different ages to see always see the same content.

When I was young, I saw "the City of Desire", and imagined that I would eventually become a charming woman of independent life, a cat step shuttle and a free choice between the material and love-framed lifestyle. Also in the Chengzhong adventure and Hunting Yan, happy to harvest the precious exotic beast, but occasionally also will be broken heart.

Women in a city adventure each other comrades, share joy and sadness, support not necessarily forward, sometimes also allow back or pause, organize themselves and then start again.

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Four heroine, four different flavors of urban life Fantasy: Charlotte is sweet, Miranda is bitter, Kelly is sour; Samantha is hot. The girls looked at the four shining images of women on the screen, playing around and moving in the same way.

Sometimes we wish we were Kelly, smart and sexy, and we can live by writing love, sometimes we are Charlotte, we embrace the good but also the lovely parts, sometimes we want to become Miranda, highly educated, reliable and strong, she will not collapse in the sky.

But we all admit that Shamanshan Jones is the real practice of the "Sex and the City," the bold experimental exploration of the people.

She is the other three heroine's sex tutor, is all female's Hunting Yan The guide person, sees her freely boldly with the desire main body posture, carries on the sexual exploration and the practice, you always feel that you can hold the desire to take the lead right at any time.

She is almost a little like the female version of 007 pound, but she is warmer and more humane, this is the female love text has always lacked the narrative role.

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The contemporary society still has the chastity siege, Samantha in front for us splits the patriarchal female body the moral thorn, she is in the modern metropolis the supernatural power female Superman, is very few by the romantic love "The Only true love" narrative kidnapping.

She was a little older among the four, and the most reliable and strong friend of the other three people. She always seemed to know what she wanted, less confused in the search for love and sex, and for Samantha, sex and love could fit together and separate. But regardless of sex or love, after all she wants to fulfill is herself, intimate relationship is one of the paths to happiness, but not the only.

The contemporary love imagination of "sexual and emotional"

But Samantha was not toss romantic love.

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In fact, in the Sex and City TV series, Samantha had four important and stable intimate relationships, in love and sexual practice, she rarely waste energy ghost playing wall, she often directly with her partner to communicate their relationship desire and sexual desires. When the two (or more than two) relationships are in trouble, she actively seeks resources and Jie Fang, each time Samantha and the love of the encounter are deeply inspired.

From the first season to the fourth quarter, to the movie version of Sex and the city, Samantha's intimate relationship evolved, and she went through several stages of love and sexual practice, from wanting sex to not loving, meeting men who could not provide sexual pleasure, dating women, falling in love with a Prince Charming, but not trusting. And eventually with a young male model like the younger version of himself. Every experience of a love she has a deeper understanding of their own, the next level is always in step version, she still has a fall, but go forward, eventually can always fulfill their own.

No sex love, I'd rather not

At the first quarter, Samantha met James at the Jazz Bar, and it was rare that she didn't immediately sleep with James, and Samantha had sex with James after her confession, but Samantha found out during the lovemaking that James's congenital condition was not enough for her to be sexually satisfied, and she tried to solve the problem through a couple counseling. Eventually no solution, but they can not suppress sexual demand, and finally broke up with James.

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And, for example, in the fourth quarter, Samantha knew the artist Maria in the lesbian circle, and she just wanted to keep the friendship, and Maria said she couldn't keep her friends with Samantha, and she enjoyed it when she tried. But eventually their sex life diminished in relationships, and Samantha was tired of spending a lot of time talking, and the two ended up breaking up.

Seems like two failed relationships, but Samantha was more aware of herself in two relationships, and psychological intimacy was important, but sex was also important, she had to be honest with herself, and her happiness was largely due to sexual pleasure, and it was not a long term for her to be closed to love.

Samantha's dilemma can indeed occur in any intimate relationship. We may fall in love with people who cannot provide sexual pleasure, or when relationships go to the stage of loss of sexual desire, have you/You ever thought about what sex is to you? When the relationship goes to asexual, will you redouble your efforts or adjust your relationship to friendship?

Love is after all the exploration and practice of the self, no one can provide you the standard answer, you have to step on your own topic over and over again to ask yourself: what is the happiness you want to look like, what kind of relationship can make you feel satisfied and happy?

I love you, but I love myself more

In the second half of the fourth season, Samantha met the hotel magnate Richard Lette.

The pair had only sex at first, and Samantha fell in love with Richard, who agreed to a formal relationship. But Richard had sex with Samantha while he was dating, it was a violation of the agreement between the two men to establish an exclusive relationship, the trust shattered, Samantha was heartbroken, and she gave Richard a chance until Richard had sex again, and Samantha decided to end the relationship, she told Richard, "I love you, but I love myself more." 」

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Samantha said with a word of love, confident that she would not compromise for anyone and love her own determination. She volunteered to leave her injured relationship and quickly pack up and cheer herself up. The relationship ended, and Richard could only look at Samantha's back and regret.

Life will always meet with their own partners in every respect, sometimes you are deeply invested but betrayed by the other side, but if you can look at your situation objectively, you will know that this is an important topic for you, only in such a situation, you have the opportunity to understand yourself, ask yourself what is your most cherished value and needs? What can this relationship bring to you and what will it take away?

Compared to the momentary pleasures of pain, Samantha placed her self-confidence and happiness on the table, knowing that the injury was only temporary and that she could not pursue other passions in her life without her being in the relationship. Love without regret, leave also have a clear conscience, but the next half of the time Richard must carry Miss Samantha's regrets live.

I love you as much as I love you, but we still have to go on our own.

The opportunity was wonderful when Samantha and her friends met at a restaurant with a more than 20-year-old waiter and model Jerry Jero, who used PR expertise to get Jerry's career started and renamed him Smith, and soon made him famous.

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Smith is a very similar, kind and sexy young man, he and Samantha with a blue-collar class background, the two people in the young to see the old, in New York City, he is confident and stable waiting for luck.

Smith's life texture was very similar to Samantha's when she was young, and Samantha looked as young as she did when she wanted to be treated, but she unconsciously took Smith into her own life and found that Smith was the only man she could not give up.

Because not to give up, because the other side of love as their own, this is the show focused on Samantha face the most self challenge relationship.

Samantha was later diagnosed with breast cancer, and Smith was with her on the side of her body, and she began to lose her chemo, and Smith shaved her hair together. Samantha had lost her libido during the chemo, and she encouraged Smith to have sex with someone else. Smith refused and likened Samantha to winter: "It doesn't mean it's dead when the trees are bare." He wrote in the card: "Look forward to the arrival of spring." 」

Samantha remembers herself in Smith's words, life is like spring and autumn, reciprocating cycle, to remember a little patience, remember to wait for the warm sun.

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For Samantha, the real challenge was not an open relationship, but a recognition of the need to love others as well. Her study and progress is to know that she does not always love so generous selfless.

Then she dialed the phone and hoped that Smith would not have sex with another woman. In the middle of the night, Smith flew back to New York to tell Samantha he loved her, and she answered that he was the man she valued most (which was a very brave confession for Samantha). The last scene two people make love, spring is coming, own flower opens.

The TV show ended up meeting the perfect partner in Samantha, but in the movie version, Samantha found herself still wanting to have sex with others, knowing that she was not the best companion for Smith, and told Smith how much she loved herself and offered to break up with peace. In the final scene, Samantha celebrated her 50 birthday with her friends and raised her glass to salute the next 50 years.

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For Samantha, to be happy is the only moral. She pursues desire, and desire makes her feel alive. She is responsible for herself and is devoted to the trust and love of the people she loves. She is very thorough and knows that true happiness comes from the realization and pursuit of self.

Samantha Indomitable in the subject of love and sex, facing up to desires, being willing to solve problems, embracing her frailty, trusting, and then turning to sex and love with courage.

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A woman like Samantha, in the Passion of life exploration, I have success occasionally stumble, her time to their own happiness, the courage to make a choice, when she looked back on life, I think she will laugh, smile said this life without regrets, do a woman really good, have a good body.

Living out his narrative in secular normative dogma, Samantha is undoubtedly one of the most courageous and handsome women of our times. "Listen, the so-called" right way of life "is just an illusion, start living your own life! 」

Shamanshan Jones Famous Choice

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I love you, but I love myself more. I am with myself for the 49, and that is the relationship I really need to spend.

Shamanshan Jones

Listen, the so-called "right way of life" is just an illusion, live your own life!

Shamanshan Jones

I'm a "try" Sexual Love (try-sexual), and I've tried everything at least once.

Shamanshan Jones

If I cared about how every New York tramp was talking about me behind my back, did I step out of the house?

Shamanshan Jones

I have done his X 52 years old, but I can manage this dress!

Shamanshan Jones