An interview with the Modern Women's foundation, the 30 anniversary of the establishment of Taiwan's many legislation, they have never forgotten their vision to end gender violence and achieve gender justice.

She came to the office of the Modern Women's foundation, pressed the bell, and after the glass door, she took the microphone and pressed the door button for us. The foundation office is not big, daily busy very, flourishing population, also see male face.

She quickly knocked on the keyboard to change the official document, the first he did social work counseling, but also some people think, the initiative to use what language most appropriate communication, honeycomb-like office cubicles, not open gender issues of enthusiasm. 60 Ping space, 30 years of history, the Modern Women's foundation has been looking forward to the future of gender justice.

A closer look at the foundation process, as early as the 80, when domestic violence is also regarded as a shameful household chores, when sexual harassment or the public mouth of the "be touched and will not be a piece of meat", they have actively advocated to promote legislation, but also to provide assistance and advice to the private sector.

In 1988, the Modern Women's foundation established the first national Rape Crisis treatment centre, and in 1996, enacted and promoted legislation on the prevention of sexual assault Law, and in 1998, promoted the enactment of the Law on Domestic violence prevention, and the law was revised in 2015.

They say the vision has not changed: ending gender violence and achieving gender justice.

Gender justice does not affect your survival and life because of gender

The practice of vision is actually long.

Interview Education Advocacy Department director Li Yu Good and public welfare marketing director Wu Yu-Ying, they said, the former foundation 30 years, comb history, see Taiwan concept is indeed gradually changing. Otherwise, the gender initiative on the road, often very lonely, feeling slow progress. I couldn't help nodding my head.

The movement's loneliness, also because of Taiwan's progress, relies on the tragedy impetus, like Deng Ruwen kills the husband, Wanju the homicide case, impels the legislation to pass, the public sentiment has not been following, the impact is many. The example of domestic violence, the 90 's to promote the legislation hard, many people questioned, "why the law to regulate household chores?" "Over the past 10 years, the ideological loosening, the criminal responsibility of family violence gradually reached consensus."

The enactment of legislation is really just the beginning, and next, the government is really committed to the resources, the Foundation continued to actively advocate, and look forward to public consensus, the concept of transformation, the implementation of life.

The justice environment should also promote gender friendliness in the context of the public initiative, in the Court service. "Before the court knew, many judicial personnel answer, a listen to have a problem." For example, why don't you cook more and your husband won't get angry or hit you? Or, are you also very fierce, you will be home violence? "The law settles, good system and judicial process, also must keep up."

Although there are a lot of problems to be solved, good posture push small round glasses, "really, Taiwan in the Gender Violence Initiative and promote the effectiveness of the international level." 」

The modern women's foundation has endured more than 10 years, hard sometimes, for example, when the foundation is put on the blue-green color, such as when the very difficult to teach the judge to turn again, of course powerless, but the enthusiasm is still, always think of the sentence-end gender violence, achieve gender justice.

Li Yu, director of education advocacy Department, Modern Women's foundation

Sexual assault is a comprehensive violation of one's dignity.

I immediately asked what gender justice was.

"Gender justice, is that you will not be influenced by your own gender and sexual orientation and affect your survival or life in society." Society should make you free to be yourself, regardless of gender. 」

The so-called justice is not the standard, but opens the infinite possibility.

Visit in the Conference room, the big 30 years memorial back plate in the post, like a press conference scene. Posture and good posture said to visit the solid, today can be serious answer, posing a response posture, I would like to ask from the source, why choose to join the modern women's fund efforts?

Posture is the foundation veteran, at this time openings, but there is a lovely expression on the face, "My only sex class is marital violence, said to be very ashamed ah, then I often doze, talk about gender inequality, I also thought there?" Do I can do it? 」

Wu Yuying (left) and director of Education Advocacy Department, director of Public marketing Department Li Yu (right)

Many people's gender enlightenment is from the feeling that the gender has nothing to do with the beginning. "What really changed me was a Karma meeting, in which the foundation became a social worker and contacted the victim." I only know that sexual assault, can stay on the victim for a long time, persecution of the great, is a human dignity of the comprehensive destruction. Some people can not sleep normally, have to rely on a high dose of sleeping pills to fall asleep, and this drug is more likely to affect his mental state, resulting in some victims have been unable to normal life. 」

"I was thinking, if I can't turn things back, at least, can we improve his sense of security so that he can return to life and society smoothly?" Can we help him on the basis of the existing, forgive themselves, put aside the pain that always embrace? But you know, sometimes, even the return, even forgive is already very difficult. 」

Gender violence is tough, and good looks from its own gender identity, "For I am a girl, I have been looking for what I agree with." "College-age, taught by the gender Enlightenment," there was a class, the professor said, the boys will be compared to whom the penis is bigger, but girls, girls will not show off their breasts size. Why do men in patriarchal culture care so much about the penis? 」

Then, she met the modern women's Fund in the court has been missing, is also destined to, so came, a stay is 14 years. "At the beginning of the case of family violence and sexual assault, I felt that I was promoting personal safety, no matter between men and women, and sex." After a few years I look at the numbers, slowly realized, wrong ah, why the victim 80% is a girl, the perpetrator 90% is a boy, why the perpetrator and the victim's gender gap so disparity? 」

"There's definitely a gender problem here. 」

The two were in unison, unaware of their gender initiative at first. But look back and think, gender has been in life, those who make you ache, call you confused, go back to the source of sex.

Gender violence is the product of the interweaving of discrimination and power

Also ask a question, from home violence to sexual harassment to the power of sexual assault, why does gender-based violence continue to occur, and difficult to curb? This year alone, there are a number of examples.

"Gender-based violence is the product of a mixture of discrimination and power." "We are familiar with discrimination," said the gesture. Patriarchal culture, the heritage is not for girls, girls can not be mourner, menstruation will take a decline, the contemporary witch hunt continues to occur. "Gender discrimination is a global phenomenon and the distribution of power is uneven." "Girls rarely hold power as well, regardless of political power, leadership or voice." Comparatively speaking, it is easier to bully girls than to be accepted by society. It also shows you the power to dominate. 」

"In the end, we have not had a very good gender education and emotional education. Malicious gender concept, there is no corresponding system to do the guiding. In particular, this kind of gender communication is very subtle, to change must be very small adjustment. 」

So gender violence, generation by generation, posture pointed out that the community worship masculine culture, but also the key reason, affirmation masculine culture, encourage to force weak power show, causing violence, she shared a story.

"Today, a little boy told you, I go to fight today, parents will ask him, you are defeated or win?" You ask win or lose, is to encourage him to win is important, you have to beat each other, to show your masculinity. The little girl said, I went to fight, parents will ask her, you have not been injured, and she learned to protect themselves. 」

Masculine culture makes it hard for men to be weak in relationships. He has no way of admitting that he is uncomfortable, or admitting that he cannot communicate and is more difficult to express his insecurities openly. Because the society teaches him, only fists. He would only use violence to communicate his uneasiness and anger.

"The violent behavior of masculine culture is not only in heterosexual relationships, but also in the intimate relationship of gay men," he said. There is no big difference between the perpetrators of homosexual relationships, their violent practices, and the perpetrators of heterosexual relationships. 」

At the same time we have to talk about the prevalence of masculine culture, resulting in men must be stronger, many women can not accept the weakness of men. The author of "The Weak power" said, "The boy shared with me, and her wife told him," I'd rather you go down in a heroic way and not be defeated. " 」

Gender violence, the internal discrimination and power intertwined, is the product of cultural co-construction. If we want to deconstruct, we must both join together, and we all have to think about what is equal in the so-called intimate relationship.

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