The 15th session of the Taiwan Gay parade on October 28, 2017, led you to feel the scene of moving documentary: Love Is Love, our love is the same.

You're one of the happiest people at this moment.
You see what you want to see, you make it happen
Because of you, I like to wear rosy glasses
To see the strangeness and joy of the ordinary.
You're beautiful and you can't incredible

--The Rose of you

October 28, 2017, the train arrived, with the gate opened like, people from the congestion compartment in the pouring out, filed forward, I crowded in the crowd to see the rainbow color in front of my eyes shuttle, a strange back, invariably tie a rainbow ribbon, I feel this moment people hold the same rainbow skin color-I would like to stand up and walk with you, Shake the Broken banner sing the ideal song, together in the secular waiting, free and equal.

Zhang Hang Sing "Rose You", to the people who shake the ideal banner, you would like to face the reality, to the distant ideal run, this moment you are the happiest person, you see want to focus on the topic, and life will it happen.

The 15th session of the Taiwan Gay parade Anson Conrad Road, the theme of this year's parade is "astringent open, pluralistic teaching to follow up", the hope that through the parade, the community to face up to the sex education, understanding of sexual desire, gender and other health desires, see the individual diversity of respect for differences, and thus reduce the discrimination and harm caused by gender.

Take you together to review the beautiful figure of the 2017 gay parade, this year, the gay parade widened the gender issue, in addition to LGBTQIA issues, hope to let the public understand that gender and all life experience, from sex education to sexual liberation discussion, from the stigma of AIDS to the significance of the land, The body consciousness of the fat Girl and so on, all kinds of voices eager to be noticed by the society loudly announced today: they stand out because there is something to tell the world.

Give you 10 seconds, what do you want to say to the world?

I want to say to the world: Hiv+ok

A group of people gathered at the scene of the parade, sometimes laughing, but the eyes with the slogan firmly, I went forward to ask one of the boys this is the first time on the street, he said he had not counted out, each step forward is to let more of the issue of the yuan is seen by the community, Comrade Big parade scene is a pluralistic open field, There are various issues that need to be seen here, including sex refugees, lgbtqia issues, and so on, coming to the scene to support and exchange ideas personally with the person who raised the issue is an important and necessary part of joining the community.

"hiv+ok" the concept presented by the Taiwan Gay Counseling Hotline Association, hope that the support of the infected people to push the society, its slogan has many meanings, the broadest meaning: for the infected, I am infected, I am OK; for non-infected people, HIV infection will not affect our relationship, whether it is friends or intimate interaction.

To your mother's discrimination! And, please, don't discriminate against the fat girl! Fat girls need a sexual revolution!

She caught my eye in the crowd at one glance, not only is the dress, more is her unrestrained free attitude, has continued to participate in the parade six years of her, said oneself very much loves to see everybody colorful play around feeling today, the ordinary life too much bitter too difficult, today finally can enjoy a grand party , and feel free when you are completely yourself.

I hope this society this earth is open, everyone is equal, no discrimination without any bullying, this is probably my ideal-the world.

Professor Chen Fangming

Chen Fangming, from a 20-year-old young man to his old age, he fights for social issues along the way, he said he is a democratic believer, democracy should not only be a masculine democracy, should not be heterosexual democracy, should not be a democracy of the Han, should be on this island all the residents can enjoy equal height of the same wide democracy, The teacher continued to take to the streets today, continuing to focus on social issues from an early age.

Everyone has the right to love!

I love you, I love comrades, I love lesbian & gay!

They dress up as a six-color cup rim, representing the six meanings of the Rainbow banner: "life, healing, sunlight, Nature, Serenity & spirit". Living in a symbiotic apartment, she says, cohabitation is the concept of a plural family, no gender, identity, race, all kinds of roommates live together, in the big city to share each other's lives, with companionship, to become the generation of youth to chase the dream of the rest of the peace of mind backing; she, with clothing and makeup to express themselves, do not shake the social secular framework, Be willing to live an atypical life. In order to make everyone have to do their own freedom, generous to love any people they want to love, they took to the streets, hope that the community not because of the label to differentiate each other, love should conform to any form!

Same-sex marriage is legal, not legislation!

The main appeal of this gay parade, hope that gender education into the campus, they have to support this request to go to the Kai Road, because they grew up in the gender education is not so understanding, feel that sex education in the growth process is very important, this thing is to be through education to make people better understand!

I hope everyone can respect everyone's right to love.

See them on the roadside release stickers, can not help but curiosity to interview, one of the girls said that their previous study of the Department is very concerned about social issues, so the past will be together to participate in the gay parade, take the street is to participate in the action of the first step! On public issues, if everyone has an indifferent attitude of "inaction", the opinions of the minority will hardly be heard by the public, and only by stepping forward and expressing support by action will suffice to create a dialogue to open the change!

The world is very beautiful there are a lot of things waiting for us to explore, so we must work hard to go on Oh!

A naked like to show the most sincere self to society, they say that this year is a very important milestone for Taiwan's comrades, because the justices have been given legislative protection and they say that it is the first time that they have guangliu their buttocks on the street, bare their skin and bask in the long-awaited equal Sun, Whether heterosexual or homosexual, should bravely walk in the sun to express their ideas, I hope that we avoid discrimination and prejudice, we are the same as the General people, love is not the same difference!

Be yourself, don't be afraid! We all have to be ourselves!

Comrade Big Parade This day, in addition to gay issues, we see more need to be social attention, the issues squarely addressed by the Government, in each slogan, write down expectations and the state of the future, a group of children who stand on the streets for Aboriginal traditions, and one of the boys, in particular, wants to speak out on the day of the Gay parade. More than 200 days of Aboriginal traditional field problems, let the multiple issues, get the same attention: "Our Kai road activities have been more than 200 days, from the beginning of the Kai Road, to the current 228 park, this action and the need to be concerned about, not only the Aborigines live on this island, you also live here, Please pay attention to this issue, our original place of residence has been forcibly taken away by the government, which has a great impact on our lives, hoping to let more people pay attention to the issue of land, so that the Government also to the original indigenous peoples of the original land and home. 」

Some might say, why do you want a gay parade after your marriage?

If you come, you will see the true pattern of love--for you, I would like to spend a lifetime of gentleness, to wait for a promise of others, if you have to visit the scene, hear every desire to be seen by the community, not only the gender, as well as land issues, sex education, women's rights and so on issues in the community, when you give up personal prejudice,

People who often participate in the gay movement say that every time you see Chi Jiawei teacher, for decades, in the law and resolute waving rainbow flag, you will know that although the future of the road is long, but someone will be gentle and determined to accompany you to go down. This year, I also at the high traffic lights, see Chi Jiawei teacher waving colorful rainbow flag, then I met every person on the street, I will think of that rainbow flag floating picture-Our hearts have love, so willing to look forward to a better tomorrow.

I hope you remember that afternoon the sun on the back of the temperature, warm, like being infinitely gentle love wrapped, the road ahead, I have a great, heavy snow, let this temperature remind yourself, what makes you all the way to date? What is it that makes you always good to desire a freer future?

Our love is the same!

I hope that we do not have nothing to do, have been in charge of other people's family things!

Let's get married soon!

Taiwan has the opportunity to become the first country to pass the marriage, we should be proud!

Heart right? They can do whatever They want.

I hope that we can turn the eye of discrimination into the applause of encouragement!


This time on Kai Road, visit the people who are willing to take care of the action, visit the end, we hope that through the image of each person's kiss, let this kiss represents more open attitude, friendly support of the image passed on.

Many respondents graciously accepted the invitation, kiss a shallow but far-reaching kiss in front of the camera, but some respondents still can't speak openly to the camera and look at the way they love the plan but can't participate, I'm more certain of the importance of striving for freedom and equality for every individual, look forward to the day, We can all openly kiss the people we want to kiss, unrestrained to the world, said: "Love is Love, our love is the same."