Lu Hong, a "spine project" launched by the photographer, he wrote poetry with images. Show you the ups and downs of your body, the sweet carving of time, your own intimate links with space.

We live our lives in this world breathing, the body is the most intimate partner in life. From the birth to the closed eyes, the physical accompany you I spent a lot of laughter and pain. If you have studied your body carefully, you will find that your body has the most beautiful secrets in the world-I came to the world in a unique manner.

Everyone is an island, looking down on the body, you will see the undulating mountains and valleys, and the spine is to prop up the roof of the island. (same field Gayon: The confession to the body: I cherish your smell, mark and appearance )

Have you ever gazed into your naked flesh? The body is honest and generous, and all the experiences you have forgotten stretch out in front of your eyes without reservation: The traces of the years, life left behind the wrinkles, remember when the scars of injury ... and so on, time in the body of honest carved chisel all the way, do not feel ashamed or uneasy, because this is your most beautiful appearance.

Lu Hong, a Taiwanese photographer, opened the spine project, and he used the lens to give you courage and tenderness to tell his blessings--to be more tolerant and to embrace your own body.

About the spine plan.

The " Spine Plan " project began in the winter of 2016 and continues to be filmed today. He thinks "spine", is the most beautiful part of each body, it supports people's life, has a unique line, but his life is difficult to meet. and the individual and the object, the appearance of private space, is also the reason he wants to continue to explore the creation.

When Lu Hong decided to open the "spine plan", photography in him, no longer an interest derived from the case to live, but from the search for the pursuit of the image of meaning and soul to explore. He uses the lens to tell every mortal soul in the world that you have a unique beauty.

I want them to see the pictures and have a little more confidence in their bodies.

Lu Hong's photographic work is full of silence, as if time is slowing down in the camera, but it is drifting away like a whirlpool. Each naked body in the light and shadow staggered, the physical lines vaguely reveal our clues to walk in the world, if the sky and Earth is surrounded by our clothes, then the closest to themselves, can gently embrace all of us, but also their own.