Wedding tide in June, but according to statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior recently, Taiwan's divorce rate is the highest in Asia. On average, about 159 couples get divorced each day, that is, each of the ten married couples divorces.The divorce rate, which has not been ten years old, is about 57 %.Some experts suggest that if the two parties sign a premarital agreement, it may be able to effectively reduce the divorce rate, but if it is you, do you want to sign it?

But since the drafting of the prenuptial agreement is not easy, there are always people who think that before they get married, let's assume that someday we will be able to prepare ourselves separately?But for newcomers who are rich in assets and likely to inherit large inheritance in the future, European and American lawyers typically propose to sign a prenuptial agreement, which guarantees each other's rights and obligations.

The pre-marriage agreement is also known as the pre-marriage contract, which is a contract for the protection of the rights and interests of spouses after marriage or after marriage.In the United States and Europe, the pre-marriage agreement is usually a common premarital prerequisite.As long as the two sides agree that the law is not in conflict with the law, the content of the agreement is free and that the content is usually dealt with in relation to the distribution of property and the child's parental authority in the event of divorce, even adultery and the custody of pets.

But in Taiwan, as the marriage is considered a "business continuity" relationship, the agreement will not have legal effect in the event of a breach of kindness or a conflict with other laws.In other words, in the Taiwan region it is not possible to have a pre-planned allocation of property in the premise of "divorce-based".Therefore, it may be considered invalid if the content concerns a clause that violates the "public order" of the "applicable divorce" or "sexual constraint".

From here it can also be interesting to see that the East and West have different views about the cultural context of the "marriage", and the legal requirements derived from it.The point is, perhaps, the struggle between the so-called "prenuptial agreements"?If it was you, would you want to sign a prenup?Do you think it would be a fairy tale to have a fairy tale of romantic love after the marriage was signed?Or another perspective, perhaps it's an opportunity for both parties to understand how the relationship after marriage is maintained, whether you want to sign it or not, and we all want you to know that you have the power and ability to choose and to protect the life you want!

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