Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. We love crazy, a lifetime of love a few hateful people and what? Because it is you, I am willing you to waste my life.

Love is but a kind of madness.


You play in the ocean of video, in the southern continent, smiling face, almost to think that the first saw me tears collapse of the people, the injury is good, already can laugh heartily, a week ago had no clue to throw a sentence: "I want to go to a very far very far place", ask the reason, you only lightly look at me, like whispers and pray: I, want to learn to grow up.

I look at your side of the face not language, is distressed to bring a little pity, love you loved one forever more love their own people, this is doomed to love the love of embarrassment, but also a pity, but you finally willing to brave the courage, exhausted strength, only to embrace a hole filled with holes in the heart.

People don't believe in love before they go crazy. Oneself can so humble to love one person, plain walk hand to you is a kind of extravagant hope, endless waiting is your daily, you cry to say: "Oneself also want to do that hateful person, turn around and waste other people's life, more free and easy." "But you and he in love dirty each other, love dirty Love crazy, Love to put on airs, these pain became the appearance of love each other, if love is a big disease, let us love to be terminally ill, how?"

Picture | "I am very happy" MV screenshot

In order to love him, you open the world to escape with him, no one knows the country, you feel happy, always longing to have the people, finally have a moment belongs to himself, although finally he wants to go, looking at his distant figure is also satisfied, you love very silly, laugh very light: "Do not know, he went, I still have memories, can be used to secretly miss him." 」

I do not know that trip to grow up, really let you grow up? You see the back of love, but also with the original innocence to love it? If love is no right or wrong, why is it so hard to have a clean relationship? Or have you ever thought that you are just in love with this love of the unforgettable, not see people, finally have a section of the love, not careful to burn himself secretly happy: Love is good, how much love you use the strength of the pain to tear themselves, pain to feel alive, really good. (Recommended reading:"Relational Diary" Shagao-style love, let oneself happiness is the only moral )

Picture | "I am very happy" MV screenshot

Picture | "I am very happy" MV screenshot

Pick up the lie on the ground to satisfy the desire
Actually, it's not so hard.
A man who is too stuffy to forget
Who told us to love you so much?

Please don't say I'm crazy please don't say I imagine
I'm glad I cried till the morning
Please don't say I'm delusional don't say love desolate
How's the disease?

--Stefanie Sun "I am very happy"

Some people come to teach you the end of Love is a desolate, you would like to open your arms to embrace the wind, like embracing love, if you have crossed my life, the past missed is not a pity, some people come, let you know the truth of love to pain, you like the poles of the magnet, the more you want to be close to the reaction of love, throw out, you feel happy, before the fall , there was a flight of each other.

For us, love does not seek moral, love a few hateful people in their lives?

If love is an illusion, let us a cheerful disease, with the determination to screw life, to change a willing to fall wayward.