Woman fan 2017 exclusive planning, "elder sister said school" assembled all walks of life unique people, will their amazing generation experience into a first-hand exclusive, those schools did not teach, the workplace is not to say life intelligence, in the female fan "sister said school" for the initial analysis, said to you listen!

The information explosion, the fast-changing era, to live in three-dimensional, not afraid of the world upside down, let self-discipline to learn, become you defying change of the emboldened, "sister said school" for you to extend the unique experience of cross-border talent, from the secular workplace pulsation to the personal life plan, quantity as you build the inner driving force of the workshop, breakthrough Self, Create your own time force!

Defying the change of the world! Turn your career into an evolutionary force

"International Talent (Global Talent)" is the current trend of the workplace, with the development of science and technology, the barrier of geographical area has been broken, the nature and form of work across many countries become the norm, how to maintain the competitive advantage in the rapidly changing workplace, how to learn, discuss and communicate among the talents of different countries, and increase the career evolution power. , is an important topic for the contemporary professional people.

2017 women obsessed with a new exclusive project, "Sister said School: Jin body across the border, to create your time force" invited Dell Greater China Financial director Sabina Chiu, rich professional background plus actual experience to impart the first palm law, to create your world career path. (Instantly understand lecturer: interview Dell Greater China CFO Sabina: Raise hands before opportunity to meet new self )

Years of experience in transnational practice, hands-on training of international talent

Course Highlights

  • Years of multinational experience: Lecturer has 18 international team experience in the United States and Asia Pacific countries
  • Creating cross-border versatile: The exclusive teaching content and practice of "international talents"
  • First-Hand Exclusive: Market Hall for "international talent" to form a class teaching

Course Content

The first step of international talent: three key words

  • Awareness formation
    • Individual: How to develop international talent awareness through effective practices
    • Team: How to interpret various cultural awareness through practical practice
  • Communication skills
    • Logical thinking
    • How to make use of strategic communication skills to improve efficiency
  • Team Working skills
    • How to be a strong team member
    • Essential Skills for Group cooperation

The second step of international talent: a comprehensive analysis of multicultural culture

  • How to work with different cultural partners
    • Workplace cultural differences to be known
    • How to analyze various career roles
  • Practice: How to lead and manage talents for the team of multiple talents
  • International multinational PM Project management capability

The third step of international talent: To add value to your international workplace

  • Continue to find the edge
    • How to develop 360 degrees through practice
    • How to face setbacks and deficiencies, increase the mental energy
  • Find an example of learning
    • How to find a learning object with strategy
    • How to effectively record learning content
  • Create a personal network
    • How to build a personal network
    • Prerequisite network Elements

Read the exclusive interview with woman fan:
Sabina, director of financial affairs at Dell Greater China: Raise your hand before opportunity to meet new self

Sister said the academy's new project, 100 exclusive Courses

  • Recommended participants
    • Targeting international workers in multinational companies
    • Objective to be a middle and high level management leader
    • Multinational enterprise PM, need to conduct multi-party coordination affairs
  • In this course, you will receive five major points:
    • Ability to communicate with multinational team
    • Thinking power and planning power of "international talent"
    • Female fans "Sister said school" exclusive members, enjoy the benefits of the future course
    • Dedicated Workplace questioning service
    • Student network in all fields, open personal resource Network

First to experience a woman's obsession with a new project, "Sister said Academy"

Dedicated to your own expectations of you, the original price of NTD 4,500 of women fans exclusive new project "Sister said school", will apply for the application system to participate in feedback! Invite each uneasy status quo, the pursuit of growth of you, fearless to become a different sister, here, we are only compared with ourselves!

  • Application: After login, to the "fascinating Experience" exclusive page application, and tell us "you want to participate in the reason" (We want to know!) )
  • Application time: From now until 2017/11/24, we will be published in 2017/11/27 on the application page to participate in the list
  • Course Date: 2017/11/30 19:30-21:30
  • Course Location: Women's Paradise (Taipei City Daan District heping East Road two section 50th)
  • Day activity Flow: 2.5 hours of "sister said school", give you a full memorable night!

11/30 "Sister said Academy" detailed activity flow

  • 19:00-19:30pm, report to the entrance.
  • 19:30-19:45pm Self Introduction & student interaction
  • 19:45-21:00PM said the Academy course
  • 21:00-21:30pm On-site Question Exchange