"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. The little Prince and the Rose, they spend time on each other, let this Love, Love is unique, life is rare.

The Rose and the Little prince in B612 Planet birth, open eyes have each other, in his life, the little prince so want to take good care of a thing. Love at first, is each other, is gazing at each other, is incredibly this world someone than oneself also important.

The Rose is the love of the Little Prince's Enlightenment, the heart of the prototype, careful watering, screen protection, can't bear rain, feel their hearts precious. The lover at first, often does not have oneself, wants to love her, surpasses loves himself.

The Rose is the Little Prince's first love, be loved by the promised pride, barbed and pride, too close will hurt, love also gave people patience, willing to running-in, the weight of the weight, calculation posture, finally grinding off each other sharp horns, find enough to fit each other's body, fit to embrace the distance.

Love is me in your eyes, feel their existence, from a one-way let me love you, became us, we are together.

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As the little prince was about to leave B612, the rose softened, "forget the glass." I don't need it any more. The cool breeze at night is good for me. If I want to make friends with butterflies, I have to endure 两、三只 caterpillars. As for the big animals, I'm not afraid at all. Because I have my claws. (Recommended reading: "TheLittle Prince's understanding" Why the Little Prince loved the rose, but chose to leave?) )

Love is not our day and night dependencies, never separate, but I am more than anyone would like my lover to embrace their ideals, enjoy their distance. Pull away the physical distance, I hide in your breath, accompany you to every place, loved people will know, intimacy originally also has many methods, we are together.

The little prince first loves the rose, probably the reason is simple, did not think much, the rose is all that he has been striking, like childhood and playmates. Then, the little prince travels to the Earth, the whole rose garden in full bloom, dazzling, suddenly, the Rose is not special, there are so many proud roses in the world.

The little Prince's heart was sour, and the Fox said to him, "the time you spend on the rose makes your rose so important." 」

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The world is vast, immediate distraction, only lovers, take your time, you are willing, you spend time with each other, let your love set up. She may not be special, she can be replaced, but you have a choice, you choose her. (Recommended reading:"The Little Prince's understanding" the little Prince and the Rose: Love is beautiful not because you are the only, but we are the only )

"My Rose, others think she is like you, but she alone is more than all of you." Because she was watered by me. Because she's the one I put in the flower hood. Because she was my screen protector. Because I got rid of the caterpillar on her body. For I have listened to her plaintive, her boast, and sometimes even her silence. Because she is my rose. "The Little Prince"

The little Prince and the Rose, like the stage of love, we always have to walk through the selfishness and vanity of love, the quarrel and jealousy of love, the separation and loss of love, in order to fully understand the power of love we have always been. No matter how no man has nothing, he can love. Love is when you sit and watch the sunset 44 times, the heart cold, can make you warm up things, such ability, is you give yourself.

"If you love a flower blooming in the vastness of a star, then you will be satisfied when you look up at the stars." "The Little Prince"

Love is when you look up and know that there is someone in the universe that you love and love you, so you can go on, and every effort you make for love makes you stronger and blessed every step of the way.

Love is something bigger than yourself, like a compass in the body, direction, love from your body grow out, even if discrete, one day will still come back. You are so relieved that you are able to love, you can love is so happy.