Sylvia preparations for four years, with all the love achievement "love mutually close", a shot that is shortlisted Golden Horse Award Seven awards, Busan film Select it to do the closing piece, hook move thousand people cry together, how does she do?

She believes a lifetime, I believe a word, you only believe a moment that. --"Love Blind Date"

Arrived at the hotel 17 floor, pushed away the thick sound absorption door, two big face floor window light ephemeral to the foot. Look up, see Sylvia Standing under the window, draped in water blue silk scarf, the same coat with several clusters of red flowers, she is like a lake sparkling.

Some of the brakes, you'll remember your whole life.

Sylvia, anyone can hardly forget the name, a few days ago China a visit to her video a release is more than 400,000 people watch. 40 years of/or St career, starring in more than Stemona movies, Wonderful Life as this sensitive "Millennium actress" Reality edition.

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Sylvia a petite body, played hundreds of life, folded several lifetimes, across the Millennium film time, she sat opposite me, smiling at me gently.

My heart is tense, ask seriously, Zhang elder sister, "Love a Blind Date" across three generations to talk about the change of intimate relations, such a huge story how do you think? Why do you choose to shoot at this time in your life?

Sylvia gently smiled, the tension in the air to unload, "in fact this story, is from a very thin and thin script." 」

2011-2012, her office appeared a thin script, a Chengdu girl wrote home to move the tomb, Sylvia very like, like it's simple.

"Simple story, but there is a lot of space to explore the different years of women's attitude towards love, as well as the whole environment changes." 」

Sylvia a sharp eye, she watched as the people of this era experienced an unprecedented flow of rapid migration. "So we all have a disjointed part, causing a lot of misunderstanding." This movie is to remind everyone to understand each other and care about it. Her eyes with a smile, exhort tone like mother.

However, in the film she is in fact with the girl-like curiosity, the whole community of Hong Kong and Taiwan question: "Why the times so that we each generation have such a big gap?" 」

Waiting for others to give her satisfactory answer, Sylvia has been on the road to shoot "love Blind Date."

The human and the emotion, is always in the migratory flow

"Love Blind Date" is a difficult to use a single volume frame to understand the film, the story from a moving grave event, set simple, but the rich picture of the changing love and family picture.

Sylvia plays Yu Huiying face retirement, life upheaval makes her anxious and frightened; daughter Wei Wei and the singer in singing Ada Love, Ada to put aside the dream, two people are uneasy, the grandmother's death, accident will wait for Grandpa's life of the original grandmother involved in. Three generations of maternal funeral, conflict constantly, but also in the process of self-awareness, and gradually understand each other.

"I have always been a person who attaches great importance to emotion," Sylvia tone as the person, the cadence is trenchant. "Emotions are dynamic. Ada in the play is because of love, choose in situ, so he has pain. The grandmother in the play, for a short life of less than a year husband persistent, is also in situ. 」

"Once you go ahead and take the first step and start to flow, you may put it down." Put down, there is a chance to bring up new things. "Sylvia a word, the sword refers to the core of the film.

"Love a Blind Date" there is such a shake heart scene: Grandma sitting in front of the grave, eyes treasure touched her husband's skeleton, blowing a sigh of relief, said softly, "go, I don't want you." "Then look up to two words," went into town! 」

Stone stubborn grandmother sent her husband, let go to the unknown. This film is about a sincere person, brave to start.

Sylvia also uses mobile techniques in photography, "I discussed with the photographer much that there are few lenses that actually stand on the tripod and must flow all the time." 」

"Because the time is flowing, the emotion must flow forward." People can not stand still, can not numb. Sylvia said to stare big eyes. How to Not numb? Conflict is an opportunity to be detached from the indifferent. The kinetic energy and tension of the whole play are all gushing out of the conflict.

Sylvia to conflict, not she likes, but she does not want to, the conflict can open a real dialogue, can connect the mind.

Generations have been hard to sustain and love through a single belief, "What I eventually wanted to talk about was the emotional dialogue." "Sylvia hope that people in love, in the constant rush of changes in the era can still be a blind date, she wanted to tender, she would like to brave to love."

I love, it's love.

"All of us are the product of the changing times," he said. Sylvia sat opposite and looked at me in a gentle tone.

"In the rapid environment of the network and technology, people do have a lot of things become blurred, no way to discuss the details, fast to, fast to go, can not stay, even emotional can not stay." 」

"So this person came, a short time to find two people do not fit, quickly break up to change a bar!" "The whole photographer laughed, because it was so accurate that he could hear it."

Sylvia said a word, "before things broken we will take to repair, now things are broken, we throw away to buy a new one." "She said that more than once, but I felt that she was not meant to criticize, but confused."

Grandmother's role, only love one person in a lifetime, Sylvia said that is a practice. "Grandma is in fact one of the most maiden, she can for so short affection, give a lifetime." 」

"But I think she is the bravest." "The Sylvia has the strength of admiration," she said, "and her character has made us backtrack on what love Is." 」

Grandma's love is very simple, "I love, is love, no request, no comparison, no desire, is to give, all the pay, I was the bravest one." 」

This may also be Sylvia's view of love, only through the role of the grandmother to express. I ask her what she thinks she loves.

"I think love is a selfless and fearless, I am not afraid to give, nor afraid you do not return to me, I ok." She raised her eyebrows with her hands, and without fear, she could love her freely.

Because of love, willing to make paper tigers

Sylvia in real life is the mother of two sons, she told me, the mother is also selfless, but selfless to the Poles also have a lot of bitter, "We are mothers, sometimes really tears into the belly swallow." 」

She often jokes that modern mothers have no majesty, "are paper tigers!" "Hui Ying This role, Sylvia start from scratch," she is a paper tiger, stubborn soft hearted, she again how to be brave, also can't come up to pick up the mother skull, she dare not face death, dare not face the daughter left, many mothers are such. 」

Sandwiched between generational changes, Sylvia that generation of women as mothers, learning the majesty of the previous generation, but also to learn the freedom of the next generation, sometimes at a loss. "You see Yang," The day of the beach, "he said," Education has never taught us how to maintain marriage, how to be a parent, we are naturally starting to do or not to do parents, all the way to learn to explore. " 」

The only way to maintain a relationship is to respect

Sylvia played in the Hui-ying, parenting method card in the middle of the two generations, love is also. "The last generation told us that many love after marriage do not have to have, the daily necessities of life has also overwhelmed the emotions, but in fact we still have the opportunity (love), but we do not say." 」

So Sylvia to shoot the husband opened a new car in the drama, the husband said "I am sure to go out, have you in the best, without you in, I will go." Hui Ying One listened to be stunned. Sylvia Smile said that is actually a small threat, but also the drama of the only expression of love the moment that, a breakthrough. "After the breakthrough, or will return to the original point of life, but the emotion went up a layer." 」

That part of the play is about respect. Every man has a way, and no one who pulls it should, remember to cherish it.

Sylvia talk about the relationship between husband and wife is also the two words, "the husband and wife can maintain a long time, is a respect." I think for your sake, you think for me. 」

"If this person does not want to go this way with you, does not mean that he does not love you, is that he does not agree with this road, that means to communicate." "or back to that sentence, when things look bad, remember to pick up oil, do not rush to lose, but also respect the time, respect you have spent time together."

Respect, you can bring the good side of the other side out, the relationship to maintain a long time.

Sylvia back when he was young and had a crazy relationship, "Whoa! Love is great, but love the other side is not good, harmful fear of loss, the other side of all the bad things are brought out, that love will not be long, will only bring a lot of pain. 」

"But pain is also a part of falling in love. Sylvia thought, she did not want to arbitrarily deny the value of pain. "Through these we know how to love." Love can bring out the best in each other. 」

In this age, everyone needs a maiden's heart.

The play, the characters are constantly noisy, "but the heart is soft." "Soft hearted, will not lean on adults posture, to a single frame sentencing others, Sylvia said this is the girl heart."

"My Maiden Heart, also comes from my curiosity, I have a liking to ask the question to each thing the mood, does not have the single angle to look at the matter, even if many things violate my opinion, I will ask." 」

She had been talking to herself, and there were many unexpected surprises in the process of talking and waiting. "Life is a mystery, a lot of things can not be explained, a lot of you ask me questions, I can not give hundred percent solution." Because some answers are suitable for me to solve, but some things how in your body I do not know, cannot arbitrarily solve. 」

She was actually afraid to explain love, explain marriage, the film can also feel her open to the audience interpretation of the elastic space, "because each person is different to love and marriage, if we hold an open and happy heart, accept the unexpected and surprise, may make life richer." 」

Sylvia smiled, "look forward to a lot of things have not happened, may be a teenage heart bar." 」

A girl with a maiden's heart is curious, no matter how old he is. Curiosity is to open to the world itself, the world will renovate you, such people will never be lonely.

To tell you the truth, people come out of life and always talk to another person. Loneliness, loneliness, that's where you get yourself stuck. "Sylvia said this when the tone is anxious, because the heart is hot, she hoped that the person can connect, her movie also habitually handles such topic."

"The Dalai Lama said," Life down, the bed you lie is another person to do, you sit this chair, is another person to do, all your contacts are with another person's relationship, people are not lonely. After that, she knocked on the wooden chair where she was sitting, and the chair was muffled in response.

"As long as you think so, you will feel happy, you know?" "Her eyes glow, she laughs, and she smiles," like I make a scene to reflect, or release emotion, cry, laugh, that is very happy for me. 」

Life is short, remember to live it to the fullest

At the end of the interview, I asked if there was a book that could be read in dialogue with the film, what would it be? She thought for a moment and answered quickly, "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway. 」

"You see, a person, a fish, and nature, simple story can tell how many things." This is also my expectations of myself, hope that the simplest subject to do incisively and vividly. 」

She said that life is the same, "You can make a very short person live very well, is to see how you want to live." 」

Speaking of which, Sylvia looked at the notebook in my hand and said she thought it was great to have a handwritten visit. "Write well, not only hand and heart, but can see their own track." 」

She would now occasionally go back to her handwritten script, "after a while, to see how to erase this paragraph, because of what change mood, leaving traces are handwritten, another day to look, you will see their growth." Using a computer or something else is to delete, not to leave the traces of life. 」

See "Love mutually close", I think, she depicts the story of three generations of women and family, is handwritten heart, because the heart has the heat of thought, they want to take this era for us to quickly erase, delete the scene left.

Four years, the leader, she for this era photography, leaving this era of exclusive emotional conflict, reconciliation and communication, gentle portrayal of the life of three generations of women texture. "Leave traces to look back again!" "she said.

Remember, we are so in love with each other to go through these years together, these roads.