Woman fan and A on the entertainment film company, the first hospital line held Sylvia director after four years of the film, "Love Blind Date" special will, together with you feel the film transmission of special events moved: Dive into the heart, to find the meaning of love.

November 9, 2017, the Women fans team and the entertainment film company, to give back to the Dear readers, pack the next whole cinema, team partners with friends and relatives and readers to share a night, rob in the courtyard online before the "Love" film special map, together with Sylvia Director of the latest film "Love Blind Date", Take a closer look at how people living in each generation interpret the expression of love--a complex love that encompasses the love of family and human nature--and it's simple enough to help you think about the purest nature of love.

Film like a bowl of clear light of warm water, you from the nose to the heart are watered the feeling, eye socket with the lens flow hot up, listening to the play in the dialogue think of their daily, a sour attack, the protagonist's experience to live your life. Sylvia director once said: "Every day I am dealing with people and life, in fact, I love to explore the people and the expression of love." 」

"She believes a lifetime, I believe a word, he only believe a moment that." 」

"Love on a Blind Date"

The film "Love a Blind Date" is Sylvia Director brewing for four years of work, the whole piece with exquisite hook people's mood of the way, Pat Grandma, Hui, Wei Wei three generations of the symbol of the love view. Love is a lifetime wait for a person, although the personnel has been criss, not, but also holding a Jetten heart for a person waiting in situ; Love is a noisy everyday appearance, miss a person once said a word, with a lifetime to achieve it; or, love is a kind of reconciled to the fall of the free and easy, life waft, finally met a person to make you willing to stop in, Like the waves have the shore can desire, like the wild horse give up freedom, willing to wait for the desolation of a meadow.

Before the film, first by the woman fans editor as an introductory person, we are looking forward to this movie, we look forward to seeing Sylvia director after four years of time, how to use a broader perspective, an inch and an inch to open the mood of the audience, sneak into their own will forget the heart, to find the meaning of love.

The film was aired with sobs, the audience watching the same film, but in their own psychological ferment into another story-this is the director and the viewer's dialogue, because of different life experience, in each person's heart plant a unique seed, grow out of the secret of a person.

When the film is finished, the woman's editor's voice breaks the silence first, and touches the mood of everyone, invited Sylvia Director admission, I saw the director from the cloth behind the scenes calmly stroll out, the wink of a gentle glance around the audience, still not open in-depth movie characters, first seen sitting in front of the audience crying eyes swollen, a "cry!" "Feel the Sylvia director's delicate care for others, also convey their expectations through the image will want to pass the idea of communication and the mood of the viewer, the whole interview Sylvia director with calmly but without losing the attitude of the temperature, methodical response, such a bearing, I think is through experience, but also to their own works have the confidence required.

The following is an excerpt from the dialogue between the editor and the director of the Sylvia, the director's heart, not only through the image to touch the audience, more substantively with the viewer face-to-face, share moved:

Q: The film's preparation and filming across four years, there are many friends with you on the road, including the film's husband field strong and strong, and Taiwan's music talented woman Huang, this way, can you share your biggest harvest? And the most impressive difficulties?
A: Actually, the play was before you read it, the script appeared, but at that time I felt that I was too young to make such a feeling, so hard to wait for four or five years before filming the play, of course, the play was filmed in mainland China, in the exploration and filming process also spent a lot of time, In fact, in the process of filming is not difficult, but in the process of filming the most I moved is the staff from all over, together in love with each other to shoot this film, is I feel the most enjoyable part.

I also deeply feel that in the present, the film this kind of soft cultural things, in fact, is the most worthy of us to unite together, the best of their own dedication out, in a play to share with you.

Q: Sister Zhang has directed the film for more than 30 years, how do you think of the movie's position in your career now?

A: Ah! You're saying that I'm going to retire when I finish this movie, right? I think every age has feelings at every age, that to me the play, in fact, has been continuing from the beginning of the thought I have been continuing the question: I can become a bridge between people, the so-called bridge that is, I can become the previous generation and the next generation, A bridge between a man and a woman, or a man who does not speak, each of us has some life of depression or need to face the difficulties, in fact, if you can stand in other people's perspective to see things, in fact, I think communication is very important, to my age I am more able to jump out, Look at them from different angles and write them, so different people can find resonance, not just from a single point of view of the role I played, but from the transformation of the great age and the influence of the changing environment on all of us.

To talk about the end of the lights bright, the film brought to the moving but still in our hearts warm, beside the girl with me generally, crying red eyes, side blowing Nose said the film was exquisite, good for bringing their own mother to watch the shadow, their original family happens to be the same as the script in the generation, grandfather has a grand, sequel, Childhood vaguely had to return to see "another grandmother" memories, childhood do not understand the profound feelings, the times of love sad and happy, in this movie was awakened. She said I was in the loop of thinking, read the "Love Blind Date" want to pass the generation of love, at the same time more confusing the definition of love, we are the generation of the sudden, the sudden elimination of affection and a lifetime to keep a person's insistence has become a significant contrast, but you say how can love to the level?

The film gives an open ending, and delicately pats each generation's view of love, let you reflect on the meaning of love, love is always a choice-choose how to Love and be loved, perhaps the process of love can not avoid each other hurt, but the gentle will let us embrace thorns, not discouraged to practice again and again to find each other can understand the language, Love is a good date.

"Nian Nian" in our leading role through youth, lost youth that paragraph, explore the psychedelic dream, pain of love, reflect on the life of our beginner's mind, after four years, Sylvia Director with "Love" back to the big screen, as the English translation name "love education"-like, Lead the audience to explore the love of three generations, from all aspects of thinking "eternal" to the definition of love, but always do not take off human nature and beginner's mind, with a piece let us see the different values of the generations, the difference of love longing, behind but always holding the same beginner's mind-we practice in love, only to verify that each present, I love you all the best.

Take you to listen to the film theme song "On the flowers on the street," together into the theater to feel the delicate feelings of the film, as long as the best of the moment Blind date, even to use a lifetime to understand the truth of love is not a pity: