Taiwan Drama Performance Home: The First Intimate Contact , directed by Lee Tsung-hee, received a warm response and was set to play six games at the end of June and early July.Womany was honored to have personally visited the men and women: the group of men and women, and the first, intimate and intimate contact with them.

More than a decade ago, the Internet was beginning to become popular among households, and the Internet was not only a new network of interpersonal and information networking, but also a medium for personal creative expression.Among them, Tsai Chih-heng's "First Intimate Contact", published on BBS, was the beginning of a new series of online novels, and a wave of women and men moved across the island.The director of Li Tsung-hee, who was in service that year, was read on the train at the camp, deeply moved, forgetting me to stand by the station, and was thus "overdue" to be imprisoned.At this point, he expected that one day, "First Intimate Contact" could be adapted into a dance drama.Fourteen years later, the director was more than willing to reconstruct the character of that year, and also make good use of the features of the show, making the souls of the horns more complete and full of the souls of their loved one, which led to their marriage.In this interview, the main character of the interview is about the journey from rehearsals to the journey of the performance, the difficulties and the feeling of love, and to the love of each other.

Intimate Contact with Difficulties and

The first intimate contact between the two men and the starring dance drama series was also facilitated.We are all familiar with the two actors, and we can often see two outstanding performers on film and television.But it was really the first time that you saw them in the theater, and it was only a big one.The house of many famous films (Fang Syu) says that in the past, film shows and scenes work in the theater, and in the theater, they have to face the audience (even the second, third, and third floors.)It was a very big challenge for him to rely on his own energy to support the entire two hours of uninterrupted performance, but she said, " But!I am that kind of difficulty, challenges come, I'm not meeting them, I believe the kind of people I will regret very much!The regular group of people who participated in the "Conditions of the Earth" performance said, "I didn't even know what the story was before I got the script before I realized it was really a challenge."And the real challenge is to start rehearsing!When I first started rehearsing, I was wondering whether this was the right thing to do.However, it is said that the performance of the two actors in the film is very inscriptions, and even the audience wept into the invisible glasses.

But in fact, it really is not easy to be able to "move" the audience.The actors in the theater must release energy without reservation, so that they have the opportunity to do so.From the beginning, the director was rather bitter on the actors' emotions, and as the group said, "the director and the crew members" shared his own stories, and the actors who had been tied up with their own hands were also willing to pay for their own lungs. After such a process, they would have a sense of mutual understanding and security.The house also says that after this, the crew has become familiar with the speed of light, and every day they become more precise and more precise, and they all want to talk to each other.

selfless sharing to make each other

They constantly emphasize the very good emotions of this group, and the director even says, "This combination is a heaven."In addition to the first two close contact with the theater, there are two important soul figures: Yang Qi and Pei Xu. They are not only performing well in the show, but also giving the two interviewees a reminder and help in the performance during rehearsals.When Kuan Kung's rehearsals were a "ruffian" expert, he often felt that Peasher was a bit nervous, but he didn't say anything. He was a little nervous until one day he smoky, analyzing his recent performance, and how he might make a better suggestion, making him feel much better.And the house keeps emphasizing the selfless of the elder sister, and he is willing to share his experience, and she listens to my words, and then I can go from myself and interpret the characters better.

asked about the two most moving parts of the present performance, the two did not say the same word.It was a simple and easy part of the house. When it was a small dance, it was easy to look at this story, and it was easy to face up to the regrets that could not be resisted at the end.She was facing her life alone, and she chose to go on a date with the last night, Tsai, saying, "This is the last night, and tonight, it's a lifetime!"" Both of them said it was really painful, but they had to accept it. It was a very bad decision, but because it was accepted, it was a decision to be optimistic.If you do something trivial, you can only be able to end up in the last day of her life with the son of a fiancor Cai.

End of the

More clearly in this play, the two characters have a life of two characters. The first half of the story is based on the content of the novel, and the second half shows that the two characters are actually connected before they really encounter each other.And in this presentation, the design of the dance has played a very important role.Because it is a story on the Internet, a large screen is placed in the middle, symbolating the computer screen, which, because it is on a spinning dance platform, can pass through the rotation of the screen, the separation or merging of the space, or the passage of time, or just a door.With this kind of dance and lighting, the whole play doesn't need any dark fields. It can be a smooth and smooth show, and the audience is like watching a movie and watching the lead's life.

The house even says that every performance, she can feel a different light dance. At first, she feels unable to let go, because she may not be able to say one or two sentences, and the theater is like a living organism, and after the curtain rises, it will live.And this light dance has taught herself how to "relax" emotionally, allowing rational self-expression, more positive, relaxed, and even smaller women.In fact, he says, "I don't have any connection with him, but they have a lot of experience with first love." He hopes that he can also face emotions with ease and time, and enjoy the moment when he is more important.

More than ten years ago we, first love, was there a love relationship with the First Intimate Contact?If so, the real feelings of the actors will bring you back that kind of moves that year.If not, the show has a lot of small details, and it will bring you back to that moment when you write the "fate" on the "graduation album", so you can't help but feel sad: it used to be so many years!The time has passed, it's more important to enjoy the moment, and the precious thing about the theater is that every time we can't recreate it, we still have the option to go to the show, and spend the rest of our life together with the performers. " Just end up tonight, finish your whole life!"

When you talk about this very deep knot, both are serious


Finally, both the positive group and the house want to give the readers the same sentence: " Follow your heart. The truth is that these three words seem simple, but it's really hard to do.It is hoped that readers can follow their own heart and find out who they are, even if they are living in a framework of the environment, and they have to be fearless to communicate themselves.The girls' house even says that girls must love themselves, and that they have to be positive and optimistic about what they do, and that they have to be brave in the face of difficulties.

Intimate Contact for the First time > Performance

Director: Li Zongxi

Actors: Masonazu, Fang Siyu, Yang Qi, Li Pei Xu.

Performance Time: 4/20-7/10

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