Before I saw Ye Yang himself, only articles and photos from her network could be thought of as a kind of girl: "Ye Yang," a girl with elegance, elegance, and smartest.

The time of the interview was about the evening after work, ending a day of busy work and hurrying at the same time.When I saw her first eye, it was a beautiful girl. The eyes were very much like dolls!After a few words, the word "quiet" seems to have changed, but there is no doubt that she will be able to describe her in both internal and external terms. She will be able to feel the full vitality, passion, and glowing mind. Even after a day's work, she is still glowing with vigour.

Do not challenge the room, challenge one person

Ye Yang studied at the Institute of Planning and Management, but the university read the Turkish language of the political university, which seems to have no one to touch." Why choose Turkey, which seems to be less of a language?I can't help but ask." Because English was good when I was young, I came to learn the language!Dad says that English can be studied everywhere, and that it should be a bit more specific.It was a matter of course, "he said," There are a lot of languages in the administration. We used the deletion of the law: South Korea's mummism, the Arab need to be masked, I can't stand it, and Dad says their characters are like tadpoles, and I will not write, and Russia is too cold and cold."That's the Turkish language!"It's a very good answer, but she's happy to try, and she can see some clues from her personality."

asks about what kind of person you think of yourself as a person, unlike what we often hear: smart, serious, attentive, and she said, " No room.She then said, " I liked to do something different since I was a child.I have a lot of courage. Although I may often do a lot of things wrong, I still have the courage to do this, and I also like to do things by myself."

Doesn't one person feel lonely or afraid to do things alone?Her eyes are full of firmness, "Only one person can test whether she is bold."I hate people who say, "You don't dare to do this by yourself." There are two key words in this sentence, one being "dare not" and "one person"."I can't help but make a toast to a girl who is a girl!"I felt that strong and independent, but I didn't give people a feeling of being so close to me.

Because of this personality, she took every possible opportunity to exchange a student for a year in Turkey. One person was planning to go to Cambodia for five days to interact with the local beggars and beggars in the orphanage.Of course, it is hard for a person to adapt to the life of foreign countries and customs, and have experienced 17 female students sharing a toilet. They have to wait 20 minutes before they have hot water and have to wait until midnight.But Ye Yang has no complaint or regret at all. These experiences have taught her that she has never left her home since childhood, and that she really learned how to live independently.

The lively and lively expression of the leaf and the face of the face is the face of the face, and it makes people keep in their own stories.

write inside, write true

Most people know Ye Yang, perhaps the identity of her author.When asked how she thought she would start writing articles, her reasons were, as always, "because I wanted to take part in a literary prize and didn't do anything."She chose to use her most familiar themes to write, elderly, ill, care, and so on.For the first time, he won the First Prize of the Literature Prize of the Times.From then on, she began another career as a writer.

story of Ye Yang, like the story of a friend who might have been in your week, is very simple and true. Whether funny or funny, or sad, will make readers feel very close to themselves and touch one part of the mind.

A one-size-fits-all story is inspired by life, but will it not be possible to know what to write?"Interestingly, when you started writing, others knew that you started writing, and friends were willing to open their hearts and to share their stories with me," Yan said.She then said, "But of course, in order to protect the client, I would still make some minor amendments.""

Is she too hard for her to work as a writer, plus the author's identity?" When I heard it, I wrote it and thought about it.Writing is what I want to do best, and I want to practice it as a talent.Ye Yang was passionate about saying so.

Any matter that always encounters difficulties or bottlenecks, as a fixed columnist, it has to write an article every month, because every article wants to write better than the previous one, and Ye Yang has begun to feel the difficulties and pressure." But this is really hard, so the way I solve it is to look for a spiral upward, instead of straight up, so that I can slowly climb up.She said she was optimistic.

Always new challenges and opportunities for yourself

Last Leaf released the first new book < FYI, I miss you >, the story of eight real story stories, a book about losing and missing." These stories were written earlier, and I was more fascinated by what I had to do.Ye Yang introduces the contents of the book and says, "If you hear some very good people, you have no choice but to find some way to find some solutions. They all make me have a" wow!"So why do you feel like this, so I really want to write down and share it with the real emotions that you have in your life."

Now she starts writing some funny stories, a story of Ye Yang.You want to write down the impulses that young talent will have, and record the interesting things that have happened.And because it was the same person who felt the same person, she tried to break through the writing style, hoping to write a new personality.

Next she wanted to challenge the novel." I often just want to be a good start, but I don't know how to continue.But the novels can't be like this, and their hands and feet need to be long and good before they can be developed completely."It's another thing she hasn't done, and it's a matter she wants to challenge."

saw that we took the camera to take photos and asked us to shoot her in black and white.How can we refuse to refuse so many galling expressions?But every expression reveals her true feelings, doesn't do it, doesn't pinch, and this is Ye Yang.

Discover what you look like, it's charm

The envy of the workplace is the envy of the world. What kind of girl is it that is attractive?She thought about it, and she was serious, saying, " It's very charming to be a very expert girl.Everyone has her own characteristics. Some may be very, very gentle. They are tenderness experts, and they can solve everything softly."It's easy to be casual," said Ye. "No girl must be so charismatic. Everyone has his own way. I hope that the secular definition of a girl shouldn't be what it looks like."It doesn't have to be gentle and thrifty. It's what girls look like.It is to discover what you look like and to show it to the fullest."

" Be brave to do what you want to do." It's the last thing that Leaf wants to share with you.

Ye Yang is a non-spoiled girl, a unique idea that often makes people smile, and it is hard not to be attracted by her lively expression and unique charm in her conversation.When the interview came out of the outdoors to see the moon in the sky, suddenly we seemed to have had more courage, and wanted to take every opportunity to try and try more things.It's never been the womany of the traditional virtuous, virtuous, virtuous and virtuous. I also hope that everyone can discover the true self, and treasure every one of your original true faces.

Detailed introduction

The author of this article: womany editorial department/Cai Chun, Lulu Tsai