Handsome lady Desire and the City Special edition, wrote Samantha Jones., this episode writes Kelly Bradshaw, but she is indecisive and childish, how to say handsome?

"I spent 40,000 dollars on my shoes, but I didn't have a place to live?" I'm going to be the old woman in my shoes! "It's going to be forced to move out of the apartment," Kelly Bradshaw, Carrie Bradshaw, can't help complaining to her friends.

See here, you may sigh, hey, Kelly bluntly is a sexual indulgence and no money concept of worship diggers.

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Column Handsome lady depicts an agile woman. This episode chooses the indecisive and childish Kelly Bradshaw to be the protagonist, why?

Handsome Lady X Desire City, the first episode of the Samantha Jones. is the real practice of "sex and the City," bold experiments and exploration of the people. Kelly Bradshaw? She's probably just smart. The authors and writers join hands to create the most easily projected roles for audiences: beauty, intelligence, loveliness, sexiness, fashion, and love and writing.

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This longevity album, no doubt led the entire 90 's coquettish, to New York as the center of the world will radiate, all the young women are looking at her carrying Fendi Baguette purse in the city unbridled talk about sex chasing love figure.

They learn Kelly to drink Cosmopolitan, and follow her to know the brand shoes Roger vivier, Christian Louboutin, see how she turned the lust from inside out to the glamorous, the comments also followed Kelly as "a new era hero with Fendi package."

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However, in the "Sex and the City" series of movies after the release of the 2010-year period, comments the direction of the moment change.

Critics at home and abroad began to criticize Kelly's wayward, irresponsible, self-centered, spendthrift, articles such as "Girls should not take Kelly Bradshaw as the idol of 10 reasons 〉〈 because Kelly Bradshaw, I no longer see the sex city" began to be popular online, people can't wait to criticize Kelly said every word, every decision, Laughing at her cowardly fool has become the latest fad, even Sarah Jessica, who plays Kelly, has to admit, in a CBS interview, that "Kelly is so romantic, her concern is always love, love, love, and in some ways naïve".

Of all the decisions Kelly was considered naïve, the most reviled was the damage she had done to Ai's man, Aiden.

Some people you are destined to say sorry to him, thank you

Except for the big man, Aiden left the deepest life mark on Kelly.

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Aiden is recognized as a home man, as his favorite wooden furniture is as full of traditional American masculinity. Kelly is not a stay-at-home woman, but she appreciates Aiden's good, she thinks she can love him, then set out to try.

On this road, Kelly put her desire in the first place, in the intimate relationship hurt people hurt themselves. For example, when she was in contact with Aiden, she slept with a married figure (Mr.Big), for example, when she had no idea what she wanted, and almost married Aiden.

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But who knows what they look like from the start and who they want to live and what? Know how you can love, how to be loved? When Aiden has almost all the good qualities of social recognition, she spends more time than usual to know that the society is not praising you for what it is.

There are so many people, but the society tells you, the partner's correct appearance only has one paragraph, she finally must in the attempt and the mistake process gradually to understand oneself, knew oneself real contour and the desire.

Kelly is not a saint, she is weak, she is greedy, she hurt her lover also hurt herself, but she really seriously and hard scrutinized intimate relationship with each problem. Even if she raised so many questions, the answer is so little, but as the album advanced, we gradually found that there is no correct answer to life, people are always changing, there are too many solutions, many of the current confused pain must rely on forward to the future, there is energy and strength to clarify.

Match, you met yourself.

Her relationship with the big man is a mirror of love, two people are equally intelligent and sexy, but also the same selfish timid, are good at weaving romantic situations, but also dare not face the real problems in the relationship.

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They are afraid to admit to each other about exposing themselves, especially the less sexy part. The mirror is a reflection of two people's fear: I fear and unattractive self.

In order to ensure their perfect appearance in the mirror, they can only continue to burn each other's desires, and then in a cruel way to draw away, create and enjoy stimulation. So, finally, the "Sex and the City" series heartbreaking scene: Big and Kelly's wedding day, riding a gift car to run down.

This time, the big man left Kelly with the most embarrassing exercise, and the writer forced the audience to put Kelly's character to find the solution.

To match in Love is to meet another self. You want to get close and want to run away. But also these fears force you to step on your own topic, you have to ask yourself over and over again, what I fear most is what? What do I love the most?

No one love is right, if a love let you know yourself, let you face your own subject, let you practice to answer it, then this love is right. Regardless of love, you have grown and harvested in your life, you will not lose.

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Did you see it? Kelly's role is actually a problem set by the author for each audience, and she is asked to make the most obedient and intellectually bad choices again and again. Her roles and choices are challenging your sense of security in intimate relationships.

But Kelly has no safety line, she buys all she wants, loves whatever she wants to love, she just cares about her feelings, who doesn't want to be free?

Admit it, each of us lives in the heart of a proud and capricious Kelly Bradshaw, if you can, who do not want to have a sustained heartbeat of romantic love. But we do not dare to, we are afraid of injury, afraid to use logic, use of reason, before investing in detailed public instructions, hoping to avoid any risk for their own.

But there is such a role, dare to squander love and money, even if it calls her stretched, painful unbearable, but she does not also bear their own sins and suffering it?

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"It wasn ' t logic, it was love.--Kelly Bradshaw

Looking at her over and over again for our selfish and proud that part to make a choice, for us to fall, wounded for us, and again to stand up for us, stepping on the most shiny new brand high heels, you have to admire her honesty. It takes a lot of courage for a man to live a wayward life.

"To make yourself happy is the only moral." "Shagao said this sentence has Nu WA's power, she writes herself, also depicts the modern woman embryonic form." Desire City four protagonists each with its body to undertake Shagao-style morals, in the city on the road practice, we immediately launched the contemporary woman to happiness as the only life possible.

Society demands a lot of women, to be smart, to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be generous, to be gentle, to be good, to be Winliang, and to love can not be your eternal subject, you will eventually go into the family, become a mother.

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But why not always care about love? Who puts love on the opposite side of independence? Kelly, who writes love for Life, has to go through all the little things that girls love. Then again, who has the right to define for others what is the pettiness of her/his life?

Kelly to love to defeat, Love is stupid, this is not a magnificent defection of society?

So there is such a woman, to the whole world put words: "I do not care about your criticism, I only care about love, heart-beating love!" "handsome lady, there should be such a proud version of the courage and whims.

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Carrie Bradshaw Quotations

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Being single once meant that no one wanted you. Now, being single means you're sexy, and you can take the time to decide what your life is and who you want to spend it with.

Kelly Bradshaw

Somewhere in the world, there must be a little freak who will love us and understand us, and he will kiss our three heads and make everything better.

Kelly Bradshaw

I'm just a person looking for love. True love. Absurd, inconvenient, consumed, love that cannot live without each other.

Kelly Bradshaw

Maybe some people are not meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free, until they find people who are as wild as themselves.

Kelly Bradshaw

Some relationships take you to stimulate freshness and exotic, while others are old fashioned, some ask questions about life, some take you to the point where you never imagined, go far from where you are, and some will bring you back.

Kelly Bradshaw

What each love can contribute to your life, in those moments, they are all destined to help you open the new page of life, embark on a new journey, know and fulfill yourself. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to regret any previous relationship.

Eskimos have hundreds of kinds of words about snow, and we have so few words to describe the relationship.

Kelly Bradshaw

He's not my boyfriend, he's just the guy I'm trying to wear right now.

Kelly Bradshaw

I admit, a perfect boss, perfect parents, or a perfect outfit is really tempting, but perhaps the best is not to give up on us, the wonderful use of the hand we have been given, and accessories to decorate our existing set of combat clothing.

Kelly Bradshaw

Knitting Press: Our hands will not be known as the "perfect" card, but this is what fashion can bring you inspiration, you can for each of the imperfect parts, plus their own style, you are unique.

In all relationships, the most exciting, challenging, and important is the relationship you have with yourself. If you happen to find someone who also loves who you love, how wonderful it is.

Kelly Bradshaw