The 54th Golden Horse Film Festival will be held on November 25. The women's team will join you on Saturday to update the latest emotional update on the social website, and to share with you the highlights of the Golden Horse Film Festival that night.

The 54th Golden Horse Film Festival will be held on November 25 to compile a list of the 54 full details of the themes of love and love, and to see the life experience of the people of Taiwan.The director Huang Hsin-yao's director Huang Hsin-yao was looking forward to the use of a Taoist consciousness and a reflection of the society's thinking, and the director's work, "The Blood Kuanyin", was written in seven of the "blood-watching" and "deep-depicting" human nature.(Recommended reading: For the essence of the Golden Horse Film Festival: Selected: Difficiable Dilemma, All to Maintain a Good Heart )

the 54th Golden Horse Film Festival at the Golden Horse Film Festival, women's fans break records and break records at the age of 14, and enter the first Golden Horse for the first time, and the first time the gender roles are nominated and the Japanese guru Giu Shi.

Let's look at the 54th Golden Horse Film Festival together with you and see the new height of Asian film creation!

Golden Horse List

  • Drat
    • Easily + Happy
    • Fiesta
    • Carnival
    • Blood Kuanyin
  • Best Director
    • Geng/Ease + Happy
    • Culture/Carnivals
    • Yang Yiza/Blood Kuanyin
  • Best New Director
    • Huang Hui/Johnny.KK
    • Chen Shengg/
    • Huang Xinyao Big Buddha
  • Zhou Ziyang/Big Buddha
  • Zhi Ziyang/
  • Sickness/Veteran
  • Gold/Asturid
  • Best Actress
    • Shoqi/Forgetown
    • F/A Fun
    • Huiying Red/Blood Kuanyin
    • /Chuen/Sichuan
  • Best Actress Big Buddha
  • Chen/Big Buddha
  • Chen Zhishui/Alive
  • Best Actress
  • Best Actress/Alive
  • Xu Wei/Red Clothing
  • Best Actress
    • Best New Actress
      • Rama Zidane/Johnnie.Kap
      • Tsai Fan/Fang Yan
      • Wu Nien-hsen/Red Clothing
    Best Original Screenplay
    • Liu Jian/Big World
    • Zhou Xiaolin, Xu Hua, Hugh/Alive
  • Best Adapted Screenplay Best Adapted Screenplay
    • Li Paul/Village play
    • Wong Shing-yao/Big Buddha
  • Yan Ge/Fang Hua
  • Xu Hao/Knife-backed hide
  • Best photography
    • Wang Weihua/Happy + happiness
    • Chen Keqin/decibel
    • Middle Island Long/Big Buddha
    • Matthias DELVAUX/Veteran
    Top Visual Effects
    • Leaf, Liu, Eyewitness
    • All Hung, OnGuo, Chen Dike/Lie.You
    • Lin Chimin, Perry KAIN, Thomas REPPEN/Penderman
    • Bao Zheng Xun, Huang Mei-ching/Reporting Teacher!No, no, no, no, no,
    Best Art Design
    • Huang Mei/Grand Forever
    • Qiu Wein/Grand Forever
    • Shi Haiying/Fang
  • Optimist Design
    • Liang Tingting/Spring Knife II cultivation
    • Zhang Shuping, Zhang Shikang, Ferry/Ferry
    • Liu Xiaoli/Fang
  • Best Action Design
    • Samrin/Spring knife II Sculptor
    • Gu Xuan/King of Wukong
    • Amboud/Explorers
    • Xu Hao/Knife Ride
    • Hong Jinbao/Killing Wolves.Greedy
    • Kaibo, Li/Plastic Kingdom
    • Lin Tinbo/Big Buddha
    • Ryosuke
    • Big Buddha
  • Best Sound
    • Best Sound
      • Kao Wei Yan, Chen Wei-liang, Many Sound/Eyewitnesses
      • Du Tuk, Wu Xia/Dav,
      • Du Tuk, Wu Shuyao/Report teacher!No, no, no, no, no,
      • Jet Li, Yang, Jan, Warren, Warren, SANTIAGO, Richard HOCKS/ Red Clothing Girl 2
    • Best Original Movie Music
      • Lin Qiang, Xu Zhiyuan/Johnny.Keck
      • Kawai/Big Buddha head II on the battlefield
      • Lin Sheng/Grand Forever
      • I love Shangri-La/Big
    • I love Shangri-La/Big World
    • Don't/Big Buddha
    • Stay with me/
    Best Documentary
  • Best Documentary
    • Prism
    • Prism
    • Plastic Kingdom
    • Practice Questions
    • What are you looking for?
  • best animated feature
    • big
    • big world
    • small
    • Buck
    Best story short
    • Blind
    • Blind
    • Blaze and Spin
    • Ball Light and Spin
  • Best Animated News
    • Blind
    • City
    • City of Smog
    • About His Story
    • Dark Room Night
  • Year of the Year Film Worker
    • Huding
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Xu Feng