I'll take you with you. Review of the 54th session of the Golden Horse Film Festival, this year's Film Festival on gender discrimination, child sexual abuse, collusion between government and government issues, through exposing the dark, focus on social issues, is to let the community move towards a better future momentum!

November 25, 2017, the 54th annual Golden Horse Film Festival on the debut tonight, lead us to see into the film and television industry director, actors, staff, with a lifetime of love and perseverance, photographed the issue of concern and transmission of faith, the sincere to life to time, let time with the lens of the value of fermentation, with their own strength, scrolling a change.

To bring you together to review the Golden Horse 54 moving moment, when we have more meta gender issues and women narrative is photographed, the world will have more in-depth dialogue on gender, social issues:

Cross-sex role first shortlisted and awarded! Best Supporting Actor Chen: "Drama, and this society has an interaction"

The 54th annual Golden Horse Award, in addition to a number of Taiwan National Film Finalists, to create a new height for Asian films, and for the first time a transgender role was shortlisted for the film Festival, Chen the Trans-gender role of "Alif" Shelley, through the delicate figure of transgender people from inside to outside the self-identity and inner collision, award the best supporting Actor.

Drama, let oneself grow up, also have interaction with this society.

Golden Horse Award Best Supporting actor Chen Zhu L

When he won the prize, he said that he grew up through the show and that he had some interaction and communication with the society through the content of the play. And we, in addition to the movie footage, with the society to see more real life experience and social issues, the cross-gender role shortlisted and won the prize, but also let the world with a softer, deeper perspective of the daily and internal contradictions of transgender people, the story of the transgender is not only the film theme, but the bloody real life, Looking forward to having more meta sex narratives being heard, let the gender flow become everyday for everyone! (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but do not love the transgender side?) )

A pluralistic narrative of women! Best short story "Bright and squirt": With a deeper perspective, let the woman's story be seen

Best Short story Film winner Li Yishan, to shoot "light and spray son" to take the best short story, "Liang Liang and Spray son" This short film describes the 18-year-old girl, because to carry a family, bear the burden of caring for his brother born children's responsibility, and can not have a normal girl's life and childhood.

Li Yishan because of his life experience, mother is nanny, from childhood she will help bring children, although the family has boys, but the responsibility of caring for children always fall on the girl, and have "bright and spray son" story embryonic.

At the time of the award, she specifically quoted the Jessica Chastain, the Earl's ambassador and the presenter, as he had previously spoken at the Cannes Film Festival: "When the film industry has more and more female workers, we can use the female posture to describe more stories of the yuan, so that women's stories more in-depth to be seen. (Recommended reading: from "Celebrity Education" to "Supernatural Woman"!) Seven female force directors who change the narrative of masculine film

Child sexual assault is taking place! Wen Yan, winner of Best Director award: "For children who cannot speak!" 」

Wen Yan, the best Director-winner of the carnival, aims to explore and expose children's sexual invasion as the main axis, focusing not only on the physical and mental state of victims in sexual assault cases, but also on the relationship between people and society from sexual assault cases. "Carnival" in China as a story background, but to represent the world's universal issues, children's sexual assault and the plight of women. In addition to the revelations of Chinese red and white-blue kindergarten children being fed pills and pinhole-riddled sexual assault in recent days, the incidents of child sexual assault have been occurring all over the world!

The film "Carnival" with two women as the protagonist, the story of the minors in the hotel division of the maid, see the young girl to be taken to the hotel's primary school students Xiaowen as the beginning, in-depth discussion of the purity of the first night of the symbol, behind the patriarchal system Sanling female dilemma. The incident of the teachers ' sexual assault on the girl, based on the 2013 Hainan province, the principal officials of the sexual assault girl case, the feminist Ye Haiyan also at that time strongly expressed solidarity, concern, the past by the social heat of the case, but also because "carnival" was again remembered by the world, let the community pay attention to the issue of child sexual assault! (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" "Principal uncle the place where I pee" in the face of child sexual assault, you can do more )

Wen Yan Director in the acceptance speech also point out, children are affected by the world is the problem, not limited to specific regions, but also thanks to the actors in the play, deduce a need to pay attention to the social situation, for the children who did not make a sound, issued a voice!

Blood Guanyin to get the best plot film! Director Yang Yaqian: "Exposing some of the darkness is the driving force for social progress!" 」

54th Annual Golden Horse Award Best Drama by "Blood Guanyin" down, the main content is through three women's infighting to bring out the real society in the political and business collusion of human nature issues and the dark side, director Yang Yaqian, especially in the speech to the community reminded, blood Guanyin is not a positive film, in this need positive energy society, Sometimes exposing the dark is also a driving force for social growth.

When the collusion between the public and the businessmen becomes the social situation, all the people living in Taiwan should not be outsiders, pay attention to the issue of land justice, political and business corruption, we need to see the dark side of society and continue to pay attention to, supervision, do not let the silent spiral phenomenon of omission, such as "blood Guanyin" in the film did not hit "The world's most terrible is not the immediate penalty , but the love of the Future ", let us use a caring heart, pay attention to all the social issues that need attention!"

Love is the most important! "Old Beast" director Zhou Ziyang: As long as you love the world's most important things, you will have the power

The Best original Screenplay award by the "Old Beast" director Zhou Ziyang, the film "Old Beast" through a lost father side of the social and human changes, people step by step in the time of the difficult to Ann, close to the mind of the old beast.

The director in the speech warmly said: "I think the most difficult in the creation process is two things, one drama is an investment, I often think, if my life is only three years, I want to leave a film." There are anxiety, pain and melancholy in the process of filming, but Love is the most important thing, as long as you love the most important things in the world, you will have the power. 」

Tonight's Golden Horse Film Festival, we saw each of the workers engaged in film and television, because of the hearts of Love, the community has love, the film has love, so with a lifetime to adhere to the field of creation and film, that the power of love, not only affect the society because the lens to convey the idea of change, It is to hold all the film practitioners and the viewer's passion and the deepest link!