Find the way to play with time! Plan your daily Journey by hand, release your brain memory, and reduce your anxiety about the future by mastering time.

Hello everyone, I am the planning partner of play and time hand account Tin. Today I want to share with you the story of the birth of play and time hand account.

At first I heard the book, and I was wondering, what is a hand account? Isn't that the calendar? Later learned that, "てちょう" is actually Japanese, notepad meaning. Often at the same time will have a notebook, diary, or Calendar, two or more functions, can be applied to financial management, target tracking, project arrangements and other different goals.

Recall the use of similar hand-account products, there are probably: school contact book, the country's small exchange diary, high school exam planning, university's cramming reading progress. And out of the society, or with the use of existing methods, I am in the hands of the record of the total, sometimes record inspiration, sometimes sketch painting, sometimes write to do list. For me, the hand account is my other brain that helps me remember all the big things in life. (Recommended reading: "Hand book out of thebox" in the face of their own uneasiness and fear, there is a chance to leapfrog )

In fact, the book is a learning, it is necessary to practice

It was not until last year that I understood the importance of the hand account, and besides helping to remember, he was a reassuring man. At that time I had several projects in hand, on the one hand, in the inventory of gender hacker loose, on the one hand because of role adjustment, began to take the role of lab leader to think about the OMT lab 2018. The new mission is coming, and I'm in a panic, always feel that time is not enough, forget the East forget the rhythm of the West, the female fan of the eldest sister Wei Xuan, one day silently floated next to me, and I share how through the hand account, reduce my anxiety, and live in the future, everything can be prepared in advance.

The core of the time recording method that Wei Xuan shared (let's call him chunk time method) is to "visualize" and "block" the time. Visualization means taking time in any form (handwriting, painting) so that you can "see" and thus give you a sense of mastery. This can also help the mind to free memory, you can rest assured that there is a reliable partner to help you remember! "Block" is to divide the time into chunks, can be every 0.5-2 hours for an interval, set a goal within the interval, can help you focus on focus goals without distractions.

And then simply share my actual implementation (we can do different things according to the way we used to)

1. Objective development

First, I'll write down the key goals for the week in the top blank. (Remember, it's a goal, not a thing to do.) Having a clear goal can help you jump off the to-do item and constantly think about new ways to achieve your goals.

2. Fill in when the week has been determined itinerary

I would draw a fixed schedule (like a one or five-week regular party) and a meeting last week, and so on.

3. Objectives and matters for the planning of flexible transfer time

You can see that the timeline is divided into two types of time, one that has been identified, one that has not yet been scheduled. But also can be divided into two kinds, a very large (about 2-3 hours) a small (about 0.5-1 hours). These two kinds of time will be based on personal habits, and have different planning. Like I like to do things in small chunks of time (that is, no more thinking about planning), and in chunks, I arrange 1-2 hours a week to think, and the rest of the time is for planning. (Recommended reading:2018 women fan Play and Time hand account: Beyond the clock, to be a free man )

4. So the week will be the different target at different time point relay completes.

Using a chunk of the time method through the hand account allows me to know exactly what time of the week is planned, what to do, and what to do in the time block. It sounds simple! The first week of the trial will be a little bit uncomfortable, you may want to adjust the time block, but gradually you can master all the progress of the week, and then further the next week to finish things first. This is called a chunk of time to live in the future law.

And from this point on, the hand account helps me rethink what is most important at the moment, helping me to live in the future and prepare for tomorrow. He seems to be my assurance, write down the goal, write down the direction, not far from the achievement.

Play and time hand account?

Women fans The team starts this year with a weekly target sharing time each week, and President Audrey (our chief editor) thinks that the highest level of time management should be "not chasing time, not tense time, not afraid of time, but playing with time, plays with time", and we are in play and exchange, the output of a number of plays with the time, each partner has its own game.

One day, there are always 10 million kinds of wonderful ideas of Wei Xuan, silently surfaced: "Many partners and readers will meet the challenges of time management, we can not through the hand account, the play with the spirit of times, to share with you, let everyone grow together, effective every day?" "I see her piercing eyes to know that let's do it!

Before starting a project, we must first understand the user's problems, as well as the habits of the calendar, the journal, the way the hand account. After discussing with the designer Anu, I decided to start out with the two version of the design, share our plans with the readers, and get to know the readers through questionnaires. Only one weeks, there are thousands of readers to share enthusiastically, "must have a wide range of blank, so that you can do as you like", "I love the Weekly notes at a glance, the timeline can help me plan", "I like the feeling of companionship", " Would like to take a trip "and so on, suddenly feel like they really live up to expectations, must launch a good work to share with you, so began with the designer Anu, copy Ambassador Wanyun's struggle. (Recommended reading: Women's book Design notes: Want to be a free person, starting from writing )

You are the hero.

In the discussion of the hand account to the user's process, we have been thinking, what do you need? What is the pain point of everyone? Later we found that, in fact, the book is the epitome of life, we have encountered any problems in life? What changes do we want to make? After a long discussion, we found that the fact that the hand account wants to change and provide is what women fans have been insisting on continuously, that is support and empower women.

We want to be with the hands of the master, you you you share, the power of women. Through the design of the copy of the book, let everyone see women and let everyone live themselves. Therefore, we select women from all walks of life in the east and west, hoping to share with you the diversity of women, she is the first programmer, she is the founder of modern dance, she is a feminist, she is a politician, she can be all roles. At the same time we include more related to you and gender-related important festivals, hope that through such a small step, so that more people to pay attention to the story of women.

We would like to invite you to become your own master. We know that it is difficult to set goals, so design 4+1 dimensions, hoping to provide you with direction and clues. We also know that you like flexible changes, sometimes want to illustration, sometimes want to use the timetable, and sometimes want to try to understand the four quadrants, more often, will create a unique way of use. Therefore, the design combines the timeline with the blank grid line of the week, hoping to make you always strive for excellence, in the changeable generation, find play and time rhythm.

Always want to give you a little more

Because you are so precious, always want to give you a little more

We also provide some small surprises, such as in the Special festival will be paired with the relevant text, and you celebrate, share the festival. Design the world map, hope to accompany you around the world, broaden your horizons. In the end also provides a link to a woman fan article, so that you want to read the original text of the golden sentence, you can go to the woman fan website search. And also, we've also prepared how-to-use, share your physiological cycle with you, and know yourself four steps, and then we're more expecting you to share your own ways of using, in women's books and time playing Facebook community .

In addition, as long as the thought is to accompany the dear you for a whole year, women fans of the team's partners, are all picky. We adhere to the soft feel of the book, after trying dozens of cortex, the choice of moist texture, multiple elastic synthetic leather. and invited Taiwan's Seiko Master craftsman, personally for each of the hands of the book Hot with the time gold. At the same time also know, love to write your paper must be very fastidious, special selection than the general hand account thicker a little bit of paper, without increasing the weight of the pen to experience the beautiful writing.

For you, it must be the best. (Secretly said: "In the Farewell page, hiding a woman fans want to talk with you," quickly to look at what is!) )

Women fans believe that the power of writing, the power of writing, more believe that through the paper through the text, can be a person's mind sublimation, into a life with the memory, and the soul is produced. Let's have the honor of play and time, accompany the soul of the transformation of every moment.