Portrayal of the real human nature of infighting, "blood guanyin" scrolling a dark surge in the struggle, the play everyone is difficult to escape fate, and in reality, we have a clearer eye, insight into the world?

Blood Guanyin, Guan Yin dyed blood, do not forget motherly.

Yes, the best sludge does not dye, it is best to look like a person, like the opening of the fake leg, of course, if the blue and white porcelain, clean, do not provoke a little flaw, not to strangers, do not know who has the ability to laugh to the last.

"Blood Guanyin" back to women a lot of the lens. This is a drama that appears to be dominated by women, men close to foil, not into the play. The official madam is not sinecures, you thought the tea to see the picture to chat, all is the sale, does not have the woman's tactful communication, which has got the anchao turbulent political climate.

From another point of view, the consequences of the arrogant, the rap, the head account, are all women. Men do not have to be present and are waiting for ladder.

"Blood Guanyin" drama, color is heavy, bright as the other side of the red flowers, there is the devil's gentleness, the opening of the string brush down the box, the audience you may as well as a fable to listen to the story.

Love is the best control, you say I am not your brand-name bag

The Tang family sells antiques, what is really done is to buy and sell, all kinds of business.

The Tang family does not see the man, the whole Yu Ying lady is the Lord. Mrs. Tang like to help their daughters custom-made clothes, beautiful is mother and daughter outfit, in fact, grow up to wear uniform, tonal uniform, love is the best control, your clothing determines how you are watched, must be appropriate, to be like a person, to represent the Tang family. (Recommended reading:"Flower Intensive reading drama" "Blood Guanyin" in the name of love control and possession, not real love )

Blue, it seems the most gentle, is the most indisputable. I was very impressed by the scene, Mrs. Tang said that she is the bottom of the people, can not control the decision of the people, she knelt, it seems helpless, blue is the color of the sea, you do not know that the blue, behind what exactly, Anxia poison.

Tong Ning know beauty good use, mother from childhood taught her, the body is a weapon, the best soft, and how the smiling, send themselves out, the eyes, can exchange a lot of good things. Tong Ning to develop a brand name, is to beautifully to end her out, the key to use, even the shirt is ready to be properly.

She had not, and Mrs. Tang had to raise one more. Perhaps Tong Ning is the most sober person in the play, but also for human life is not worth, there is anger, but also cry, but also think of another to the future.

Tong really, the youngest child, to play the best child. She knew that the child had better play silly, the best obediently obedient, the best pretended not to understand, she naïve has the evil, the heart has jealousy, the adult actually thought she did not understand? She looked at the eyes, a time, and learned to go, to play a grown-up like children that is the easiest.

Tong really traveled through the mountains, fled the real mother, she did not want to become like mother, she will be the one to work, but also to live better than her. Tong really did not see that group of sea fireworks is actually a family instruction, she did not hear Tong Ning last only said "to live like a person." Tong really probably thought, is not smart enough to mix, but don't know, Tong Ning is tired too long, do mother's brand-name bag, good-looking is good-looking, a little soul is not. (Recommended reading:"Japanese culture Watch" poisonous mother, emotional blackmail of the pro-post )

Tong Ning why insist on painting, determined to accompany her to buy pigments, her whole body can be false, only painting can not deceive. Only the painting, will permanently leave her soul.

In the painting, the Tang family holding hands, Tang's wife and Tang sincerely have read, only Tong Ning eyes look ahead, like to see through their own destiny.

I'm for your own good, you're all the same, nothing's fake

There are banquets in the blood Guanyin, the business and the spoils, shady trade, the surface is still to Wenwenmingming, polite, money in private and then turn, people in the dark to kill. Kwan-Yin broken hands in the disaster, the disaster, the future you will know.

In the end everything is fake and everything is well designed. There are sets in the set, friendship is jealousy, family is the use of love is seized, only desire, Liang, all true.

It is said that director Yang Yaqian has always wanted to film the political and business collusion in Taiwan, want to make white gloves, the script came out early, until the shooting before the decision to use a female perspective to tell the story, the story is rich, it seems not boring.

Publicity film, the poster, the strongest female black school, women also have scheming, not only the gentle vanilla, not only play dumb maiguai, and sometimes the calculation is forced by the situation, and finally, such as Bodhisattva, out of Joe, out of the disaster. Kwan-yin Dye blood, cut are their own kind, Tang lady that classic, "I'm sorry, I interrupted," you this Congressman Special Assistant law is not clean, I have long been looking down.

Yang Yaqian in order to film, began to read Zhang ailing, read a woman autobiography, read mother and daughter of psychological entanglements, understand that generational, and progressive oppression. "I am for You" is a good sentence, Asian society, everyone loves to say, Yu Shilin to Lin, so Lin-Pian said to Marco, Yu Shi to the Tang Ning said, Yu Shi Ning to the Tang really said, in fact, the bottom of my heart still a little look forward to, that will be true. (Recommended reading: chivalrous woman's internal force!) Interview with simply wish: "Feminist efforts to let feminism Die")

"When you hear the words of horror, as long as you face it, there is no need to fear, when you face the horror of things, as long as you have the courage to face, there is no more to worry about." "Mrs. Tang held her daughter's hand, painted bright red flowers, but also under the guidance of chess, mother and daughter upbringing in the play, is to teach you how to overcome all difficulties, to achieve your selfish desires and purposes, do not forget to survive."

To live, to be beautiful and to live.

The last scene, Tang really looked at the Tang, low Nan rescued her, tore up the first aid consent, right, because I forbid you to die so early, so easy.

"The scariest thing in the world is not the immediate criminal responsibility, but the future without love." 」

"Blood Guanyin"

I said, "blood guanyin" really good-looking, not in that scheming, but in that is completely lost, but also pretend to love. Such aristocracy have the power to have the potential, no longer love, really so worth pursuing and copying it?