Is the pre-marriage agreement the only legal contract with a partner?After the marriage has changed, you can actually establish a new financial base regulation!

The post-nup is actually a pre-nup, which is a prenup. He can actually benefit from a lot of benefits!Let us look at the following examples.

Miss Card, a 50-year-old woman, married a successful real-estate tycoon, and she quit her job and took care of the children at home.After 30 years of marriage, there was always a big quarrel, and she discovered that her financial weakness was not a source of income.

After the situation has been resolved to her, counsel believes she must know that she is in fact able to have her own income!After the husband agreed, a marriage agreement was drawn up: the husband had to give her some money every month (as in the case of a salary), regardless of whether they were divorced or not.After all, "housework" has already been pointed out by many economists to be unlabour-intensive.

What kind of situations do you need, and what are the letters of agreement after marriage?

    1. husband is a gamble, but he has guaranteed that all the bonds will be available.

    2. has inherited a legacy and has invested in her husband's business.But he has to guarantee that after the divorce he will return all of them.

    3. The husband is responsible for paying tuition for the stepchild, and so on, and so on, hoping that he will be as good as your children.

Each couple has a different way of getting along, but everyone can work together to draw up your own "new game rules."

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