"Handsome lady" to look at how Meggen Markel defy the secular, adhere to the value of life! 11 years old, she wrote to the president for women's rights, and she said: "I am proud that I am a feminist." 」

Britain's Prince Harry and American actress Meggen Markel (Meghan Markle) announced their engagement on Monday (11/27), a ceremony to be held next spring, the exact date and venue have not yet been made public, and news has quickly swept the globe.

It was curious to see Megan, who was about to marry into the British royal family, who, after all, was neither British nor aristocratic, and had less knowledge of Ummegen.

But in fact, Megan is far more than that, she graduated from a prestigious university in the United States, major in drama and international Studies, during the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires internship.

After graduation, she enthusiastically devoted herself to the drama, even if the graduate from Northwestern University, she can still put down her posture, in order to have as much flexibility as possible to participate in the audition, for a long time, she played all kinds of odd jobs, in the restaurant as a waiter, for their own meager living expenses, she knew her goal, then do not think bitter. (Recommended reading:"They have the mirror, tell their story" Flip the stereotype of the gypsy girl )

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By her own efforts, she won the important role of suits, one of America's longest-lived albums, and she became a professional actress, but in fact she was more than that, and she had many identities.

"I can proudly say that I am a feminist."

Megan was not just a well-behaved good student, she had been invited to speak at the U.N. Women's office, talking about how she accidentally became a very famous little feminist in her 11 year of age.

That year, she saw a detergent ad on television, and the ad copy read: "Women all over America are busy fighting a greasy dinner plate." The two male students in her class immediately echoed: "Yes, the kitchen, the women belong there." "She remembers that she was shocked and angry and hurt and felt that things needed to be changed, and she went home to tell her father that her father encouraged her to write a letter to the person who might have changed the matter."

"In my little head, I think if there was someone who could change that, it would be the first lady of the United States." So she wrote a letter to the then First Lady, Hillary Clinton. At the same time, she wrote a letter to the media reporter who had obtained her own news information, and the detergent company. Soon, she received a reply from Hillary Clinton to express her support. (Recommended reading:"If you believe in equality, you are feminists" women's Day London Live!) Emmahuasen 10 Wonderful gender manifesto

One months later, the detergent company also replaced the ad copy, and changed it to "people all over America are busy fighting a greasy dinner plate." Megan has learned that many things can be changed by their own power and actions.

Outside her actress career, she is the Goodwill Ambassador for Global Vision Canada, an initiative for clean water in Africa, and a spokesman for the United Nations on the issue of women's participation in politics. Speaking at the U.N. Women's office, she told all the audience at the table with a mild, firm smile, "I am proud to be a woman and a feminist." "(I ' m proud to be a woman and a feminist.)

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Divorce, double race, sibling love

For the British royal family, Megan's identity has definitely brought a lot of excitement.

In fact, before she knew Harry, she had been married and divorced. She is not only British, she also has a bi-ethnic identity, her mother is African-American, this is the first time the British royal family to meet the members of African descent to join. And, Megan and Harry are three-year-old siblings, though nothing to fuss over Harry's father Charlie and Pamela's affair.

These background, but also make the British media on Megan's report harsh to the extent of unfairness, but there are some historical factors in it.

The British royals were married to the Americans and had to go back to 1937, when Edward VIII married American Wallis Simpson (Simpson). The marriage ended in divorce, became a national scandal, the public and the media can not accept such a result, Edward VIII was forced to give up the throne.

60 years later, British media are still hostile to Prince Harry's relationship with Megenmarker.

She and Prince Harry in 2016 as a couple in public place, two people have been closely monitored by the media, the British media to Megan's report is full of ridicule and attack, Prince Harry could not help but a rare statement, criticized the British media to Markle's report too much emphasis on race, Hinted that the British media for the half of the African descent of Megan, deliberately with racist tone of the report.

Megan herself is relatively light on media attacks, she implicitly said in an interview with vanity world, "I'm surprised that many things in life have changed in the instant, but I still have a solid support system around me." "She didn't forget to thank her boyfriend for coming forward," of course, the boyfriend is also a very important source of support. 」

Harry, an atypical prince, encounters an atypical top, and others feel that they are, and for them, they just understand each other.

Not a typical vase, Megan has her own political voice.

As we look more closely at what Megan has done in the past, we will find that she has long been a vocal voice for women's political representation and female self cultivation. She was not afraid to express her views on politics when she was interviewed, and to talk about feminist practice.

"Almost every script has this description of the female role of the first appearance: Rachel walks into the room around a towel." And I just said one word to that script: No. When you are at a certain stage of self cultivation, you will begin to reject such requests directly. "Megan confessed on the show. (Recommended reading:"Handsome lady" to debunk the truth of Hollywood sexual harassment Jacedoux: I never regret what I said )

"I think the dialogue on feminism should begin at an earlier stage of education and we should treat ourselves as we treat our best friends." Even a small generosity, grace, and empathy can change many things at a wider level. 」

"Those who dislike women often worry that once women have more power, the situation will get out of hand." But the truth is, when you empower women, it means empowering an entire community. 」

Megan became a modern, adventurous, assertive, courageous female symbol, and after the marriage was announced, the media at last began to give her a more balanced story, and people were excited about her impending admission to the British Royal family--she even became a new fashion icon.

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In Monday, Megan announced an engagement with Prince Harry outside Kensington Palace, wearing the brand's windbreaker, a Canadian brand line, which crashed in a frenzy of sales in the one-hour period.

Fashion has not only been about the popular, it also shows the psychological state of the whole society, the community is now eager to be as fresh and brave as Megan, both firm pursuit of career enthusiasm, but also the courage to the human rights of women and political stance of the new model of the royal family.

As the successor to the throne, Prince Harry's Bride, Megan has a certain leeway than the Princess Kate, she can be more adventurous, freer, do not need to be as meticulous as Princess Kate, which also allows the major fashion brands to start their own muscles. Megan is not only a new stimulus to the British royal family, how to design the traditional elegance of the royal family and her freedom and enthusiasm for Megan, will be a fresh challenge to the fashion brand.