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After the Lu Liyao hand take #MeToo slogan, exposing past sexual assault experience

Photo source | Lu Liyao Face book

Recently, the hurdler Lu Liyao in his face to write a text, holding #MeToo slogans, exposing past sexual assaults, beginning to think about the suicide of a female writer Lin Yi, and hoping to share her experience to force more victims to stand up and work together to reverse the emerging issue of sexual abuse, The following excerpts are part of the Facebook text:

I was sexually assaulted by my former coach.
This summer, I saw the Taiwan female writer Lin case, I am very impulsive my childhood unpleasant experience, but I do not have the courage.
A few months ago, the idea of the McKayla Maroney, a gold medalist in the gymnastics, was once again sprouting from the experience of social media confessions being sexually abused by the physio.
After many years, today I summon up the courage to tell the truth, there are three purposes:

-Arouse attention to sexual abuse of children
-Encourage unfortunate victims to stand up bravely
-Let the public understand that sex is not embarrassing, shameful or not openly discussed.

I am grateful to McKayla Maroney, because of one of her actions, I am willing to revisit this matter, brave to face the past, hoping to bring more positive impact to more people.

Lu Li far more than in the text of the appeal and she has similar encounters with the victims of sexual assault, bravely stand out, actively to the people around to seek assistance, do not let silence and viper the perpetrators. In spite of the Chinese culture, talking about sex is still considered a shame shyness, but as long as the victim is willing to come forward, such courage will affect many many fellow travellers. (Recommended reading: My pain can not be reconciled interview Lin: "has been inserted, will not be smoked out")

She also made it clear that as a sexual assault survivor, she understood that it was not herself, not her parents, not the school, but the person who violated her. Lu Li, in order to improve such sexual abuse, stood up and determined: "As a victim, I am not ashamed." I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I want you to clap your hands for my courage. "I am not broken." It wasn't my fault. I am growing strong. I refuse silence. "It's a talk from a #metoo survivor, and it's my voice. 」

Finally, she mentioned at the end of the article, write the text of the time is her 23 birthday, the truth that the export is a relief, but also the initiative to change herself from victim to survivor, which she will give her birthday gift.

Since Harvey Wehnstein sexual harassment of the Hollywood actress incident, more and more actress, athletes, women, to disclose their past experience of sexual abuse, these are determined to let the community continue to face up to the issue of sexual aggression, so that the #metoo of the storm burning, to touch more victims to reveal the true face of the perpetrator. (Recommended reading: from small chili Peppers to Renee Yas Sedoux!) Female star's bitter confession: Weinstein and Hollywood rape us with power

Women's rights promote social progress! Ivanka calls for India to eliminate gender disparities in the job market

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According to the Hindustantimes , Ivan Trump, who arrived in India at 28th this month, exchanged views with Indian Foreign Minister Swalagi (Sushma Swaraj) on female entrepreneurship and women's rights issues, followed by Indian Prime Minister Morty (Narendra Modi met, and in his capacity as head of the US Presidential advisor and delegation, attended the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Forum (Entrepreneurship Summit 2017) and delivered a speech. (Recommended reading: women generally low pay!) World Economic Forum: Only after a century will it be possible to wait for gender equality

Ivanka mentioned in his speech, if India can shorten the Labor gender gap, India's economic growth will be more than 150 billion U.S. dollars in the next 3 years, she also stressed that the United States Government is providing more opportunities for women around the world, the past 10 years, female entrepreneurship has also been notable achievements, the United States existing more than 11 million women to start a business, Tens of thousands of workers, creating 1 trillion dollars in revenue.

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Ivanka pointed out that encouraging women to start a business and lead the enterprise is not only beneficial to the society, but also helps the economic growth. Studies show that if the gender gap in global entrepreneurship shrinks, it will allow global production to grow by 2%.

The theme of this year's General Assembly, "Women first, everyone sharing wealth", Ivanka also praised Indian prime Minister Modi's earlier remarks:

"Without women's rights, human progress will not be complete." 」

Indian Prime Minister Morty

Indian Prime Minister Modi also said in a speech, it is a great pleasure for India and the United States to host the Forum, which will allow all of us to work together to promote the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, noting that the empowerment of women is important to human development and that human history has seen many times the remarkable talent and determination of women, such as the mission to the Indian Mars Orbiter, Women scientists have made a great contribution.

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which lasted 3 days from 28th to 30th, was attended by a total of 1200 business leaders and investors from 127 countries, and the Conference was attended by 52.5% women and was the first to surpass men in the forum for 7 years.

True beauty comes from the heart! The first woman with Down syndrome won the Miss America Spirit Award

"From a handicapped beauty pageant to the world's largest beauty pageant." This is a little crazy. "--holmgren

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According to the DailyMail , November 26, 2017, the 22-year-old Mikayla Holmgren A history at the American beauty pageant in Minnesota, becoming the first woman to have Down syndrome, to attend the Miss America pageant and get The Miss America Spirit Award and Director award.

Denise Wallace Heitkamp, executive director of the beauty pageant, said: "Miss America's Spirit is to be true to herself, and to put others in the first place forever." You have the ability to be selfless, humble and overcome obstacles, your face always with a smile, with enthusiasm. 」

Mikayla Holmgren began to learn dance since childhood, she enjoyed the feeling of performance in front of the crowd, the stage is her strength and happiness of the place, she also on the beauty pageant show the self-confidence side of the dance. She spoke confidently and firmly about the meaning of dance to herself: "Dancing is the way I express myself." It's my gift, and I want to show them that I can do more than just do it. "As early as 2015, Holmgren participated in the " Miss amazing " beauty contest for people with disabilities. (Recommended reading:"World Log" Peruvian beauty pageant refused to report measurements!) Miss Beauty pageant: We read the statistics of Battered women aloud! )

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She was shocked and horrified to find herself in the world's biggest competition from the handicapped beauty pageant: "I was shocked, I even cried!" I could have walked from a disability pageant to the world's biggest beauty pageant. It's a little crazy, really. "Despite a lot of preparation before the competition, have to go shopping, simulation interviews, through repeated preparation and practice, to stand on stage, including makeup and hair, but Holmgren's mother is still proud of her daughter's pioneering:" She will be a pioneer, leading those who do not know how to practice the dream of the people forward! " 」

Through this pageant, we see beauty, in addition to the appearance of a broader, more open definition, a person infected others chasing dreams of goodness and enthusiasm, really beautiful!