Every Monday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? If you want to send warmth to loved ones in the winter, recommend four kinds of Bong-LOVE act!

Hold on to the coat collar, you alone in the cold wind whispering streets, as far as possible to tighten the neck, pull high sweater neckline, heart unwilling to show a pair of eyes, celibacy walking in the winter streets only feel lonely, distant faint from the Christmas song, lively and jubilant with small ridicule; sliding open community software, Friends uploaded a few photos of the city decorated with Christmas lights, branches withered streets like flashing hope, every pair of lovers standing under the light of blessing, a shallow smile with happiness aperture, only one person, tainted this holy picture, you have to hold a quilt at home, imagine and future lovers dating.

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Never understand why you want to fall in love on a winter's day? In addition to the festive atmosphere that followed Christmas, Madeleine Mason, a psychologist, said in the British independent that it was a disease-known as "Seasonal Love disease" (seasonal dating disorder). She pointed out that autumn and winter is the so-called "turmoil season", the single person is always eager to have in the autumn and winter to have their own "prison" serious love. According to the American online dictionary Urban Dictionary explains, cold days and long indoor activities tend to make single people feel lonely and crave a stable relationship, and when summer comes, these people often experience abandoning their partner and embarking on a cycle of exploring desires. (Recommended reading:"If you want to" have a unique dating experience!) Recommend four dates for a good place to go

This model is not only a simple by-product of the Millennium World's frivolous dating culture, but a common phenomenon known as "seasonal love disease".

If you are a seasonal love patients, eager to find their own in the cold winter of the warm, recommend you four kinds of Bong confession law, in the winter before the advent of their own to find a warm companion, to warm up for the winter!

Surprise note: Hot drinks with notes, not only warm hands more warm heart

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The day of the cold, the street hand-cranked drinks are hotter, hand a cup of hot drink in the winter of rare warmth, if you want to confess in winter, do not forget to buy hot drinks let the lover warm hands, attached a small note bar! Usually do not say words, want to pass the sweet greasy, are hidden in the sweet drink and words: let us do each other's lovers, my brain capacity is very small, can only remember the most precious small things, such as you smile when exposing a few teeth, your drink like a small piece of sugar ice, your back neck has two eyes for a lifetime of moles, let us do each other's lovers, Put the figure into each other's trivial daily.

Try to boil a pot of winter hot pot: We eat the happiness that accompanies each other

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Hot pot of hot water Pentium, a lid of the aroma overflowing, is the warmest memory in winter, there are always a few hand shuttle in front of the eyes, with a laugh, divided food around the happiness of eating. Try to cook a pot of hearty little hotpot for him on the night of his lover's overtime. In the cold days, thin count he will be home time, put down the food, soup's voice forced wave, like your heart, full of looking forward to the lover home, thump thump: Let me be your lover! I would like to be in the cold at midnight, with you in the streets to find a hot pot shop, or patience for you to boil a pot of soup, in the curl of steam with you each other, share the mood chew daily. (Recommended reading: Cargo notes: The cold days of Bong pot! Taipei Private Pot Material Shang )

Wrap you up tightly with your overcoat: use warmth to withstand the disappointments of your life

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Weeks after work date, see him come down in the face, you are not anxious to tear his sad, just faint but reassuring to open their hands, the tightly wrapped coat open, lend your bosom warm will he tightly wrapped, accompany him to the life of the unhappy slowly picked up, back to complete their own, the healing process you can not for him to experience, But always willing for a person stationed in situ, to protect his fragile heart: If your life is cold, I would like to put the position of the bosom to you, when you need sustenance to me here to find some comfort, feel there is a person guarding your warm.

Warm warm up for you: in your pocket, in the heat of the hot bag

A sudden dinner invitation, not in advance about good neck look forward to, more is surprise and tension of shame shyness, in the restaurant alley waiting for Love, the first warm bag ripped, side rub hot side to see whether the arrival of lovers. May a man stand in the cold wind, with his pockets ready to warm him up in advance, in the arrival of his dusty road, unexpectedly warm bag into his hand: this is I in advance for you rub warm warmth, we do not hold hands or just friends, for your warm, is my implicit and forthright love. (Recommended reading: Love You is my own business!) From Shagao to Chanel's atypical love quotes collection )

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Whether you are a seasonal lover or not, if these love-loving methods can help you find some happiness in a cold winter, let us boldly show our love to the important people in our lives. Not only the lover, those who accompany you to get through every face, family friends or even colleagues, let you know, the daily unrest someone is willing to accompany you to take, the days are under the pressure of the rough, but also in these small but good times, soft up, became the glittering ornament of life.

If you want, why don ' t you?