Women fans launched the Global Gender Impact Awards , nearly thousand people nominated attention, gender is happening, everyone is involved, everyone has influence.

2017 Time magazine elected the year's man--silence breaker, break the silence, say people dare not say, there are thousands of gender-based violence #METOO, contributing to change, the world is not good enough, to imagine a better world.

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In the sixth year of the sex journey in 2017, we chose to launch our first Global Impact Award this year. These years, we see that gender has its history and evolution, the struggle of half a dozen years ago, so that we now have the legitimate gender rights and interests, at this moment we scroll the gender discussion, we may let the future people live more free, the interests of the struggle to rely on is not a few people, but a group. A group of people stand up and act, no sex, no age, no country.

To this end, the Global Gender Impact award was born, through the annual gender events of the joint nomination, comb selection, vote praise, events are not just events, but the impact of the image, we also call for the next step to invite more people, pay attention to gender issues, to tell gender stories, to achieve gender change. (recommend you see: I believe I am important!) Global Women's Impact Forum: influence is for greater faith than you strive for

Sex is a group of people, no one is a bystander

In October this year, we released a questionnaire on the retrospective of the annual gender incident, which accumulated close attention to the thousand people. The age group, which spans 20 to 60 years old, has a reply from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and asks about the level of satisfaction with the global gender status, with the scores of grades failing 2.59/5.

Looking back on the progress you've made this year, we see that gender participation is in fact a myriad of gestures--someone who shares their personal participation in the Taiwan-marriage bill, a round-trip to Taipei, and a deeper understanding of marital equality; an independent photographer who shoots a sex-reversal work that makes sex no longer taboo There are mothers and children discussing what is the gender framework and encouraging children to live their own lives; some people think they are conservative, but this year they try to understand and discuss, and the Foundation promotes the concept of sexual consent and advocates only Yes Means yes. (Recommended reading: An interview with the Modern Women's foundation: girls have very little sex language, even say cool is very difficult, how to say is violated? )

Gender is happening, landing life, everyone is participating, everyone has influence.

Then, the editorial team combs the nominations and collects the data. This year, we have a lot of heartache, whether in Taiwan or internationally, the seriousness of gender-based violence is obvious.

Taiwan "Fang Siqi's first Love Paradise" book published and its events, to awaken Asian gender awareness and focus on the power invasion, according to statistics, the establishment of sexual assault accounted for about 17% of the case, which embodies a huge gap between age and authority, so that victims more difficult for their own voice; From the Silicon Valley of sexual harassment to Hollywood Weinstein events, sexual violence is actually a product of power, the victims lack to make them feel safe voice space, sexual violence has long been a common phenomenon.

This year, it is also a year of brewing change--a 30-year struggle by Taiwan's constitutional recognition of same-sex marriage, which will make Asia's first country to pass the same-sex marriage bill, and India #AintNoCinderella fight for women's nocturnal rights, resort to public opinion and actively push through the law; Women of America March feminist Parade, the global participation of more than 2 million people, for the feminist stance. (Perhaps you want to know:"Gender Watch" for women's rights also for the street!) Trump into office, women march to Washington.

Gender is what, sex is a group of people's life, gender is a group of people's struggle.

Gender is a collective concept, and your participation is critical

Gender is a collective concept, this year in the category of awards, the editorial department has drawn up six emphasis items to meet the contemporary gender wave,

  • Best Sex Report 2017
  • Best Sex Enterprise 2017 Top Corporation
  • 2017 Best public Art Arts
  • Best Sex Popular culture 2017 excellent Mass communication
  • Best gender practice 2017 top Practice
  • Best Gender community Event 2017 top Social Campaign

These projects, that is, we are accustomed to life, gender is inside. All may practise, join in, or be deeply influenced by them. When thinking with a gender perspective and dimension, we see more possibilities for future development.

The New York Times was the first to expose the sexual harassment in Hollywood; it was the courage of Netflix to Ukevensbesch after the sexual harassment scandal, the fearless girl statue on Wall Street, evoking gender concerns with artistic creations; John Lewis department store from children's wear, advocating gender neutrality; Supernatural Superwoman, which gives girls a model to identify with, is #METOO community activity to encourage the presence of victims of the same experience and to expand the network's space of utterance; every one of you.

This is the 2017 struggle, and we look forward to next year's kinetic energy, starting with #itmatters, we invite you to use hashtag #itmatters share your gender concerns, or tell your gender stories.

#itmatters join in: Because you're important.

#itmatters call for all the gender events that deserve attention. It may be that you are dissatisfied with the gender situation, may be the gender issue that you have long cared about, and may be the sex pain that is happening to you.

such as, #itmatters I do not want to tolerate any harassment of the workplace, touch me is not "without a piece of meat", workplace sexual harassment is a topic of concern.

#itmatters finally talked to my parents about my gender identity, and I hope my dear family can participate in my process of knowing myself.

#itmatters as a man, I am always expected to be strong, brave and not cry, and I want to encourage more men to express their vulnerability, which is important.

#itmatters want to hear more of your voice and your care.

From #itmatters onwards, we hope that sex is not just a coincidence, but a cumulative change of action. No one is a spectator, no one is an outsider, you are influence.

Time announced its Person of the Year 2017 to be The silence Breakers, those who spoke out against sexual assault and harassment.

At the same year of 2017, Womany initiated Gender Impact List. We collect annual gender stories around the globe, and select annual highlights.

We believe the list is not only the list, but the representation of impact. We call for next steps, inviting more people to care about gender issues, speak about gender stories, make gender changes.

If you want to take part in the movement, start using #itmatters hashtags to show why you care.

Gender equality is everyone's issue

2017 is a year of gender violence. In taiwan, the publication of "The First paradise of Fang Siqi" and suicide of its author send shockwaves concerning sexual harassments through Asian society, especially taiwan and china.

In USA, in june, Dave McClure being elected out at 500 Startups after sexual harassment accusation, in Octobre, New York times reveal serial reports on Weinstein, unfolding his sexual harrassments, gender violence is a issue need to be solved worldwide.

2017 is also a year of change. Taiwan's top court rules in favour of same-sex marriage, while Indian women post selfies, using #AintNoCinderella hashtags, at midnight after stalking cases, fighting to take back the night.

gender equality is everyone's issue, and your participation matters.

And your participation matters

If you want to take part in the movement, join our social campaign by using #itmatters hashtag to show what you care about gender.

#itmatters When millions of people shout metoo, sharing experience, and say no to sexual harrasement and sexual violation.

#itmatters When one corporation can set example for the rest of all.

#itmatters that we can be true to who we are, and live in a place that is friendly to us.

#itmatters when you have your own say.