Every Monday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Let the mouth red sign your attitude, five colors recommended to you!

You can not apply Zinfandel, you can face the sky, but at least to wear lipstick, coated with lipstick, can make people shiny.

Zhang ailing

Zhang ailing's first life fee, five dollars to buy the first lipstick in life, that lipstick symbolizes self-confidence is a hope, is a face pure also can make people feel glamorous magic; In the Great Depression of the 1930 and during the Second World War, a touch of red on the lips of a woman also became the power to light decadent morale, During the war, the government and the media encouraged women to paint bright lipstick, representing courage and political symbols of active participation in society.

Lipstick with the generation of women and the rise of consciousness, became a woman to declare their own attitude, social framework in the female image, but also from the constantly evolving mouth of the red department, see a woman's plural-like state, gentle sexy, women can be eccentric, but also self-confidence to be full of strength. (Recommended reading: lipstick gives them back to them: 0 years on the eve of women )

A color number advocates an attitude, if you want to choose on different occasions to represent their current mood of lipstick, five colors recommended to you!

Toxic Berry color: I do not have to accompany, a person ended up idle

Photo Source|dior

It is recommended for you who love to be alone and independent and confident, to rub on the cold poisoned berries, your silence does not mean loneliness, that is the way you enjoy freedom.

The streets are covered with night, the traffic is roaring, the pedestrians ' haste is in contrast to yours, you are always happy to feel alone, when you are alone, when you are crying with a runny nose and a great joy, you disregard others ' madness and laugh, a person's time, you embrace total freedom, feel yourself, is a kind of independent self-confidence.

If you want to buy a raspberry lipstick, you are recommended to |dior the Blue Star lipstick #poison

Bean Sand Brown: My strength, confidence from the heart

Pictures | source

Pictures | source

Recommend to always remind yourself of the beliefs, let the mind become the power of you, put on the Earth-brown lipstick, your existence is actually a deep weight.

There is always such a person in the group, not the most prominent one, but the total obsession, her sexy from the deep thoughts, her strength from the firm belief, when the earthly chaos, she still calmly, focus on their own way.

If you want to buy a |3ce lipstick, recommend your lipstick #116 inked HEART

vehemence Red: Take out the confidence, because I have words to tell the world

Photo source |instagram@esteelauder

Recommended to the hard life of you, buy a big red lipstick, rub on the red lip of you and the usual image is different, and this is your adherence to the ideal of courage ceremony!

Take out a big red lipstick from the bag, looking at the mirror of their own, starting from the middle of the lip, right and left smear, hook out the lip peak, this is your every time before the report of the courage ceremony, lip gloss and tell yourself: Take out the emboldened, you stand out, because there are important words to tell the world. Big Red is the color of courage, is you willing to stand up for a belief, the appearance.

If you want to buy a big red lipstick, I recommend you | Lauder. Absolute desire essential Oil lipstick #330胭脂玫瑰

Dry Rose: Let me be a gentle and steady companion

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Recommend to people who want to warm and accompany you, rub on the dry rose bar, in addition to add gas, color, the faint color of the gentle feeling also indirectly passed your mind.

You have always been such a existence, others feel better than themselves, despite the physical discomfort, poor state, you still want to be someone gentle and stable companionship, this is your thoughtfulness, for you, can be needed by others, is a kind of unspeakable happiness. (Recommended reading: Coral color, red mist, pearlescent powder!) Women's winter Lipstick Aesthetics )

If you want to buy a dry rose lipstick, recommend you | mei-lin soft mist nectar texture #14 dry Rose

Special Metal color: Do not shake the world rules, I want to celebrate my unique

Photo source |m.a.c

Photo source |m.a.c

To always embrace the life of the various possible you, rub the special metal color, you can use the posture you want to live as you want to live.

The rules of the world you don't want to, what lipstick, where to go on a weekend night party is up to you, you use open heart to meet the various possibilities of life, you use uninhibited attitude to your unique, do not throw others eyes, you use the freedom to celebrate the only one life. (Recommended reading: 100 inspiration for lipstick: glossy, concealer, blush )

If you want to buy metal lipstick, I recommend you |m.a.c metal lip gloss.

Use lipstick to declare your temperament and attitude, if you want to try to see their own different looks, five of colors recommended to you, so that you in different lip color, find the posture of their own!

If you want, why don ' t you?