Women's fans and the Modern Women's foundation joined hands in October to launch a gender-related project,--only Yes Means yes the modern woman to talk about sex 100 ways, October online to the deadline, we received a proposal from different fields, December 13, Held the first Exchange party in the women's paradise.

Oymy=only Yes Means Yes

Oymy is the abbreviation of "only Yes Means yes", through the slogan "Any sexual intercourse should be based on mutual respect, On the basis of mutual consent "the idea is deeply rooted in each person, encouraging the active (usually male) to confirm the other's will before the sexual act, while the passive (usually the female) tries to express their sexual desires, thereby reducing the likelihood of sexual intercourse causing harm on both sides.

We hope to encourage more people to start thinking about "sex" communication and expression through the way of the levy. As soon as the levy was received, the submissions of all the good players, after a heated discussion, selected eight groups of finalists, and invited finalists to gather in the oymy get-together, sharing the exchange planning of the heart.

At first I wondered what kind of person the shortlisted team was. After everyone has settled down, I found that the majority of women and students, their proposed projects have been carried out, the change of the seeds in the early years before the germination.

Refusal or consent should be the right of women

The shortlisted project consists of a film shoot, two sets of textures, a board game design, two curatorial plans and an education program. It is impressive that we all seize the "from life" element to promote and encourage women's sexual autonomy and willingness to express themselves in intimate relationships.

Here want to share three highlights to everyone:

The choice of the film production of Home Wei, with empathy, through the expression of "drinking water" to imply the intention of sex only yes means yes. "When I want to drink water, I will drink it the way I want it." No one can force me, and I will not force others. 」

Two groups of girls proposed mapping schemes, namely Pollor, Okoku and Rommi. There is a group of the "sex" topic into the daily conversation, and the other group is to take a red heart heartbeat route.

In their plans and ideas, I have seen women's "carrot and stick" characteristics, in order to live in the context of life, through the approachable, sometimes directly and sometimes spoiled the way to the other side of the expression of "rejection" or "I want."

All I want to say is that girls face the "sex" thing, like Pollor and Okoku: "Why do women need to come out and discuss something that's supposed to be our right?" "Because women in the past rarely talk about sex, society is not allowed to talk, so that the" sex "thing is getting more and more under the table, also more obscure," consent "and" rejection "blurred, so that the two sides of the sexual encounter, even a lot of" no "and" silence ", as flirting," love to sip the word ", or" mouth said not, The body is very honest ", and say want, but be labeled as dissolute, not good girl, everyone can be a bad label.

Therefore, we hope that more and more people will participate in the discussion so as to allow more women to talk about sex for granted.

A group called "advertising" team, take the "letter" homophonic, through anonymous letters, in the Web site series from different girls mood and pain, so that the community to face up to, agree with only yes means yes importance.

They are such a metaphor for girls face a demand for "sex" situation: women under the half-hearted with their partner, like the mother faced with the constant sugar-eating children, despite the reluctance, in order to let the children stop crying had to give candy.

In intimate relationships, say "no" and "good" at ease.

Li Yu, director of the education advocacy Department of the Modern Women's foundation, is one of the first intentions to share this year's push for oymy to create a society where everyone can say "good" and "no" at ease.

Well, the male realizes, "Can we kiss?" "Can I caress you?" "It is not surprising that women can voluntarily say" I want to have sex with you ", and that in intimate relationships, women are truly respected and valued for their willingness to be subject to intimacy.

So far, there are still girls worried that if I do not promise to you today (have sex), you will not think I do not love you? When women are unable to express themselves, do not blame her for it, how do not express the idea of sex? Jia said that he began to say "Make love", "I want to" feel unnatural, and then practice many times, speaking up very natural, do not play.

Boys are also, do not worry about the future is not to video card, sign a knot book, but to encourage the other half generous to say her desire, the two sides together to discuss, establish belong to each other's "consent", for example: Today the song is to imply want.

Hear here, everyone nodded, a look of relief, to maintain intimacy, not fear will not be because of their behavior and feel unhappy, but let each other in the relationship have equal respect and listen to each other.

The modern Women's foundation has been around for 30 years, committed to ending sexual violence and achieving gender justice, they observed from the trend of social development that opening up the discussion space for sex in the society could help women to speak about their physical and sexual desires and, if necessary, began a series of promotional activities. Oymy's levy is only a start, and boys and girls have their own lessons to learn.