The 75th annual Golden Globes 2018, from the red carpet to the awards scene, saw Hollywood's perennial hidden female narrative.

"Happy New Year to Hollywood!" It was 2018, and the marijuana ban was finally open, and sexual harassment was finally no longer tolerated ! It's going to be a good year! 」

75-year Golden Globe host Seth Meyers humor opening, clear Han, from the red carpet to the awards scene, the Golden Globe Award, we want to see the Hollywood years of hidden female narrative.

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2017 for Hollywood, is the darkest and brightest year, film Big Henvigenstein, movie star Kevinsbecy and so on, the long time exerts the powerful sexual violence the past, finally was exposed by the media and the litigant.

In October, actor Alyssa Milano used human rights campaigners Tarana Burke to end the MeToo name of the sexual violence Movement in 2006, launching the "#MeToo" community movement, where people were #MeToo to concatenate each other and talk about their experiences of sexual harassment or sexual violence.

Left for Tarana Burke
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However, the end of sexual violence can not only #MeToo, as a kind of power violence, the need for cultural influence, the media voice of the people to stand up, action, pressure.

So, this year, a Golden Globe, a movie star, launched an "instant Stop", black dress appeared on the red carpet, don't get up on the times, and to proclaim the global sexual violence is intolerable, and we all should do our best.

Black is the most angry and gentle color

The stars wear black dress, always quiet red blanket color, beautiful political tension extends all the way to the venue.

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Fashion commentary is no longer restless, black dress brings out "sexual violence must be terminated immediately!" "is too difficult to be a frivolous tease. When we realize that clothing is a way of self-expression, looking back, we can see that the media are commenting on the body and clothing of the red carpet actress in a very mean and disrespectful way.

It is noteworthy that when the political declaration of clothing is more explicit, the actress also from the object of the commentary, turned into the subject of the speech: I dress, meaning to have something to say, before commenting on me, please listen attentively.

As a result, dressed in black clothing as a support #MeToo and #TimesUp visual propaganda let, but also revealed the long hidden in the lively red carpet behind the gender politics: for a long time, women's body interpretation rights, not in their own hands.

2018 Golden Globe Awards, Black is no longer just a color, can be a sense of common anger, can be gentle and the same, can be the most self-empowerment meaning, can be regained body autonomy of the Declaration.

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Black as skin color: Oprah's speech writing history

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The 75th session of the Golden Globe Award to Oprah Winfrey, as the first black woman to receive the prize, Oprah Winfrey also through this media attention, published a moving award manifesto. Full Text translation Point this , the following is the essence excerpt:

I am convinced that telling the truth is the most powerful tool we have. I am deeply proud and inspired by the women who have the ability to speak up and share their personal stories. Everyone here tonight is famous for the stories we tell, and this year we are the characters-not just the entertainment industry, it's going to go beyond the boundaries of culture, geography, race, religion, politics, and the Work field.

So tonight, I'm going to pay tribute to all the women who have endured violence and attacks for years, because they are like my mother, who have children to feed, bills to make, and dreams to practice. The names of these women we never know, they may be family workers, farm workers, they may be in factories, in restaurants, in the academic field, in engineering, medicine, the scientific community work. They serve in the technology industry, the political circle or the business world. She may be our Olympic handicraft, maybe a member of our Armed forces.

For too many years, if women were brave enough to tell the truth, their voices were ignored and questioned by men in power. But these men who refuse to listen, their time is coming to an end! Their time is coming to an end!

In my career, I always do my best to speak through television or movies about how men and women in the real World Act, how we experience shame, how we love, how we get angry, how we lose, how we retreat, how we persevere and overcome our difficulties. I visit those who have survived the worst events, and they have a common trait: even in the darkest of nights, she can still hope for a brighter morning light.

I hope all the girls who are watching this ceremony, now, to feel the new day will rise from the horizon! And when the new day finally breaks, it will be because of many great women, many of whom are in this room, and some remarkable men, who will fight together to make sure we move to a new era where no one needs to say "me too".

New Day will dawn, for many great women, and for some remarkable men, she/they shall fight together to ensure that we go to a new era where no one needs to say "I am".


How to watch the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

In the moving speech, the red blanket, from this year's Golden Globes award winners, can also see the jury of the female narrative drama warm attention: Take away the winner of the prize, mostly women as the protagonist of the drama.

Film category, "Underwater Love" (The Shape of Water) take the best original screenplay and the best director, "Accident" (Three billboards Outside ebbing, Missouri) to win the best film, the best actress; Lady Bird Bird Best Musical comedy, Best musical comedian, "My Name is Tanya" (I, Tonya) to win the best supporting actress.

TV category, Netflix's original album "The Maid's Story" (The Handmaid's Tale) won the best album, the Best Actress, and HBO's "beautiful Scheming" (Big Little Lies) also won the best drama, Best actress and Best Actor in the short album project.

But even in this Golden Globes, the Best Director award finalists are still exclusively men, and this is no longer a political flip through one-off awards. Natalipoman, who was responsible for awarding the best Director award, spoke aloud of the phenomenon of "habit", before reading the nominee, she read the gender phenomenon: "Here is the nomination list for all men".

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Drama Best Actress Frances McDormand also put politics on the table: "You know, I do not often openly make political statements, but here tonight, can contribute to the film and television industry power structure of the transformation of some power, really great!" Believe me, the women in this room are not here for food tonight, we're here to make a difference, thank you. 」

Notably, NBC (National Broadcasting Company) muted some of its words at Frances McDormand's acceptance speech. It was speculated that the Golden Globes had made the broadcast of NBC very tense.

As the change took place, the authorities were bound to be nervous, and the 2018 Golden Globes demonstrated another possibility for the awards ceremony, demonstrating a political declaration that could be beautiful but disturbing order, and that was only the beginning.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall



The most common translation of empowerment is empowerment, however, "fu" has the meaning of external forces, rather than the growth of the main body, and therefore gradually become "strength/energy" replaced. "Bacon" is not just to make individual women more confident and assertive, empowerment the goal is to enable women to use collective power to criticize the nature of power, to understand and challenge why Power is owned by some people rather than others. From the cognitive perspective, women's understanding of their own situation, the social factors that lead to these situations, the acquisition of new knowledge to create a set of understanding of gender relations, awareness of their rights, and action to improve the unreasonable treatment. Empowerment attaches importance to the "inner Hair" (power from within), sharing (powerful), awakening from individual consciousness, including collective consciousness and collective action.

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Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Gender politics

Gender politics

Gender politics refers to the relationship between gender power, politics is not just traditional political ideas such as elections, but "the relationship and arrangement of power structure painting, in which a group of people are controlled by another group of people." "Feminist emphasis on" the individual is political "(personal is political) means that a class of personal or domestic affairs identified, in fact, involves the political event of power operation.